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The Best Water Bottles on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

And while we’ve written about lots of water bottles — including editor-approved water bottles and the next status water bottle — here, we’ve rounded up the best water bottles, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon. 

Best-rated water bottle

Nalgene Tritan Widemouth 1 Quart Bottle BPA Free

“If you do NOT own a Nalgene, boy are you in for a treat,” one confident reviewer writes. “They’re the best bottles. Once you use a wide-mouth bottle, there’s no going back.” Many reviewers agree, giving this bottle top marks for its wide mouth. “The wide-mouth Nalgene is a nice change because I can easily get scrub brushes and sponges in there and clean the bottle out really well,” one writes. Another who says their son uses this bottle notes, “The wide mouth is easy to drink from, you can load it up with ice and it’s easy to clean. (This I know because I’m the one who cleans it!)” Another who says, “The bottle has a wide mouth that makes it easy to fill and easy to clean,” adds that these bottles are “notoriously hard to break.” “I’ve taken them hiking in -20 degree weather and had them freeze, but they still didn’t burst on me,” they write, adding, “I’ve dropped them down cliffs while full of water and found them again later, still intact.” One user who says they had one for eight years admits, “I didn’t even treat it that well, dropping it on concrete, down stairs, throwing it in my car, and not a single leak.” It’s stylish, too: In fact, we named the Nalgene the next “status” water bottle.

Best-rated (less expensive) water bottle

Gatorade Squeeze Bottle

“It is the best water bottle in the history of water bottles,” one customer writes of this Gatorade squeeze bottle, and reviewers love how easy this is to drink out of — even without having to to touch the lid. “I used to use Gatorade bottles with the spout/lid that needs to be pulled up to allow water to flow, and pushed back down,” one explains, adding, “This one is way cooler that I can turn it upside down and it doesn’t leak, but when I squeeze it, the water squirts out with a perfect stream.” Another says, “I walk a lot, and this water bottle is great for getting a squirt of water without having to fuss with a lid.” But even though the lid doesn’t necessarily close, reviewers still report that this is leakproof. “These have worked great — no leaking even when they’re on their side, no caps that they need help unscrewing, no lids that get out back on loosely, easy enough that my two year old can drink out of it fine,” one writes. Another admits, “I had doubts about the squeeze top, but they haven’t leaked once in my hockey bag.”

Best stainless-steel water bottle with screw-top lid

S'well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 17 oz

“My life has been forever changed by this bottle,” one reviewer writes. “It keeps my coffee and tea hot throughout the work day and keeps cold drinks ice cold.” Many reviewers mention using this for both cold and hot drinks, like one who writes, “I was actually pleasantly surprised when I tried this bottle out; it keeps my water cold and my coffee hot for several hours.” Other users are impressed with the narrow lid. One describes the S’well as, “nice quality, easy to hold and doesn’t have too wide of a mouth,” while another notes, “It is comfortable to hold, not too big / not too small. Doesn’t spill.” Many note that the small mouth makes it difficult to clean and that the bottle is pricey, but as one user puts it “I was hesitant to buy mainly due to the price, but did it anyway and I don’t regret it for a bit.”

Best vacuum-insulated stainless-steel water bottle with flip-top lid

Contigo AUTOSEAL Chill Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 24 oz.

One reviewer who was already on the Contigo bandwagon says, “I’ve been using a similar Contigo bottle for some time but needed something to keep my water cold much longer,” and they conclude, “This is it. It keeps it very cold ALL day. I’m able to stay more hydrated because I’m the type of person that has to have very cold water.” Nearly 2,500 reviewers give this bottle five stars, and many are impressed by how cold the water in this bottle stays. “I’ve only used it once so far, but it kept ice for 5+ hours with outside temperatures in the lower 80s,” one writes. Another says, “This bottle does keep your water ice cold for hours, just like everyone says,” but adds that the real selling point is the spout. They continue, “I never have to unscrew a cap or pop a cover. Press the button and the water goes right down.” Dozens also attest to the spout being leakproof, which many can appreciate. One customer, who once suffered from “the curse of a leaky water bottle,” now says, “Well, curse begone! I haven’t had a waterlogged purse since I converted to these Contigo water bottles. Once the top is screwed on, the auto-seal feature seals things right back up, preventing people like me from getting water everywhere.”

