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What Euphoria Star Barbie Ferreira Can’t Live Without

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If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair, but the hand sanitizer and the electric toothbrush. We asked Euphoria star and model Barbie Ferreira — who was recently named the first face of Becca Cosmetics — about the cat sweater, workout jumpsuit, and air purifier she can’t live without.

Pretty much every morning, I go to La Colombe and get an oat-milk draft latte. I’m a regular and they know my order. The day they started making the draft latte in a can with oat milk was the best day ever. When I go in the morning, I get one from the barista and a can for later. I swear it is the best coffee in the world; they have all these flavors, like caramel and vanilla. I definitely could drink it all day, but I try not to drink too much coffee — one or two La Colombe draft lattes a day is normal for me, but it can go up to four if I’m working all day and have access to the coffee.


My mom freaking hates incense or anything that leaves a fragrance in the house, but I’m kind of the opposite. I’m really into aromatherapy, and I always have a whole bunch of candles and incense around. I also have two cats that get a little stinky sometimes, so this helps with that. I prefer smoky smells more than, say, the smell of essential oils, so I buy a lot of sage and the Nag Champa incense. The Nag Champa is my favorite. I used to sneak it into my room, and my mom would say, “Are you smoking weed in there?” And I’d say, “No, mom, I’m lighting incense, you’re crazy.” She just really hated the smell of it. As soon as I moved out, I could light as much incense as I wanted without getting yelled at. It was incredible.

I have seven or so P.F. candles in a bunch of different sizes. I don’t ever just have one candle sitting by itself — I always group two or three of them together because the smell is stronger. The Sandalwood Rose scent is a bit more subtle than the incense sticks. It has a different vibe, and I like it for different moments. Surprisingly, I have a really hard time finding a candle smell that I like. So when I find one, I stick with it. I love the smell of roses — it’s one of my favorite scents — but finding a rosy smell that’s not so perfume-y is hard. It’s hard to explain, but when I first laid my nose on this candle I was like, “Okay, she’s really good.” And I got the linen spray too because I was like, “I want everything to smell like this.” I have Sandalwood Rose ones throughout my house, but in my bathroom I have P.F.’s Amber and Moss candles, because I love to throw a little curveball.

I love lighting incense and candles and all that stuff, but no scents or fragrances are allowed in my room because I have bad allergies. The door is constantly closed — it does not open unless I’m entering through it. And the air is perfect in there thanks to my purifier. I always had one as a kid, a small one. But then I didn’t have one for a bit because I lived in a studio apartment, and not having it was affecting my breathing. So when I moved into my new apartment, I made sure to get one for my bedroom. I like this one because it’s wood and it looks really cute. It also detects the air quality really well — I know it’s always working to clear the air in my room. It’s a little loud, but I like that because it’s a little bit like white noise, which actually helps me sleep.

This is my favorite website in the world. People think they sponsor me because I talk about them so much, but they do not. This is just purely my own obsession. I must’ve heard about this brand from a fellow Sphynx cat owner, or randomly stumbled upon it online, because it’s very low-key. The brand changed my life, though — well, mine and Morty’s. Morty, my sphynx cat, gets very cold, but every other sweater has these little arm holes that are very uncomfortable for him. Sphynx Swag designs sweaters specifically for cats without hair. These have a big hole for both of his arms, so it’s much more comfortable, and they come in the best patterns. I buy Morty new sweaters every few months and he rotates them. I wash them for him, too, because he’s obviously not going to do that and they get kind of gross. I probably own about 15 right now.

I’ve been hitting the gym lately because I quit my Juul and smoking. This is incredible. I’ve been doing Pilates, and the jumpsuit stays put. But it’s also very stretchy. I love pulling up to Pilates in this with my green Pilates socks and green sneakers. I feel like I’m in a ’80s fitness video. I wear a lot of Adam Selman Sport to the gym, just because I feel so good in it. And I get compliments every time I wear the stuff. It’s so much better than the random leggings and whatnot I have for laundry days.

I just got this maybe a few months ago. It has changed everything, from reading scripts to answering emails to online shopping. I think my team is very happy that I have an iPad, because I’ve been much better at getting back to people about work stuff. I just got a TV, so I don’t do much else with my iPad — maybe TikTok. But it’s perfect for work. I have bad eyesight, too, so having a big iPad is really helpful. I feel like a mom because I wear my glasses on the tip of my nose and scroll through Amazon with my Apple pencil. It’s a look.

This comes in powder and liquid form, and I love both. They’re so high-quality. The powder one is more for a simple, natural, everyday look. It’s very shimmery, so it catches the light well and gives you that little pop of sparkle. The liquid version naturally is kind of dramatic, so I tend to just use that one when I’m going out. Sometimes I mix them both together, but it’s just about what I’m feeling that day. I used to be an emo kid, which is how I got into makeup. I wanted to be like my fellow emos and wear really heavy eyeliner. It looked really bad — like truly horrible — and I got reprimanded for wearing it in fifth grade. That first experience definitely kick-started my love for makeup.

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What Euphoria Star Barbie Ferreira Can’t Live Without