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43 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Woman (That You Can Buy on Amazon)

Photo: Courtesy of the retailer

As we noted in our mega gift guide for every kind of mom, not all women like the same things. Some are into fuzzy, pink handcuffs. Others like three-pound gummy worms. Bearing that in mind, we’ve attempted to find Valentine’s Day gifts for several dozen specific female archetypes that we hope will at least spark some ideas. All of the items below are on Amazon, which means they’ll get here fast. (And check out our guide to Valentine’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Man.)

For the woman with a vinyl collection

A turntable that came recommended to us by the chief technologist and turntable specialist at B&H Photo and Video.

For the woman who puts on WNYC every morning

For the woman who likes chocolate

It’s a classic gift for a reason. But don’t be a bore and get her a box of Godiva. Instead, pick up some bars from status chocolate brand Tony’s Chocolonely.

For the woman who likes chocolate and cats

Katzenzungen means “cat tongues” in German, and not only are these chocolates delicious and bizarre, but they come in an extremely charming box that can double as a little keepsake holder.

For the woman who prefers something spicy

For the woman who hates watching her bouquets wilt

For the woman who hydrates her plants with a water glass

Get her a proper watering can, like this mini version of the status-y Haws.

For the woman who prefers her plants abstract

A lovely book of plant drawings that will, also, last much longer than a bouquet.

For the woman with celestial interests

It’s always a full moon with this bas-relief lamp.

For the woman who loves getting her feet rubbed

If she stands on her feet all day, or if she just deserves to be pampered, this is one of the best-reviewed (and heated) foot massagers on Amazon. If you think she might prefer more of a foot-spa situation, try this one.

For the woman who likes to keep loved ones close to her heart

A less-expensive-than-it-looks locket that you can fill with a photo of you, her mom, or her dog.

For the woman who’s always losing her sunglasses

Instagram-friendly-but-cheap sunglasses she won’t be sad if (or when) they get lost in the back of the cab.

For the woman with crummy water pressure

An extremely well-reviewed showerhead that can make a dribble more like a downpour. Just remember this gift should include installation.

For the woman who loves to lounge

For the woman who always forgets to finish her coffee

For the woman who wants to channel Patricia Arquette

For the woman who’s a status-candle aficionado

For the woman who likes a luxe shower

It’s peak dry-skin season; we promise this rose-scented scrub will be much-appreciated.

For the woman who shops at Dimes Market

Does she already love BjornQorn and Weleda Skin Food? Then she’ll love this earthy face and body oil.

For the woman who’s fickle about wall art

A simple pair of magnetic wooden bars that can make a scribble on a napkin look like a piece of art, and makes changing the décor in her home quick and easy.

For the woman who’s into no-makeup-makeup

A tinted lip balm for the woman who likes a subtler look.

For the woman who’s moved on from LaCroix

If she’s over LaCroix, the fizzerati seem to have moved on to Spindrift.

For the woman who always wants to jet off to Paris

A book chronicling the history of the Seine by former New York Times Paris bureau chief Elaine Sciolino, who also happens to have great taste in comfortable black flats.

For the woman who needs a watch