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What Hilary Duff Can’t Live Without

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photo:Casey Rodgers/AP Images for Planet Oat

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and electric toothbrush. We asked Hilary Duff — who recently partnered with Planet Oat — about her “glowy” sunscreen, refreshing toothpicks, and cozy blanket that she and her kids obsess over.

I’m constantly buying candles, and I was first drawn to Mar Mar’s cute packaging. The Other Desert Cities candle is the one I’m into right now. It’s smoky and creamy at the same time. I light it every morning and let it burn all day. My kids like to blow it out, and I’ll just relight it multiple times per day.

I’ve known about the cozy robes and blankets from Barefoot Dreams for a while now. I travel on planes with this one, because it’s the perfect size for throwing on like a shawl. We have a lot of the brand’s blankets throughout the house, and my kids watch shows or their iPads bundled up in them. They each have their own. My husband got me this marbled one for Christmas and was like, “This one’s just for you.” When I told the kids it was mine, they became obsessed with it. They do anything to get to it. I’m like, “You have everything of mine. Everything.” There’s not a time when I don’t find a new makeup palette with their fingerprints in there. It’s so fun to have girls who like what I’m interested in, but they’re obsessed with trying to get my blanket, and it kills me.

I’m very into gardening right now. I have some 40-year-old cacti that I’m trying to take care of, and we just planted some really cool trees in our backyard. I’m not great at keeping houseplants alive, but I love having them around. This one’s my absolute favorite. The leaves are so pretty. They have holes in them (almost like Swiss cheese), and they get so full and drapey. I first bought one for my apartment when I was living in New York, and in the dead of winter, she was thriving. I was like, I can’t believe this. Before moving, I gave her to a friend, because I couldn’t travel home with it, and she’s crushing it. She’s doing so good. I bought another one after moving back, and she’s not thriving like my first one was. I haven’t killed her yet, though, which is a good sign.

I’ve been learning about all of these things that are bad for your stomach lining: one is sparkling water and another is gum. I’ve been in a small depression since, but these toothpicks are a nice alternative. It’s not like I’m going around chewing on a stick all day, but it’s nice to bite to just feel refreshed. I keep them in my purse at all times. I will say that the packaging is not ideal. Toothpicks always end up at the bottom of my bag. But I’ve found a cheese stick in my bag before and been like, I could probably eat that. The bottom of my purse is not the best scene as a mom. Every once in a while, I’ve been known to use a toothpick that has fallen out of the container.

Fashion is in such a weird place right now. I just can’t with the tiny frames. They don’t do anything for your eyes and look terrible. For a long time, I was afraid of a smaller frame. I was like, I’ve already done this trend. I’m not a teenager anymore. These are a happy medium. They’re a really great shape and slightly smaller than my other pairs. I have a pair in black and one in tortoise shell, which is nice, since the black can look a little harsh against my blonde hair.

I’ve only been playing tennis for about eight months, but I’m loving it. My husband and I play together, and it’s something I can see us doing together for a lifetime. It’s great exercise, but honestly, I play for the outfits and the aesthetic. I love the forest-green color of this racket. It’s so pretty, and I love green. A girlfriend bought this for me for my birthday. I don’t know too much about rackets, but this one’s nice, light, and great to play with.

I’m getting to that age when my freckles aren’t tiny dots anymore and are starting to join together. Since I’ve taken up tennis, I’ve been using a lot of sunscreen. I’m trying to get better about reapplying it throughout the day, and this bottle is small enough to throw in my bag. You know when you layer a bunch of products and they start to peel? This doesn’t do that at all. It makes you look kind of dewy, so if you don’t like that, maybe this isn’t for you. But I love the rosy, iridescent glow it gives me. Banks, my 4-year-old, loves it, too, because she feels like she’s wearing makeup — a little highlighter.

This line is so cool, because all of the scents are based around goddesses. This one’s my favorite. When I wear it, I always get compliments and people asking me what perfume I have on. It’s vanilla but has some other notes to balance it out. I know some people are really turned off by vanilla, which I don’t understand. (I love vanilla.) And it’s strong. It stays on all day.

I love Yuzu. It’s bright, citrusy, and has a kick. A friend gave this to me years ago, and now I constantly give a bottle as a stocking stuffer. I’ve introduced it to everyone I work with. Two of my co-workers, Francia Raisa and Tien Tran, are obsessed with it now. I put it on eggs or sushi to give them a little something extra. It’s also great on sandwiches and arugula salads.

We drink milk alternatives in our house, because my family has a lot of milk allergies. This is the perfect option for everyone, and I feel like it’s better for my health. I love the richness of the chocolate oat milk, but the extra-creamy is my favorite. I use it in my lattes every morning. It froths up well and is just a delight. We’ve been drinking it on its own a lot, too, since it’s Girl Scout Cookie season. I’m a classic girl: I love Thin Mints and Samoas with a glass of oat milk. Nothing pairs better with Girl Scout Cookies.

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What Hilary Duff Can’t Live Without