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23 Throw Pillows for Every Type of Room (That You Can Buy on Amazon)

Photo: Courtesy of the retailer

The cost-benefit ratio of a set of throw pillows will almost always work out in your favor. People will argue that they serve no actual purpose, but in reality, they’re an affordable decorative exclamation point that, for lack of a better expression, really pulls the room together. And the well-made ones can even help support your lower back. We’d place throw pillows among countless other household markers of adulthood, including but not limited to: framed artwork, design-y planters, area rugs, and status candles. But how to know which of the thousands out there are right for your home? To help answer that question, we did a deep dive to find the best throw pillows (available on Amazon) for every type of space, from living room, to bedroom, to patio, to kid’s room, to screened-in porch. But before we get to the pillows, a note: Many of the styles shown below are covers and don’t come with the actual pillow insert, so we also included a few of Amazon’s best-selling cushy inserts that will fit inside the covers, too.

For the spare bedroom of an ASMR fan

They’ll love gently running their fingers across these soft corduroy ridges to produce a pleasant ripple.

For the ’70s-inspired, all-white living room

These macramé pillow covers add some texture while still keeping within the color palette.

For the influencer’s RV at Burning Man

A pillow whose colors and patterns evoke the desert, so it won’t show dirt when you lean against it post–wind storm.

For the fancy vegan’s boudoir

For the decidedly un-cutesy nursery

This hare-adorned flour-sack pillow cover adds just the right amount of cottage chic.

For the preppy Pantone addict’s studio apartment

To go with all the chartreuse in their closet.

For the pattern phobic’s home theater

They may look boring, but these washed-denim covers are beautiful close up (and won’t show stains if you spill your soda mid-screening).

For the Craftsman homeowner’s screened-in porch

For the outdoorsy dad’s home office

For the world traveler’s futon

Quite a deal for a pillow cover that’s block-printed by hand.