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35 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Nursery Décor Accents

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Nursery décor can be pricey, which feels especially silly given that a nursery is a somewhat impermanent addition to your home. Before you know it, your mewling babe is a rowdy toddler, and the crib must be replaced with a bed. As we’ve done for the bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, and kids’ bedroom, here we’ve rounded up a selection of nice-looking nursery décor that is also affordable — so you don’t have to skimp on decorating and can still have some money to invest in pricier baby gear like a good stroller or car seat. While all the things on this list are available on Amazon, we’ve found some of them elsewhere, too, for those who like to shop around.

To add a touch of mid-century-modern flair to the nursery, try this rocking couch for kids that we imagine adults could use in the meantime. (It supports up to 180 pounds.)

Here’s a pair of (framed!) canvas prints of a bunny and its fluffy behind that would look great above the crib or changing table.

This set of painted wooden fruits is almost too nice looking to stash away in a toy box. (For more nice-looking wooden toys, head here.)


Adorned with tiny illustrations of woodland creatures, this quilt looks like something Maisonette would sell for three times the price.

This sweet alphabet poster pairs each letter with a baby animal.

Dreamegg D1 Sound Machine

Strategist contributor Hannah Selinger first told us about this compact white-noise machine. According to her, it “doesn’t break the bank but provides quality white noise that has reliably shielded my kids from the clamor outside their bedrooms.”

Here’s an extra-large basket made of cotton rope that can house baby’s blankets, plushies, and more. When baby gets older, use it as a catchall for those garish plastic toys you’ll inevitably start to amass.

Handcrafted in Denmark by Flensted Mobiles, this group of elegant flying swans is the right choice for someone whose décor choices run to the minimalist.

When they’re a bit older, this rug can double as a hopscotch board with no messy chalk required.

This non-ticking clock is (blessedly) silent.

Anyone who has shopped for a crib knows they don’t get much cheaper than this — at least the good-looking ones. In addition to the cool-gray color shown, you can get it in sky blue, emerald green, coral pink, lavender, white, and black, so there’s a color to match any décor theme.

The wooden star beads, felt planets, and pale palette of this mobile make it feel rather hygge.

Speaking of hygge: a Scandi-inspired table-and-chairs set with (hidden) storage for blocks and crayons that might otherwise end up on the floor.

Get them started early with this alphabet rug.

You could probably spend less on a changing table if you want something super-simple. But if you’re looking to fill your nursery with a few key pieces, it’s worth considering: The table has two exposed shelves beneath it that can be used for storage or to display smaller décor, making it more versatile. Not to mention that it’s minimal enough to look at home in almost any nursery.

Plenty of room for all their many copies of Are You My Mother? and Ferdinand. A bookshelf like this can easily grow with your kid, too, and be just as useful when the nursery becomes a toddler’s bedroom.

Or for about half the price, you could get this adorable book rack that seems just as functional (even if it can’t roll).

Made from felt, this portable caddy has a bunch of useful compartments for diapers, wipes, diaper-rash cream, toys, books, and more. Plus, it would look rather nice on top of a dresser or changing table.

A sleepy sloth that is almost too cute.

This vinyl wall decal is easy to apply — and even easier to remove.

A versatile pouf that can serve as a footrest, a stool, or seating.

These blocks are even better as decoration than as toys. We recommend spelling out your baby’s name with them.

If your babe has a lot of stuffed animals, this clever hammock can keep all their beloved teddy bears neatly organized while on display.

This foldable, easy-to-store laundry basket is also available in a checker print, a cow print, a cactus print, and about a dozen other options.

Keep it rustic with this Wes Anderson–esque mountain banner.

A very charming, squat little stool. (It comes with an extra removable cover, which we bet will come in handy.)

To add a little Western flair to your nursery.

This old-school wooden toy would look great on a dresser.

This dresser would look even better adorned with the toy above. Its six drawers have enough space for all your baby’s onesies, socks, and pajamas.

This guy is handcrafted in Peru using actual alpaca fur. But don’t worry: No alpacas were harmed in the making of this toy.

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35 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Nursery Décor Accents