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Everything You Need to Keep Warm Outside This Winter

Photo: Disney

With coronavirus cases across the country continuing to break records, we are all spending more time than ever outdoors this winter. For any kind of socializing, it’s the safest option, even if you live in a place where the temperature rarely climbs above freezing. That means you’re going to need the warmest coats, hats, long underwear, and socks to keep you enjoying drinks with friends until spring arrives. To help you stay warm for hours at a time at outdoor birthday parties, first dates, and socially distant family hangs, we curated all the toastiest cold-weather essentials we’ve written about so far, including portable heaters, heated gloves, insulated pants, and even a sleeping bag you can wear.

Warmest socks (according to Mayor Pete)

These wool socks are a favorite of hikers and boot-wearers — including Pete Buttigieg, who listed them as one of the things he can’t live without when we interviewed him in 2019. Because they’re a wool blend, you get all the warm perks of wool without any of the itch. Plus, each pair comes with a lifetime warranty. Read more about the best wool socks here.

Warmest shearling-lined clogs (that aren’t Uggs)

Because they’re the farthest from your heart, toes are one of the first parts of the body to get cold in cold weather. If you’re planning to be outside for long hours and you can’t stand numb toes, reinforce your wool socks with shearling-lined shoes. These Hunter clogs with fuzzy interior will keep you cozy and get you compliments too. Read more about shearling-lined shoes that aren’t Uggs here.

Warmest portable heater

This compact propane-powered outdoor space heater comes with an automatic safety feature to turn it off if it tips over. It’s the perfect size for a two-person stoop sit or small group park hangs. The lightweight heater (it weighs just six lbs with an added propane cartridge) will warm you and a friend for up to five hours and can be strapped to your pack on hands-free hikes. Read more about the best outdoor space heaters here.

Warmest portable heater you can cook on

Ignik 2-in-1 Heater-Stove

Serving as both a stove and an outdoor heater, the Ignik two-in-one heater is perfect for camping trips or just spending time in your backyard. “When it’s cranked, it puts out some real heat,” says Ryan Wichelns, a climber and outdoor-adventure journalist who has used the heater to warm groups of four or five friends. Read more here.

Warmest fire pit (for people who don’t know how to start a fire)

BioLite FirePit+

“As we’ve all been sheltering in place, I’ve been using the FirePit as an excuse to be outside,” says James Lynch of the Biolite Fire Pit. The easy-to-start system means you don’t have to be an eagle scout to use it and you won’t have to worry about campfire smell sticking to your hair and clothing. It also comes with a hibachi grate so you can use it for grilling veggies, fish, and steak. Read more here.

Warmest outdoor furniture

To create a welcoming outdoor space for safe social distancing, there’s nothing more luxurious than a sculptural heated lounge chair. Strategist writer Kayla Levy writes that even though she’s “a person who tends to get cold the second it drops below 60 degrees,” all she needs when visiting her uncle in the winter is a light jacket thanks to his Galanter & Jones heated outdoor furniture. Just plug it in and wait for it to heat up to a cozy 120 degrees. Read more here.

Warmest gloves (according to butcher Pat LaFrieda)

If anyone knows how to stay warm in freezing temperatures it’s Pat LaFrieda, an experienced bow hunter and third-generation meat purveyor. In October, LaFrieda shared his cold-weather hack, which pairs heated clothing designed for motorcyclists with a 12-volt camping battery. These gloves are one part of the kit he uses to keep warm while sitting outside in the cold for hours on end during a hunt. Read more about his heated pants, shirt, and even socks here.

Warmest insulated jeans

In addition to her uncle’s heated furniture, Levy, Strategist’s chilliest cold person, has written about a bunch of products she uses to stay warm through New York winters. She relies on these fleece-lined jeans to keep her legs extra comfortable. Read more about them here.

Warmest electric blanket (that you can bring to dinner)

Since bodies lose heat when they aren’t moving, Levy brings this electric blanket along for extended hangs where she knows she’ll be sitting most of the time. The blanket is portable and battery-powered, making it perfect for picnics and backyard events where outlets are hard to find. “It gets warm from top to bottom, sort of like a full-body version of a car-seat warmer,” she says. Read more about it here.