Best stainless-steel water bottle with spout lid

Takeya Originals Vacuum-Insulated Stainless-Steel Water Bottle, 40oz

“Hydroflask who?” one reviewer asks, adding, “I’d say this is twice as good and has a completely better design (we’re talking nozzle here), they have the competition shaking in their boots, no doubt.” Dozens of reviewers compare the Takeya bottle to other well-known brands saying this is cheaper and better. The biggest selling feature reviewers note is how long it keeps their water cold. “My exercise classes tend to be 105 to 110 degrees in the room and the double insulation does the work of keeping my water cold all throughout class,” one writes, while another says, “Keeps ice in the container for a whole day in Arizona +100° weather, three hours on the golf course plus home.” Many also praise the lid of the bottle. “The mouthpiece is wide enough to chug water at a good [pace] but not so wide you splash yourself when walking or driving,” one writes, before adding, “The lid design is nice because I can untwist it with dirty hands and not get the mouthpiece contaminated and the handle makes it super easy to carry around.” Another says, “The cap is easy and quick, it does not leak, the little handle is perfect, and it keeps my water cold all day. What more could I want?”

Best easy-to-hold stainless steel water bottle

Corkcicle Canteen Classic Collection Water Bottle & Thermos, 16oz

The consensus among reviewers is that the design of the Corckcicle makes it easy to hold. “I loved the beveled sides of the cup,” one reviewer states. “Many of the thermoses I own, they’re too wide to grab and slip out of my hand. I don’t have that problem with this one. I also love the texture of the thermos, it’s not slippery. Water just rolls off of it even when washing.” Another satisfied reviewer adds, “The bottom has a black piece of rubber which is nice also, prevents it from sliding around or banging on the table when it’s set down.” One even says it’s “very comfortable in the hand and easy to hold when walking long distances.” Beyond look and feel, hundreds of reviewers attest this actually works. “You will be amazed at how this insulated water bottle keeps temperature consistency of whatever beverage you put in,” one writes. “I’ve put ice water in it then accidentally left it in my car all day in the middle of the summer. Guess what … Still ice cold when I got back to the car 8 hours later.” Many reviewers with the 16-ounce size say this works great for water, and those with the 25-ounce say it can hold an entire bottle of wine. “I have three Corkcicles this size,” one user explains. “I’ve tested them with white wine, rosé, even water in raging heat. This is a tried and true product, and it’s dishwasher safe!”

Best stainless-steel water bottle for hot and cold drinks

Simple Modern Summit Water Bottle + Extra Lid

Reviewers have put this bottle to the test and say that it does in fact keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. One user who says they, “filled it to the top with only ice and sealed it shut” writes that “A small chunk of ice was there to greet me, 52 hours after going in.” Another says they “filled these with ice and water at 7 a.m. and when they came home at 3 p.m. the cups were still over 1/2 full of whole pieces of ice.” Of the hot feature, one says, “I put hot water in it at six in the evening and checked it at twelve in the morning so total after 18 hours … Oh, my God. It’s still hot.” Another raves, “Coffee was as hot as it went in at the end of a 12-hour workday.” Because these work so well, reviewers also call out the insulation. “I went through several so-called ‘insulated’ water bottles before finding this one,” one reviewer explains. They continue, “The last one I bought left pools of condensation wherever it sat and the ice melted after a couple of hours (in a warm room). The Simple Modern bottle not only doesn’t sweat, it keeps the water cold and still has ice in it after many hours in the warmth.”

Best stainless steel water bottle with a straw-lid

ThermoFlask 50061 Double-Stainless-Steel Insulated Water Bottle

About 10 percent of reviewers mention the built-in straw on the lid of this ThermoFlask water bottle. One customer thinks it helps her actually “drink so much water.” She explains, “You just flip the straw lid, sip, and flip it back down. I drink this whole thing in one workday.” Another reviewer, who calls themselves “the worst at drinking water,” says, “It is surprising that I do not end up massively dehydrated more often, but this water bottle is the most helpful tool I’ve found to combat my own irresponsibility.” She thinks that the straw lid makes it easy to mindlessly sip water throughout the day. Plus, “The bottle itself keeps water cold an entire day.” But if you’re not into the straw, reviewers also note there’s another open-spout cap. “I love that I have the option,” explains one customer who calls this water bottle a “serious value.” She also adds that it’s completely durable, because she’s dropped it a couple times on a cement floor and “it has survived every fall.”

