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Ask the Strategist: Where Can I Get Sleek Black Lace-up Boots for Around $200?

Photo: A. R. Coster/Getty Images

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I’m looking for black winter weatherproof boots that lace up (no zipper on the side), and are not a duck boot/Sorel type. Ideally, I could run around the city in the boots and handle several inches of snow upstate, and would spend around $200 or less. Sleek would be great — I love Aquatalia lace up styles, but they’re cost prohibitive and all the other boots I’ve seen are either very expensive or very fugly.

I love that you provided Aquatalia as a reference. The two weatherproof styles that popped up when I did a quick search for the brand’s boots really are sleek-looking. (I agree that clunky Sorels and duck boots aren’t great for everyday wear; they’re definitely more of an “occasional” boot — the occasion being inclement weather.) While the two Aquatalias I found are expensive, they both have pretty classic shapes — combat boot and hiking-inspired — that thankfully aren’t too hard to find at a lower price point. Below is a selection of lace-up boots in both shapes that are, at the very least, waterproof and in your price range. Many of them also happen to be pretty sleek, if I do say so myself.

Lace-up black winter boots

When I think of Merrell, “sleek” is the last word I’d use to describe the brand. But I actually kind of love these boots. They look like a combat-hiking hybrid and have a couple of hooked eyelets at the top and a woolen cuff that adds a nice touch, even if it means the boots are not all black. Plus, the leather shaft can be folded down Peter-Pan style if you want to show more of the cuff. They’re waterproof with a breathable plaid lining and a grippy rubber sole, yet still manage to have a rather slim silhouette. I might have to get these myself.

Here’s a more straightforward hiking style from Kodiak, which calls itself “Canada’s boot maker.” (Hey, if they’re good enough for our neighbors up north, then I bet they’re good enough for us New Yorkers.) They’re waterproof, lined with Thinsulate and high-pile fleece to keep your feet toasty, and have a treaded rubber sole for traction. The two-tone leather upper makes them a bit more interesting (and reminds of the Aquatalia styles above). They’re not as dressy — the metal eyelets make them feel more utilitarian — but I think they still look pretty nice for being winter boots, and could easily be dressed up, too, without looking like you just trekked through a blizzard.

If you prefer a simpler pair without the plush lining, try Kodiak’s all-season boot, which is lined in microfiber and also waterproof.