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What’s the Best Men’s Loungewear?

Photo: Touchstone Pictures

Working from home is likely to remain the way many folks work throughout 2021, which means another year of wearing, well, whatever we want all day. But after months of pulling on the same old comfy clothes, you might find that your loungewear rotation is getting a tad stale. And even if you only wear sweats on Saturdays and Sundays, as we brace for several months spent largely indoors, you may want to add a thing or two to your weekend wardrobe to spice it up a bit. To find the best men’s loungewear, we asked 12 cool guys about their favorite leisure sets, comfy pants, sweatshirts, T-shirts, and more for wearing around — and even outside — the house, and combed through our archives to pull any worthy options we’ve written about before. Oh, and if you’re looking for some slippers to complete your look, check out our list of the best indoor and outdoor pairs. (And if you need cozy socks to wear with those slippers, we’ve got a list of those, too.)

Best leisure sets

The best way to feel put together even in the loungiest of loungewear is by picking up a matching set. Model and actor Miles Garber told us that when it comes to inexpensive, classic sweats, you can’t beat a set from Gildan. “They’re just elastic ankle sweats that you can get on Amazon for like eight bucks, and when they wear out you can order more,” he says, noting that his girlfriend, model and actress Juliette Labelle, also wears Gildan sweat suits and ordered three pairs in navy and black for them to share. “They’re cool because they look vaguely ’90s, which is the best era of sweatwear, I think,” says Garber.

Alternatively, if you want to invest in something made to last, Garber (like others we’ve asked about loungewear) suggests a matching set of sweats from Entireworld. “Their sweat suits are so simple and nice and made this thing that’s been deemed sloppy into something really cool.” He notes that the garments have some structure to them, “so you don’t look like you’re just schlepping around,” and that the styling of the sweat suits makes them stand out from similar sets.