Best leakproof plastic water bottle

Contigo Jackson Reusable Water Bottle, 24oz

One forgetful reviewer is banking on this “perfect” water bottle never being discontinued. “I hope they never stop making it because I will probably keep losing it and have never found anything as perfect,” they write. Many think this water bottle is perfect because of how simple the design is. “This one is great because you can open it with one hand, and drink while walking without splashing water all over yourself (due to the narrow opening),” one writes, adding, “At the same time it doesn’t have any fussy parts that are prone to mold (like the ones with straws) so I am confident I am really getting it clean when I wash it.” Hundreds also note the carrying handle as a selling point. “I like the carrying handle it’s really convenient, I can use my phone and hold it with my pinky finger,” one writes, while another says “I only have one functional hand and I love the loop handle and the fact that I am able to press one thick button and it pops open and just one snap and it closes.” If you’re wondering how durable it is, one user writes: “I’ve dropped it. I’ve left it in the car and had it completely freeze. I’ve thrown it in my backpack with my laptop, and tossed it around a little … It has never leaked. It doesn’t crack.” But at least one user notes one downside: “Because it’s not insulated, it will sweat but if that’s not a problem for you the price/quality can’t be beat.”

Best narrow-mouth plastic water bottle

Nalgene Tritan Narrow Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle

“I’ve never bought a Nalgene and thought, ‘What a waste of money,’” one reviewer admits. And though the wide-mouth design is classic, the narrow-mouth is this Nalegene obsessive’s preferred shape, “because I can drink out of them while walking without spilling all over myself — which is nearly impossible with a wide mouth Nalgene, even if you do buy one of those ‘easy sip’ devices.” Other reviewers agree that the narrow mouth is ideal for multitasking. “The narrow mouth bottle is awesome for drinking water on the go and prevents spilling on yourself, especially while walking, driving, or exercising,” one writes. Another admits, “ It’s harder to fit ice cubes into the small mouth, but I tend to slosh on myself with the wider mouth, so I got this one.” One user is even ready to say “Good-bye, wide mouth,” explaining that this Nalgene has the “Same awesome construction but much easier to drink from.”

Best plastic water bottle with flip-top lid

Pogo Tritan Water Bottle, 32 Oz.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have finally found it,” one comedic reviewer writes. “As the headline suggests, this bottle succeeds at the task it was destined to undertake. Never has the storage and reclamation of drinking water been easier.” Jokes aside, many reviewers do love the flip-top lid of this water bottle. “This bottle is the legit bomb dot com,” one writes. “Hands down the best bottle I’ve ever bought. Not only does it fit in my cup holder, the bottle contour is perfect for your hand, the spout is a little bigger than a coke bottle, and the lid is a flip top.” For many, the flip-top means their drink is safe from germs. “I love the one finger flip top, which keeps my water free of dust, clean and safe from accidental tip spills,” one writes, while another says, “My favorite part is the flip top that keeps dust and such out of my drink (yes, I’m one of those people).” Reviewers are also fans of the chug lid, with one even saying, “I bought the bottle for the chug lid, because I wanted a bottle that had a similar opening to a disposable water bottle, so I can keep my water intake up when I’m working out or going to class, and this bottle is perfect.”

Best plastic water bottle with built-in straw

CamelBak Eddy+ Water Bottle with Straw

“The new redesign of the Eddy+ bottle bring some welcome changes,” one experienced reviewer notes, echoing dozens of reviewers comparing this updated version to the original. “The bite valve no longer has the tendency to tighten up and not allow water through the straw,” one writes, adding, “The straw is thick enough to be sturdy, and wide enough to allow sufficient water flow.” Another mentions, “It is easier to carry with the larger loop,” before adding, “Water does indeed flow better through it than the previous version, too.” Many others also comment on the leakproof straw. “The straw makes it crazy easy to drink a lot of water and nothing spills out ever,” one writes, while another says “Also the new design of top has, so far, been brilliantly leak resistant — opened the lid at 38,000 feet yesterday and as soon as I bit the valve, pressurized water squirted out, but not a drop before that.”

