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The Best Gadgets for Raising Tweens

Photo: Netflix

As a tech writer and a mother of a 12- and a 14-year-old boy, my cool factor has skyrocketed within the tween community in the last few years. What tends to skew dorky to my adult friends has turned me into a folk hero with the sixth- to eighth-graders who (before the pandemic) would regularly parade through my home, gawking at the latest gear on display.

Sadly, this skill doesn’t do much for me among chic Brooklyn moms, but it does make me a useful fount of suggestions to my less tech-savvy peers. Whenever a parent asks about the best technology for their family, whether it has to do with safety or health or entertainment, I’m happy to put on my geek hat and help. Here are the six products and services that have earned a prime spot in our home — and in my most frequent recommendations to other tween parents.

Since the pandemic began, the meaning of school has changed profoundly with remote learning. Fortunately, with middle schoolers, we aren’t subjected to the grueling and hands-on day-to-day homeschooling happening for younger children. We just need to make sure our tweens can easily access the proper technology to actively participate in this new, virtual classroom — without having to ask us for help. Like many households, all four of us are working on computers. But not everyone needs an expensive, full-fledged laptop. Our solution for the boys is the Microsoft Surface Go 2, an ultraportable hybrid tablet-laptop with a 10.5-inch screen that weighs only 1.2 pounds. It offers easy access to classroom tools like Zoom, Google Chrome, and the full suite of Microsoft Office, including OneDrive cloud storage. When you want to use the Go 2 as a laptop, prop it up with the kickstand on the back and flip the magnetic cover over to reveal a full-mechanical keyset and backlit keys. Or remove those things and convert it into a t