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What Nathan Lump of ‘Travel + Leisure’ Can’t Fly Without

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair, but the hand sanitizer and the electric toothbrush. We asked Nathan Lump, editor-in-chief of Travel + Leisure, which just announced its list of Ultimate Travel Essentials, which items he can’t live without.

For most travel, I use this Aero tote bag that qualifies as vintage now, but it’s a great carry-on. It’s a super-versatile bag that ages beautifully. It actually works for most quick trips as the only bag I bring.

If I really need a larger carry-on roller, I use my Rimowa, which is super simple and lightweight and actually attractive — and then if I’m on a longer trip where I do need to check a bag, I’ll use my Tumi international expandable carry-on.

Unfortunately this green option is unavailable, but the silver version is available here.

I’ve been using these earplugs for years. I have trouble sleeping on planes without being very careful and came upon these years ago — they’re the most effective in terms of creating a true silent space on a plane. A lot of the editors at T+L use them. They’re comfortable and more effective than foam earplugs because the silicone molds to your inner ear in a more complete way.

I don’t always travel with a portable speaker, but when I have a bit of extra space, I use this one. I spend a ton of time in hotel rooms, and it’s nice to be able to customize your space. What I like about this one is that it’s relatively small and has good sound. Plus, it’s lightweight and waterproof, in case you ever bring it near a pool or beach.

I wear glasses and travel with a lot of devices, so I always have to clean surfaces. I like these because they work so nicely and come in these attractive pouches in lots of different patterns, like stripes or camo.

It’s very important to moisturize on planes because the air can be so dehydrating. I like this for a few reasons: It’s lightweight and comes in a little flat pouch, as opposed to a tube or bottle, which makes it very packable because it’s flat. Also, you have zero wastage compared to a tube, which doesn’t let you squeeze out every last bit.

I don’t travel with makeup, but I like this case because it helps me keep everything I want to keep at the ready. I’ll put my passport, earplugs, sanitizer, and a wipe or two in this pouch, so when I get to my seat, all I have to do is pull the pouch out and I’ve got it right near me, instead of in my carry-on.

I have tested a lot of Dopps over the years, and I have a preference for ones that allow you to easily see and access all the things inside without rummaging. I like that this one sits flat and can unzip all the way around. I move hotels a lot and don’t really get to unpack and settle, so it’s nice not to have to take everything out and put it back in.