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The Best Winter Boots for Women on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have ​People’s Choice​, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item ​here​.) 

And while we’ve written about lots of cold-weather gear for your feet — including the best women’s slippers, the best boot liners, and the best wool socks — here, we’ve rounded up the best winter boots for women, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Best-rated women’s winter boot

Bearpaw Women's Emma Short Snow Boot

“I haven’t had a lot of luck with winter boots that were warm and comfortable without being heavy and clunky or WAY out of my price range,” writes one reviewer. But their luck finally changed with these. After an hour of walking around in their boyfriend’s pair, “in frigid temps and still being able to feel my toes,” they bought their own. And more than 1,000 reviewers describe these boots as warm. One customer, “Went on a visit to Niagara Falls in the winter surrounded by pure ice and these shoes kept my feet warm and toasty the entire time.” And while many describe them as an UGG alternative, one wearer familiar with both brands says, “ I can’t see any difference in quality of material or construction.” One reviewer was particularly impressed by the traction, especially considering “they have almost no tread, but I do not slip on the ice the way I did in my hiking boots.” Even though these boots aren’t waterproof out of the box, at least one user had success treating them with a waterproof spray: “My feet have never gotten wet, even when I’ve had to wade through ankle-deep puddles.”

Best-rated (less expensive) women’s winter boot

CLPP'LI Womens Twin Button Fully Fur Lined Waterproof Winter Snow Boots

These faux-fur-lined boots kept reviewers’ feet warm, and many say that these boots are, in fact, waterproof. One reviewer, who wore these in single digit temperatures, says, “I never felt like my feet got cold.” They add, “I never felt like I was going to slip because the soles are sturdy and have good traction. The snow never soaked through my boots and my feet never got wet. Plus, for being on my feet ALL DAY (8am-11pm) they were extremely comfortable.” These boots are so comfortable that a dozen reviewers compare the fit to slippers, and one user says wearing these is like “walking on a cloud they are so light weight and the soles are so soft.” Perhaps the most convincing reviews are from the handful of customers who are repeat buyers. One who just purchased their second pair says, “My first pair I bought about three years ago and I still use them.”

And now for some micro-picks of every type of women’s winter boot you might be looking for.

Best shearling-lined duck boot

Crocs Women's AllCast II Luxe Snow Boot

“Everyone thought they were Sperrys,” says one reviewer of these Crocs. And another says, “I get tons of compliments on them (duck-style boots are very popular in New England!) and when I tell people they’re Crocs, everyone is shocked.” Due to the shearling lining, one even says, “ It’s better than most duck boots out there; kept my feet warm and dry.” More than a third of reviewers also rave about how comfortable these winter boots are. One, who wore them during a trip to Iceland, says, “I went on serious hikes and dealt with rain at one point and I have to say they are the most comfortable boots I have ever used in my life.”

Best no-lace women’s winter boot

Kamik Women's Momentum Snow Boot

Reviewers love that instead of laces these boots have “an elastic cord with a toggle on the end to tighten or loosen the lace, which means these boots will never come un-tied,” explains one reviewer. Another likes it because it makes them “easy to slip on and off, even with snow gloves on, no tying or Velcro straps to deal with, and provide a very cozy warmth with no slosh room for snow or rain to slip in.” Speaking of, “As for warmth and waterproof, they are awesome as well,” says one reviewer. “My feet are always cold in the winter even with extra socks but it was not a problem with these. I just shoveled 5 inches of snow in 4 degree temp (feels like -7) and my face was frozen but the feet were toasty warm and dry.” Another says, “Used it in the snow during our last snow trip, sometimes snow was knee deep and snow did not get inside boot.”

Best women’s winter boot with zipper

DREAM PAIRS Women's Warm Faux Fur Lined Mid Calf Winter Snow Boots

Simply put by one reviewer: “The side zipper makes them easy to get on and off.” And dozens of reviewers mention just how convenient the zipper is. “The front has laces so you can get the boots tied as tight as you like, then leave it as is and just use the zipper,” one writes. For one user that means “ The calf is super adjustable with the front laces but easy on/off with the zipper.” Another customer with large calves even says, “ I leave them zipped up and just slide my feet right on in.” And they stay on. One reviewer “Did 3 mile hikes each day in the snow plus sledding and my feet were never cold,” thanks to these boots. They add, “One day I even put them on without socks and I was comfortable all day.”

Best women’s winter boot with removable liner

SOREL Women's Winter Carnival Snow Boot

“I live in Minnesota where temps sometimes reach a wind chill of 20 below 0. I have never had warmer boots,” one reviewer writes. Another says, “I wore them when it was -56 with windchill and my feet were warm.” And while more than a quarter of five-star reviewers mention how warm these are, lots also call out the removable liner. “Boots with removable liners are hard to come by these days, but they are essential for the extreme Wyoming snow and below zero temps,” one customer writes. “We wear our boots every day of our 6-month winter, and being able to pull out the liners makes these boots just what we need.” Others explain that the liners make the boots even warmer so much that one writes “for an hour or so my feet stay warm even without socks,” and that if they absorb any water or sweat they “come out for easy drying.”

