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These Sweatpants Are As Flattering As They Are Comfortable

Photo: Courtesy of Outdoor Voices

Update: Since former Grub Street senior editor Sierra Tishgart wrote about these sweatpants in 2016, she’s left New York Media to start her company Great Jones. We were curious, though, whether she still loved these pants, so we sent her an email, and here’s what she said.

I wear these sweatpants more than ever, and I now own them in another color (gray). They’ve remained as soft as the day I purchased them. When we stayed late at the office the night before launching Great Jones, I brought in my spare pair for my co-worker, Gaby, and now she owns them, too. I also just wore them on a ten-hour flight; I love that the fabric breathes but isn’t so light that you get cold (I get co