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What Pop Singer Hayley Kiyoko Can’t Live Without

Photo: Amanda Charchian

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair, but the hand sanitizer and the electric toothbrush. We asked pop singer-songwriter Hayley Kiyoko — who just released a new single, “She,” and recently partnered with Olay Body for the Billboard Women in Music event — about the lip balm, notebooks, and mini toothbrushes she can’t live without.

Most of my favorite products come from word of mouth. I saw someone using one of these mini brushes awhile ago and I was like, “Whoa, I need that.” They’re great. I go through probably four brushes a week. If I’m really busy, it’s a lot more. I just keep them in the car because if I’m running to a meeting or to catch up with a friend and just had a smoothie that left seeds in my teeth or something like that, I definitely will want a quick little refresher. I also use them before I go on stage. No one wants to go sing when you’ve just been eating Mexican food or Indian food backstage. You need to be fresh for the ladies in the audience, even if you’re 50 feet away.

I love wearing white, but I really should avoid wearing white — I’m very messy, especially when I eat. So a Tide to Go pen is really the best thing for someone like me. It works so well. I’m a very impatient person. The stain just needs to go away quickly, so I can move on with my life. The pen does exactly that. You just shake it up, dot it where you spilled, and watch it work. It’s immediate.

I use this every day — mostly on my lips, to keep them from getting super chapped. But it’s also a great all-purpose ointment if I scrape my finger or if I have a cut. It soothes the area and, I guess, protects it? I also love that the packaging is bright red, so I don’t lose it. I’m constantly losing my lip balms. I can’t tell you how many lip balms I’ve purchased and asked, “Where did that go?” They’re like all the socks that suddenly disappear in the dryer. But not this! I can find it easily — and it works better than any of the ones I’ve lost.

I have a couple that I use for different things, like songwriting, sketching, and daily journaling. What’s great about them is that Shinola can personalize them, so I get different colors and label each notebook with different names. I’ll grab my black journal for my daily thoughts and my orange journal for music ideas and lyrics. Journaling is very therapeutic — it’s necessary to have a dialogue with yourself — and visualizing what I want daily is a very powerful thing, it kind of brings thoughts and feelings and hopes and dreams and whatever to life. I’m also a very visual person in that I need to see something on paper for it to come to life. So I always keep my notebooks with me in case I have a thought I need to get down.

It gives me peace of mind that nothing is going to slip out — I don’t really have much in terms of boobies, so when I wear an open shirt, they just fly everywhere because there’s nothing to fill out the shirt and keep it in place. It’s not a good situation. The tape is so strong. I sweat a lot when I’m dancing or moving, and it stays. It’s not like duct tape on your skin; it’s much nicer than that. I also wear it for red carpet events or if I’m going out to a nice dinner. I don’t go to the club, but if I were to go to the club, I would probably use this. It’s a great product for all you clubbers out there.

When brands say, “It takes just seven seconds,” I’m like, “Yeah, right.” But this spray literally takes seven seconds. It might even be less than seven seconds. When I get out of the shower, I spray this in my hair, then I brush it — and then I’m done. I have extensions and bleach my hair, so it gets really dry and tangled. I’m in a constant state of needing to detangle my hair. I started using this last year after my friend introduced it to me. Now, I keep a bottle in every bag.

Well, I’m Asian, and my lashes just go straight out when I want them to go up. It makes me look tired. People actually always tell me I look sleepy; I mean, I am sleepy because I don’t get enough sleep, but my lashes don’t help. This eyelash curler is a great had-a-long-night-and-didn’t-get-enough-sleep hack. You use it once and boom: Your eyes are open and awake. I’ve used other eyelash curlers before, but this was the only one that really made a difference for me. Like I said, I’m very impatient; I hate waiting, so a lot of the other curlers I tried require you to hold them down for forever to get that really good curl. And even then it won’t totally curl. I can hold this Shiseido eyelash curler down for literally three seconds and my lashes will come out completely curled. It’s very effective.