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What Ashley Tisdale Can’t Live Without

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photo: Being Frenshe

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked actress and entrepreneur Ashley Tisdale — whose wellness brand, Being Frenshe, recently launched at Target — about the sunscreen that doesn’t break her out, the everyday earrings she likes to mix and match, and the book that changed her life.

I go to Nurse Jamie Sue Sherrill for facials and lasers (I’m a huge fan of lasers), but I also use her tools at home. This is like an ice roller, except better. What’s amazing about it is you don’t have to put it in the freezer at all. I don’t know how it works, but the little orb just stays cold. I’m not one to go down to the kitchen every time I want to do my skin-care routine. This makes it really convenient. I use it in the mornings to depuff and rejuvenate my skin. I also have TMJ from stress and anxiety, and I found that her tools help. So it’s not just for making my skin look good but also actually relaxes my face.

Kristen Ess is a friend of mine. She’s dyed my hair and styled it for past events. She basically taught me everything I know about hair — even how to blow out my naturally curls. I’m just obsessed with her line, especially her curly-hair products, which I’ve been using all summer. Recently, I’ve been letting my hair naturally dry instead of blowing it out after every wash, and the Air Dry Creme tames my super-curly hair. None of her products have a particularly strong smell, including this, and the consistency is really lightweight. I pair it with a leave-in conditioner, and my hair never feels product-y.

I found this book while I was in Big Sur with my husband about three years ago and had just lost my dog Maui. I was grieving and trying to heal. When I saw the title at a bookshop, I felt like it was exactly what I was going through, even though I didn’t know what the book was actually about. It really has changed my life. It’s about how the body stores events that have happened to us as traumas and how we have to clear those traumas in order to really heal. I’ve personally dealt with anxiety, so this is something I like to have with me at all times for when I’m feeling off. It’s not a book that’s like, “Don’t do medication” or anything. It offers practices to do in tandem with that, like setting rituals and practicing EMDR therapy. This book breaks down how to do these little exercises that can help you feel better and is a reminder that everybody deserves to live a happy and healthy life. It’s very powerful.

I have sensitive skin that goes from oily to dry depending on the weather. I wear SPF every single day, and I’ve tried so many different sunscreens. Some have clogged my pores, but this one has never broken me out in the seven or so years I’ve used it. It’s super-moisturizing, fast absorbing, and goes on clear, and I just like how my skin feels after applying it. Sometimes I don’t even need to use a moisturizer with it.

I love getting my ears pierced. I actually once got five piercings in a day. Right now, I have four piercings in each ear. The more earrings, the better. I love this brand because it’s a great price point and the designs are so cute. One of my favorite everyday looks is a small hoop, just like this one. Sometimes I’ll mix and match and won’t wear the pair together. I just love playing around with my earrings. I really think they add to my overall look for the day.

I love everything from Beis and am a big fan of Shay Mitchell (one of the brand’s co-founders). Its suitcases are great, but the weekender bag is the best to travel with. It’s spacious and has tons of little compartments, so I can fit and organize all my stuff and my baby’s stuff really easily. Obviously, I haven’t been traveling too much lately, but when I have, I’ve brought this bag every time. I also love how chic it looks. I have the tan one but plan to get another in black.

This line makes everything with clean ingredients. That’s something I look for when I’m shopping for my baby, Jupiter. The Magic Wash, specifically, is unique. It’s like a laundry sheet that you put in water to activate, and it turns into body wash. It really came into play when I was at a hotel in Malibu doing a campaign shoot for my line recently. We didn’t bring Jupiter’s bath stuff since we were only going for a night and thought she’d be fine. We were wrong. That night, she had spaghetti and got it everywhere. All over her face — I mean everywhere. I wasn’t going to use the hotel’s products, since they’re not made for babies. Turns out, we had stashed the Magic Wash in her diaper bag. It was perfect. So for someone who’s on the go, these are the best.

Recently, my body’s changed from having a baby and clothes fit me differently. I work out a lot, and it was important for me to find things that I felt good in postpartum. I feel sexy in Alo. Their designs are flattering and fit my body just how I like. I’ve tried other workout clothes where the material’s super-tight and almost stiff, but Alo’s clothes aren’t like that at all. They are very comfortable. The fabric’s supportive without being restricting.

I’m a huge sweats fan. I have so many pairs that I wouldn’t even be able to count the number of sweats I own. They basically got me through the pandemic, but even pre-pandemic, they were the first things I’d put on after an event. I recently found this brand and fell in love with its design. It’s such a minimal but cool aesthetic that looks more elevated than my usual pair. The fabric is also amazing — it’s not super-thick, but it feels high quality. When I’m not working, these are an everyday staple.

I’m a candle obsessive. It can affect my whole day. Sometimes I’ll have a funky night without much sleep, so I’ll open a window and light a candle to shift the mood. I’ve relied on that ritual throughout the past two years of being home so much. It makes me happy. The problem is that some candles aren’t non-toxic. That’s why I wanted to create candles that are safe for me, my baby, and my pets. All five of my candles have different “moods.” It’s hard to pick a favorite because it depends on what I’m doing. At night, I’ll light the Lavender Cloud because it’s so relaxing. The Citrus Amber is pretty amazing, though, because it’s bright and refreshing, with notes of neroli. It does make me feel very awake, and I love lighting it when people come over.

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What Ashley Tisdale Can’t Live Without