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37 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Living-Room Décor Accents That You Can Buy on Amazon

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

If you’re a certifiable binge-watcher, couch potato, or homebody, you probably spend a lot of time in your living room. While we’ve explored the world of cheap-but-expensive-looking apartment décor, bathroom décor, kitchen décor, and bedroom décor, here we’re moving on to the living room, which is often one of the most, well, lived-in spaces in a home (your mother’s “formal” all-white living room aside). Below, lots of little things that’ll make a big impact on your space, from a multitiered coffee table to a velvety pillow.

If you’re looking for a better way to display your books, we recommend this nifty shelf that, when full, makes it look like you have a precariously tall stack of books in your living room.


This set of balancing blocks will be fun for your guests to fiddle with while you’re busy entertaining. When not being fiddled with, they add a fun, sculptural detail to a coffee table.


Don’t worry: No animals were harmed in the making of this area rug.

This moody, matte gray lamp looks like it could’ve been stolen off of a table at your favorite brasserie.

This vintage-looking brass side table seems ideal for right next to a reading chair.


Designate an area for your post-work Martinis with this metal-and-wood bar cart.

A stately walnut coffee table with three kicky little legs.

Half of this TV stand will hide unsightly wires and cords, while the other half will display your tchotchkes.

This is possibly the cheapest linen sofa we’ve ever seen.

We just love the silhouette on this chair — it almost looks like a pet.

A very fun set of lips as an ashtray — great even if you’ve never touched a cigarette.

A circular mirror to make your space seem bigger and brighter.

If your entryway and living room are one and the same, we recommend this extremely affordable coat rack.

A nice basket for magazines or dog toys that you don’t want just strewn about.

In the right apartment — maybe one a bit more normcore than this — the tiered glass coffee table would make quite the statement.

Writer Billy Domineau warns that while the packaging is a “crumbly polystyrene nightmare,” this rose-gold lamp is still a “legit” piece to have in your living room.


First published in 1960 and long out of print until it was revived last fall, this book collects a broad swath of Steinberg’s drawings, with an introduction by Nicholson Baker and afterword by Harold Rosenberg. It wouldn’t go wrong on any coffee table.

A good spot to throw your keys, some gum, and postcards, from Jonathan Adler’s standout home collection on Amazon.