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What Actress Jane Seymour Can’t Live Without

Photo: Guthy Renker / Courtesy Retailers

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair, but the hand sanitizer and the electric toothbrush. We asked actress and artist Jane Seymour about the anti-redness eyedrops, iPad, and false eyelashes she can’t live without.

It’s for red eyes, and when I’m working on a film or I’m being photographed, if I’ve had to cry in the scene or if I have allergies or if it’s just a late night or a long day, this takes the red out really instantly. People used to use those blue drops, which are really bad for you. Naphcon A is safe and works very, very well. It works better than any other no-redness eye drops. I was told about it from an eye doctor at UCLA, and those days it was prescription. Now, you can get it over the counter. That’s always in my purse, always.

I used to always use a waterproof Christian Dior mascara, but I haven’t used that in years. This is my new go-to, it’s called Full Fat Lashes. The reason I use it is it goes on beautifully, better than any other mascara I’ve found. Since I wear individual false lashes, I find that it connects my natural lashes and gives a very natural look. It doesn’t spread anywhere, and when I take it off, it comes off very easily. It doesn’t irritate my eyes, and no particles fall on my face.

Actually, I use the cheapest [individual lashes] out there: Ardell, usually knot-free. I use the white Duo glue with it rather than the black. I definitely do not use any of those permanent-type glues. I am a great believer in putting things on and being able to take it off in such a way as to not hurt my actual eyelashes or my eyes. I find that when I put individuals on, if I open or close my eyes or move my eyes in any way, I don’t feel they’re sort of stretching off the band, which I always feel if I have a strip. If I have a strip of eyelashes, it doesn’t matter how well they’re put on, they irritate my eyes, I can feel them. Whereas I can wear the individuals and have absolutely no sensation whatsoever of wearing any lashes at all. I’m also able to put them on with the Charlotte Tilbury Mascara. Every makeup artist I ever worked with always lets me do my own lashes, because they say I do it faster and better than they’re capable of doing.