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What Gail Simmons Can’t Live Without

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair, but the hand sanitizer and the electric toothbrush. We asked Top Chef judge and author of the new cookbook Bringing It Home, about the kimono, Star Wars popcorn maker, and honey lozenges she can’t live without.

This is an on-the-go lip-and-cheek balm made with olive oil from the Sofia Coppola winery. [Editors’ note: Casey Wilson is also a fan.] It looks like mini-deodorant and is very small, so I keep it in my purse at all times. I use it every day when I’m on the go just to brighten my cheeks and lips. My daughter goes into my purse to use it, too.

I am a Star Wars and science-fiction and fantasy fan, and also a big popcorn fan — we make it in my house a lot. I don’t like microwave popcorn, though. I prefer air-popped kernels. At Christmas, we were playing this game called the Minnesota Dice Game, although I think everyone just claims it’s their state’s dice game. Everyone brings a bunch of gifts and you throw them in the middle, and if you roll doubles, you get to choose a gift, but then in subsequent rounds you can steal — it’s a bit like a white elephant. Anyway, last year, I snatched this popcorn maker after fierce competition, and I love it because it’s the shape of a Death Star and makes air-popped popcorn.

So everyone’s heard about Parachute from the subway ads, but they’re actually really good sheets. [Editors’ note: We have written about the mattress topper from Parachute before.] I love linen sheets. I actually bought some linen sheets from a fancy Italian linen brand when we moved into our home a few years ago, and we loved them because linen is just the most comfortable fabric. It gets softer the more you wash, and more worn in, in this great way. Well, we wore them in so much that we got holes in them. Then we thought, Parachute is so approachable, we might as well try them. Now, we’ve had them for three months, and we love them. They’re great linen sheets that won’t cost you a crazy amount.

Loeffler Randall is such a great shoe brand at such an affordable price. I buy so many shoes from them, it’s embarrassing. I have their boots and summer sandals and espadrilles. These are beautifully designed booties because they’re put-together and help you look like an adult in meetings.

Yeti makes that famous cooler, and I have these two coffee mugs from them that I just love. Everyone gives me a million thermoses and water bottles, and I don’t use them at all except for my Yeti. I like making my coffee at home when I can, and since I don’t always have time to drink it at home, I like carrying it. The thermos is so good at keeping my coffee warm, and it’s just a badass-looking, simple mug. Very functional.