Best sheepskin-lined winter boot

UGG Women's Classic Short II Boot

This newer version of a classic pair of UGGs comes with a number of tweaks to the original design — and many reviewers point out these are more narrow than their older pairs. But many more reviewers appreciate that these are pretreated to be water-resistant, and reviewers attest to how well it works too. “I was walking to my car from the sidewalk and into the street and my entire boot was submerged in slush,” one explains. “To my surprise, my boots looked completely clean and untouched. Water just rolls right off of these cute boots!” One thing that hasn’t changed is how cozy these are. One even notes, “These feel like slipping my feet into heaven every day.”

Best waterproof women’s winter boots

Columbia Women's Ice Maiden II Insulated Snow Boot

More than 3,700 reviewers give these winter boots five stars, and hundreds love that they’re waterproof. “This last month with these boots? THE BEST MONTHS OF MY TOES’ LIVES,” says one reviewer who works as a rural mail carrier. “Everything was kept warm, the lacing was comfortable and kept the snow out, the height was just right, I tromped (accidentally) through a foot-deep puddle of freezing water and never felt it, I don’t slide on the worst ice, and they’ve held up to some of the most damaging metal skids/post-cons at my job.” Others comment on how warm they keep their feet. “They are soft inside and have a great sole,” one writes, while another customer in Alaska says they “keep my feet warm in arctic weather.” Many recommend buying a half size up “for the option to wear thicker socks/leg warmers,” but even without that extra layer, reviewers are pleased with the shoe. One says they would even buy them again but, “I am doubtful I will have to because after all this wear — even snowshoeing — they show no marks or tears or anything.”

GLOBALWIN Women's Waterproof Winter Snow Boots

Almost 20 percent of reviewers talk about how dry their feet stay while wearing these boots. One user admits their feet were still cold during a trip to Big Bear Mountain, “But in terms of being waterproof/water resistant, after 4 hours of walking up and down the mountain, part was knee-deep snow, my feet were still dry.” Another says “The other day, my boyfriend and I went sledding at the park, jumped around in over a foot of snow, and were generally careless, but my feet were warm the entire time, and when we got home, I was surprised to see that they were also totally dry.” One who wore them in the “[freezing] cold ice, snow and slush in Ireland during the snowpocalypse” adds “My feet were not cold and were completely dry after walking through the city for up to 2-3 hours at a time.”

Best women’s winter boots for wide calves

Skechers Women's Grand Jams Unlimited Boot

Full disclosure: These boots only zip up about three quarters of the way up the shaft, a feature that’s fairly divisive, even among five-star reviewers. But one reviewer appreciates that the design “allows the width at the top of the boot [to] expand larger than it would if they zipped to the top. This is great if you have muscular calves.” And dozens of others attest to how well these fit their wide calves, too, but if you have a smaller calf, these can still fit well. One user notes, “The laces are long enough to wrap around my calf to keep the boot tops from flopping over.” Beyond the fit, reviewers appreciate the warmth, and many love the Skechers brand. One reviewer who is in the market for a second pair says it “has taken me 8 years” to wear out the first one.

BEARPAW Women's Isabella Snow Boot

“I went through these comments like white on rice, looking for the plus-size girls or girls with thick calves, one reviewer writes, who is “a size 16 and a 1-2 at Torrid” and adds, “I love these things so far!” Another says, “I’m plus size (size 24, size 10 shoe) with huge calves, and these fit my legs.” They continue, “ I was worried they wouldn’t. Based on other reviews, I ordered a size up and they fit PERFECTLY. They offer so much ankle support, and they feel very solid and sturdy.” One user says its the adjustable tongue and laces that makes these versatile that they even say they can work with leg braces. For another, the wide calf means the boot can “accommodate thick winter socks without pinching or feeling too tight.”

Best women’s winter boot for wide feet

DADAWEN Women's Waterproof Frosty Snow Boot

“I walk a mile to work daily and these boots have been an absolute godsend,” one reviewer writes, echoing the more than a quarter of reviewers who call this boot comfortable. They’re so comfortable, one reviewer even compares them to sneakers. Another concise reviewer writes, “Great product, easy to slip on and off, non-slip bottom, waterproof, keep feet warm and comfortable for walking around town.” And some reviewers think these are particularly comfortable for people with wide feet. One review is even titled, “I have a wide foot and still have room in them.” Customers also love all the fun color options, though the purple and rose red get a lot of mentions. “I was tired of black boots and these just perked me right up in the middle of winter,” one writes, while another says, “I want every color!”

Best mid-calf and knee-high women’s winter boot

GLOBALWIN Women's Fashion Boots

Reviewers love that they can wear these boots at both the knee-high and mid-calf height. “Having the ability to change the heights is great for different occasions and weather,” one writes. Another adds that it’s easy to make the transition, too, writing, just “ Lace them all the way up (no fur side) and then flip them down and button them.” One adds, “The cuff snaps in place so they are always even” and always look neat. Another reviewer notes, “The fur is only at the top few inches,” but as one customer adds, “Instead there is a super warm wool lining throughout the whole thing I’m super happy about.” And while one says, “It’s hard to find boots that make you look in fashion and aren’t thin as hell,” reviewers find this to be the most stylish of winter boots while still being practical.

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The Best Winter Boots for Women, According to Amazon Reviews