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50 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Kitchen Accents

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Whether you’re an amateur chef or a takeout master, chances are you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. (No matter which end of that spectrum you fall on, we’ll wager that time has only increased over the past year.) While we’ve rounded up the best accents for your bedroom, bathroom, and living room elsewhere, here we’ve done some digging to find a wealth of stylish and fancy-looking kitchen décor ideas that are surprisingly affordable. Below, you’ll find gussied-up basics and restaurant-worthy accessories to spruce up your kitchen, regardless of your cooking prowess. While most of the things on this list are available on Amazon, we’ve found some of them elsewhere, too, for those who like to shop around.

If you’re looking to zhuzh up your current kitchen, consider switching out the lighting. This three-pack of sorbet-colored pendant lamps has a minimal design and would look nice above a kitchen island or a breakfast nook.

Complete said kitchen refresh with some new wallpaper. This one is a favorite of Devin Shaffer, a lead designer at Decorilla, who says it would make a “nice Zoom background in an office space or in any type of space where there is already energy and activity” — like a kitchen. The retro-looking pattern is available in four colors: green — pictured here — black, orange, and taupe.

These coasters are perfect for protecting your counters and kitchen table from glass rings and go with just about anything. They’re crafted from sandstone, meaning no two are exactly alike.

If you have greenery in your kitchen, consider this beautiful and functional plant mister. Igor Josifovic and Judith de Graaff, authors of Urban Jungle: Living and Styling With Plants, praise its design: “The press plunger is easy to use and the size of water droplets is really nice and small.” It’s available in copper or brass (two metals that won’t rust), which will develop a charming patina over time.

This neutral, putty-colored pitcher would look pretty stuffed with wooden utensils or a bunch of fresh cut flowers.

A duo of dispensers that’ll instantly dress up your favorite oil and vinegar.

Another twofer, these egg holders have a speckled finish that gives them a handmade look. They’d add the perfect rustic touch to a farmhouse breakfast of soft-boiled eggs and a baguette.

Speaking of farmhouse, this expert-recommended washable rug has a pattern that feels straight out of a French country home. As for where to put it, we suggest the splash-prone area near a kitchen sink: The rug is made of polypropylene, which we’ve written is “a form of plastic that makes it less porous and therefore more resistant to stains and wear.”

A cutting board that’s nice enough to serve charcuterie on. It has a handy juice groove around its edge, making it ideal for for Stone Fruit Season or carving meat.

These attractive scissors don’t just look great, they’re also the best kitchen scissors out there, according to multiple professional chefs.

Annaleigh Ashford loves this organic olive oil from Frankies 457 in Brooklyn — so much so that she could “eat it with a spoon.” It comes in a stylish one-liter canister, which will ensure it lasts for a while even if you’re cooking for a large family.


Having a box of Maldon salt in your kitchen not only conveys expensive taste, but will also delight taste buds when you sprinkle the flaky pieces on most anything.

Stasher’s colorful and dishwasher-safe silicone food-storage bags are a favorite among people looking to reduce waste.

MochaBox Coffee co-owners Harlin Thomas and Floyd Sartin recommend this “affordable, easy-to-use” cold-brew maker that can also make iced tea. Constructed from glass and steel, it makes for an elegant kitchen-counter piece.

According to contributor Robin Reetz, these are the exact mugs L.A.’s Kismet serves coffee in. “There is something so effortless, so elegant, and also so bold about using such a precious-looking vessel for something so normal and everyday as coffee,” she writes.

This set of Marimekko-esque potholders and oven mitts will wake up any tired old kitchen.

You can use this shabby-chic pitcher for dried flowers — or, of course, drinkable liquids.

This versatile lid — a favorite of Rio Viera-Newton’s — can cover all of your pots, pans, and bowls. Plus, it looks darn cute. The pink version is slightly cheaper — but also more popular (we’ve seen it go in and out of stock) — so if you prefer that, we say nab it when you can.

These dishcloths have odor- and bacteria-absorbing charcoal infused in the fibers.

Chefs told us these reusable mop towels, which “can be washed over and over,” are a staple of any restaurant or bar. They’re more sustainable than perforated paper towels (and, with their Stan Smith–esque splash of blue, far better-looking, too).

Nothing says “fancy dinner party” quite like linen napkins.

The stripes on this tablecloth are equal parts sophisticated and rustic.

BBYBBS Linen Apron

Strategist newsletter editor Mia Leimkuhler writes that this apron is “less ‘dutiful housewife’ and more ‘cool ceramics teacher.’”

This affordable pasta-making accessory looks charming enough to leave on a counter even when it isn’t gnocchi night.

While it may not outwardly make your kitchen look nicer (like, say, a cute kettle you can leave on the stove), this nifty rack of sorts will go a long way toward making your cupboards or drawers look like those of a professional organizer.

Put bread (or onions or potatoes) in this box to keep counters clear of clutter.

Keep your most-used spices and oils within reach with this no-installation-required spice rack.

The stainless-steel holder your (maybe still nestled in their Ikea plastic) napkins have been waiting for.

To feel like a French person when you’re drinking red wine (or just water).

Whether these speakeasy-style coupe glasses are filled with champagne, sparkling wine, or just seltzer, the wide rim lets you sip “without fear of losing your bubbles,” according to Kimberly Hunter, founder of Potent Pours.

Breakfast: The Cookbook

Not only does this cookbook look great on display — it also contains all the secrets to cooking the most important meal of the day.

$14 for 2

A lovely pair of coffee scoops will make your morning ritual feel that much more indulgent.

Even if you have a dedicated pair of kitchen scissors for cooking, it’s never bad to have a second. It would be enough if these shears just looked like a toucan — but they’re also magnetic.

This handsome, barista-approved pour-over coffee maker will brighten up every bleary-eyed morning.

Channel your inner Julia Child with this vintage kitchen timer.

We will never stop singing the praises of this cute-but-sleek soap pump.

This ladle-and-lid stand you didn’t know you needed will help keep your kitchen splatter-free.

Unlike actual soaps, this stainless-steel doodad — which promises to rid hands of any lingering cooking smells — will last forever. According to a very advanced scientific explanation, its body scrubs away the sulfur compounds in garlic, onions, and fish (which otherwise stick to your hands for hours).

This kinda Kindercore cake stand will make any dessert look fancy.

A little bit of kitsch plus a whole lot of space-saving.

Nothing screams “adult” quite like a coaster. But these add a refreshing dose of whimsy to the otherwise super-practical accessory. When placed next to each other, they can also be used as a trivet.

Drinking more water is a whole lot easier if the jug where you store it is stylish enough that you want to hold the handle all the time.

Or, if you like your drinking water filtered, here’s an equally stylish pitcher that comes with one included. It’s from our list of cool-people-approved housewarming gifts, and comes in both glass and plastic styles (the latter being less expensive at $44).

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50 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Kitchen Accents