Best plastic water bottle with built-in water filter

Brita Premium Water Filter Bottles

“If you are looking for a filtered water bottle this is it,” writes one reviewer. “Bought this for hiking and whenever we come across a water fountain we were able to fill it up and not worry about the water being dirty.” Another user who was admittedly skeptical about this water bottle’s ability to “make the ‘dirt’ water taste like the refreshing Ozarka that I was accustomed to,” was pleasantly surprised. “After using it for two days, I can tell you that it most definitely does just that. At 26 ounces per fill, it has also helped me to reach the goal of 1-gallon per day with ease.” Not only does this help users drink their tap water, but also reduces their plastic water bottle use. “I love the fact that I can filter my tap water and not buy bottled water any longer,” one writes, while another notes, “We’ve also been actively trying to reduce our trash output as much as possible and these water bottles have helped so much.”

Best water jug for sports

Under Armour Sideline 64 Ounce Water Jug

More than 1,500 reviewers give this water bottle five stars and many note how great it is for sporting events. “My son used it for baseball during our recent heat wave and it kept his water freezing cold,” one writes. “We actually had to put less ice in the jug because the ice wasn’t melting quickly enough to create enough water during the day and he was left with just ice.” Another says, “This is the best big water jug we’ve found for my daughter’s soccer practices and games.” They continue, “She used the first one we bought for almost three years. It kept ice water cold and never leaked, even rolling around in the trunk of a car.” Others agree that these bottles are durable. “True test for this water bottle was that it survived my daughter’s softball season without breaking,” one writes, adding “It even fell out of the back of the SUV twice without breaking any parts.” Another notes, “It is very sturdy even after being dropped twice on the ground.”

Best motivational water jug

BuildLife 1 Gallon Water Bottle

“The jug is my best friend, my personal trainer, my mean Persian mom, my fears, my desires, all melted into one BPA-free bottle,” writer Caroline Goldfarb says in her ode to this BuildLife bottle. Like many she appreciates that it there is no need to refill it and that it holds her accountable when it comes to drinking enough water: “This one-gallon behemoth cuts through the BS, forcing me to honestly come face to face with my water intake.” It’s also a favorite of Strategist’s senior editor Anthony Rotunno, and more than 80 percent of reviewers on Amazon, who give it five stars. One honest reviewer says, “Its intimidating and impressive to walk around with,” but it “keeps me on track getting my gallon intake done in one day and inspires you to keep going.” Another notes it was awkward to carry around at first but, “Honestly I stopped feeling silly after like 2 days because it’s just so convenient to not have to refill the bottle every hour,” adding, “I get some stares but it’s more amusing than nerve-wracking.” Many warn that the strap on the bottle is not sturdy enough to support it when full, as one says, “The plastic on the strap doesn’t seem like it would be able to support the weight of a gallon,” noting, “I only carry my bottle by the handle.”

Best water bottle for the car

Embrava Best Sports Water Bottle

Lots of reviewers say that this is their favorite water bottle. “Of all the bottles I’ve used, this is my favorite,” one reviewer writes, explaining, “The flip-top is designed to be secure, so no accidental leaks, it’s easy to open with one hand and the wide opening makes drinking a pleasure.” That flip-top lid is mentioned in over 150 reviews, often as a must-have feature. “It locks closed but with a push of a button, it pops open and has a spout that’s not too big and not too small,” one reviewer explains. Another customer raves, “BEST. EVER. Water bottle. The one-handed, push-button, flip top is perfect.”

For many, a final selling point on this water bottle is that it fits in most cup holders. One reviewer, who calls this “quite possibly THE BEST water bottle I’ve ever owned,” explains, “It holds 32 ounces, doesn’t leak, has a flip top cover that springs over and stays put, and a drinking spout that flows EXTREMELY well. Best part is IT FITS IN MY CAR CUP HOLDER!” Another writes, “I have a very active lifestyle/job so I was looking for a water bottle that would fit my current needs. I needed it to carry a lot of water, fit in a cup holder in my car, and fit the holder on my bicycle. This does all of that and the quality is very nice. I wasn’t expecting it to be so great for the price. Perfect purchase!”

Best water bottle for ice