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What Performer Todrick Hall Can’t Live Without

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If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked performer Todrick Hall — who recently partnered with Litter-Robot — about the lotion, pillow, and underwear he can’t live without.

I started using this in high school. I fell in love with the scent. Back then, people were like, “You smell like a cookie!” I was heartbroken when I learned it is usually only available during the holidays. The brand has another lotion with a vanilla-bean scent that’s available year-round, but it’s not the same. When I used up my first tube of the Vanilla Bean Noel lotion, I couldn’t get another for a year. I’ve never made that mistake again. I started buying ten, then 20, then 30 at a time. I know this sounds excessive, but I put them in every room of my house. I travel so much that some inevitably get confiscated. And friends will hang on to others without realizing I can’t just go out and get more. Plus, I go through it pretty quickly. There are other people who stock up on it every year, too — there’s a cult behind it.

I prefer deodorants with a powdery texture — you know, the ones that are kind of chalky. Gel ones feel sort of moist, almost like a lubricant, when I put them on. They just feel clammy, and I don’t like feeling as though I’m putting sweat under my arm. This one has the texture I like, but I don’t feel anything at all after applying. A lot of people don’t like this kind of formula because they say it stains clothes, but I’ve mastered the art of putting a shirt on so it won’t touch my armpits. Even my black ones don’t get deodorant marks.

I learned about Le Labo when I started hanging out with Taylor Swift. Santal 33 is the scent she burns all over her house. She wears the fragrance, too. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever smelled. I worked with choreographer Tyce Diorio on one of Taylor’s music videos, and I smelled the scent on him, too. When I realized he and Taylor used the same scent, I got some and have been wearing it ever since. Before that, I wore Fierce from Abercrombie & Fitch.

I started using these when I started shaving. If I can’t find these razors, I just won’t shave — they are seriously the only ones I will use and the only ones I have ever used. They get the job done and always have.

I usually wear the briefs, but every now and then I feel frisky and wear one of their jockstraps. The fabric is so comfortable that you forget you’re even wearing underwear. I don’t want to feel too contained and strapped in, but I don’t want to feel all loosey-goosey flying around either. These are the perfect storm, texture- and support-wise. When I wear other underwear, it just doesn’t feel the same. There are all sorts of fun colors and patterns, and some pairs also have sheer netting for a little see-through moment. But I tend to stick to black.

I eat an embarrassing amount of these. It’s horrible, but they’re just so good. I love berry-type flavors: blueberry, strawberry, cherry, grape. This candy has all of those kinds of flavors, which is why I was so drawn to it. If I’m going on tour and want some for the bus, I’ve been known to buy it by the case. But if I’m just walking into a store, I try to limit myself to four bags at a time.

A fan gave me this at a meet and greet about three or four years ago, and it has become kind of like a security blanket. I take it on every tour, every plane ride, every trip — everywhere. Since I got the pillow, I can’t remember a single trip that I didn’t take it with me. I’ve risked missing a flight before, because I went back to get it when I realized I didn’t have it. I don’t have a strong connection to Mickey Mouse, but I was really drawn to this pillow when I received it. It’s incredibly comfortable to sleep on.

I own three cats: Regina, George, and Cady, which is short for Cady Heron. They’re named after the characters from Mean Girls, my favorite movie. The Litter-Robot has changed my experience of being a cat owner. I’m on the go so much, so remembering to empty the litter box can be hard. This saves me when I forget to clean up any messes. My house smells fresher now. I also think it looks like a cool piece of furniture. And it’s a great conversation starter. Guests aren’t impressed with my pool or kitchen, just my litter box. They ask me to do demonstrations.

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What Performer Todrick Hall Can’t Live Without