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30 Last-minute Gifts on Amazon for the People You Almost Forgot

Best Last Minute Gifts
For the second-tier giftees in your life. Photo: Courtesy of the retailers.

You’ve made it most of the way through this year’s Christmas list: gift for mom, check; gift for dad, check; and something for your significant other, double-check. Now all that’s left are the slightly less exciting people to shop for, like your stepbrother, cousin, and in-laws. But don’t worry, we rounded up the best last-minute gifts for the people you almost forgot about that you can buy right now on Amazon and still have arrive in time for Christmas. Don’t miss all of the Strategist’s holiday gift coverage right here.

For your cousin who just moved away from home

Colorful nesting bowls that will set them up in the cooking department.

For your nephew who’s really into puzzles

Sleek Chinese mirror cubes for even the most fidgety of hands.

For your sister-in-law who just got into design school

A design-y sketchbook that will help the budding illustrator or designer brainstorm ideas.

For your roommate who goes to a lot of holiday parties

This tumbler has rum-based cocktail recipes printed on the side of the glass, perfect for any rum that didn’t make it into the egg nog.

For your brother-in-law with a new job

An acupuncture session might be out of your budget, but these raw egg-inspired stress balls are a cheaper way to show your support.

For your teenage brother who lives at the gym

Give him the gift of putting off laundry for three more days.

For your little cousin who’s starting to draw

A set of rock-shaped crayons that look as good as they feel in your hand.

For your vegan brother who loves making stir-fry


A pre-seasoned and ultradurable cast-iron wok so he can start making more than just stir-fry for one.

For your sister with a small dog

This cute raspberry-shaped chew-toy will help prevent their pup from driving you crazy.

For your step-brother who’s obsessed with his sourdough starter

From America’s Test Kitchen, this guide to mastering bread will feed his latest passion.

For your new boyfriend or girlfriend’s mother

There is something just a little too intimate about a bath product for a woman you truly do not know, but you can’t go wrong with a cucumber-scented festive candle from Jonathan Adler.

For the teenager in your life who’s into crafting

So they can jump on the current wave of tie-dyed everything.

For your mother-in-law who says she doesn’t want anything

Introduce your martyr of a mother-in-law to the joys of a jasmine-scented shea butter L’Occitane lotion.

For your relatives hosting you for the weekend

Double Bananagrams

With twice as many tiles so the whole family can compete.

For your bald or balding father-in-law

For your office secret santa

Even if you don’t know too much about the colleague in question, everyone could use an extra washable bag to schlep home their stuff — this one’s a fun print for running errands with and would fall under most Secret Santa price limits.

For your cousin who just visited you in New York

Remember the bad deli coffee you got together near Times Square with this ceramic “We Are Happy to Serve You” cup they can store their pens in.

For your meat-eating brother

He doesn’t have to know this beef jerky is GMO-free, MSG-free, and sugar-free. It comes in three flavors: smoke, honey, and fire.

For your modernist aunt or uncle

Like Q*bert for their coffee table, these coasters are both functional and a fun, design-y toy.

For your 1-year-old niece or nephew

A child psychologist told us that these magnetic Tegu blocks are “a really good way to promote early STEM and math skills.” (For more of the best 1-year-old gifts, click here.)

For your Über-athletic older sibling

This jar of mineral salts will inspire some much-needed self care.

For your BFF who listens to podcasts while they clean

This portable bluetooth speaker is loud enough to hear over the vacuum.

For your 3-year-old niece or nephew

For your brother or sister’s hip girlfriend