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What Actress Ryan Destiny Can’t Live Without

Photo: Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage, Illustration: Joe McKendry

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hairspray and the electric toothbrush. We asked actress and singer Ryan Destiny — who recently became a brand ambassador for Black Opal Beauty — about the sparkling water, pimple patches, and air fryer she can’t live without.

I go through candles like crazy, but this is the only one I’ve come across that I could smell as soon as I took the lid off. The fragrance filled my living room before I even lit it. The scent is hard to describe — it smells like a really great perfume. I used to like things that smell really sweet, but now I’m into bittersweet scents, which this has.

I used to have a really bad habit of drinking pop. This is what I drank to get me off of it. It tastes so good, it seems like a scam. It’s the best sparkling water I’ve ever tasted, hands down. My top two flavors are peach and pineapple coconut.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment

I went through years of having dry, chapped lips, and I tried so many different lip balms. Even Aquaphor’s actual lip balm doesn’t work as well as this healing ointment. It has been the best thing ever for my lips. I don’t need to reapply it like crazy, and they stay super-hydrated. It’s also so easy to find.

This is my favorite feminine wash. I went through a lot of washes at a time when I was learning more and more about the ingredients that should be in them. I learned that certain washes we see in stores aren’t exactly the best for down there. I found a natural feminine wash I liked, but it was hard to get — Honey Pot is sold at Target, so it’s easy. It has a lot of the same ingredients as the natural one I liked and doesn’t irritate me at all, like others have. It just keeps things smelling fresh. It’s good at that.

My boyfriend got one, and I became addicted. I’ll use it after a weird night’s sleep, but mostly after working out. I did a lot of boxing training last year, and I would use the massager almost every day. It’s good quality and has different heads that you can put on to make the treatment specific to what you need. I like it so much I bought my dad one.

Le Labo makes some of my favorite scents. This lotion is something my mom introduced me to. She started wearing the perfume and then she got the lotion. People would always ask her what she was wearing. It smells really good, and the scent stays on your body. My skin is pretty sensitive, and even though it’s a scented lotion, it doesn’t break me out. It’s also more lightweight, so It doesn’t feel sticky or anything either.

I began using them after the pandemic started: I felt like my skin was breaking out under my mask, so I thought, “Why not wear some pimple patches while I can cover them?” Now it’s normal to wear the patches so I don’t even care about hiding them. I just walk around with stars on my face. I see a difference every time, especially if I wear one for like five hours. They’re really good overnight, too. Whatever they put in the patches makes a pimple get smaller or heal faster. I see a difference as soon as I take one off.

I try to find healthier snacks because I snack a lot throughout the day. I’m kind of picky with snack mixes — I don’t really like ones that have a lot of nuts and stuff. This one has granola bites, yogurt chips, dried cranberries, and almonds. It tastes good, and I don’t feel as horrible when I’m eating it.

I am addicted. My mom tried to make me get an air fryer, like, three years ago, but I just wasn’t hearing it. But over the past year, I’ve cooked almost everything in this. It’s just so quick. And they say it’s healthier because you don’t use oil, which is always nice. You know how you can never really warm up french fries in an oven or microwave? Just pop them in an air fryer and they’re crispy and back to life. It’s the greatest thing ever.

I’ve been using this foundation since I was 16 or 17. It was one of those things where my makeup artist at the time was like, “You need to get this.” It’s affordable, and it just works well with my skin. I love creamy foundations because I think they look more natural. You can get this in so many colors. The shade I wear depends on the time of year; right now, I’m wearing Beautiful Bronze. It’s really cool to be the face of something that has been a staple of mine for ten years now.

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What Actress Ryan Destiny Can’t Live Without