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The Best Winter Gloves for Women, According to Hyperenthusiastic Amazon Reviewers

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If you plan on spending any amount of time outdoors this winter, whether it’s just a walk around the block or a socially distanced gathering, gloves are essential for keeping warm. And while we’ve written about lots of winter gear before — including earmuffs, winter boots for women, and winter hats for women — here, we’ve rounded up the best winter gloves and mittens for women, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

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Best-rated (and less expensive) gloves for women

Achiou Elastic Cuff Texting Gloves
From $9
From $9

With over 8,000 five-star reviews, reviewers say that these knitted gloves are “warm,” “good quality,” and “perfect for holding your phone when it’s cold.” One reviewer, who has “ridiculously long fingers,” found that even with long nails, the gloves “didn’t make me feel like I’ve got webbing between my fingers.” Plus, the grip dots are “great for driving, playing on my phone without dropping it, and anything else I need to do.” Another reviewer, who bought them for a “brutal” Michigan winter, found them to be “so cute and warm,” as well as compatible with their touchscreen phone. “After tearing my house apart in an effort to find at least one pair of gloves I already own, and failing miserably, it was time to get a new pair,” a third writes. “Never have I been so happy to have to replace an item. These Achiou winter knit gloves are easily better than any I’ve owned.” They go on to describe them as “comfy,” “snug to the extreme,” and “cute as all get out.”

Best running gloves for women

These lighter glove keeps hands warm but don’t weigh them down, which is why they’re appreciated by many runners. “These gloves keep my hands very warm on my early morning runs. The fabric is thicker than my other running gloves with soft fleece inside. So far these are the most comfortable and warm running gloves I have owned,” one reviewer writes. She also mentions one of these gloves’ unexpected but delightful decorative touches: “The palms have small decorative snowflakes that are made of a nonslip material which keeps my phone from slipping out of my hand.” Another mentions that though these gloves are “definitely not meant for extreme colds or anything,” they’re “fantastic” for hikes. She explains, “They are very soft and fit snugly. It has a good amount of stretch, so they hug my fingers better than most gloves but still provide better warmth than a standard knit glove.” And a third reviewer “hates cold hands on a run” and writes, “These are soft on the inside, and my hands didn’t get overly sweaty. I’ve worn them on three runs, between 30 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit outside. I like that I can turn the cuffs up to cool off my wrists and keep my Fitbit in view.”

Best insulated gloves for women

“These suckers keep my fingers and hands as warm as being wrapped in a wool blanket,” writes one reviewer who lives “in the brutal Northeast.” She adds, “These gloves have worked like a charm and kept my hands nice and toasty even while outside cleaning snow and such off the cars.” One Midwesterner also knows a thing or two about the brutal cold and writes, “These gloves give me LIFE. The midwest winter can’t get to me with these.” Another reviewer used them during a winter “icepocalypse” and says, “They felt like little personal heaters.” She adds that “they are a little bulky, but while I’m out in freezing weather, I’m not trying to do anything but walk fast to get from point A to point B, so the bulk is a non-issue for me.”

Best vintage-style gloves for women

Knolee Women’s Screen Gloves

Though these winter gloves may look vintage, lots of reviewers were impressed with one very modern feature: They could, in fact, use their smartphones while wearing them. One reviewer purchased high-end touchscreen gloves from another company, but the feature didn’t work. Convinced that none would, she purchased these “because the style was nicer, so even if the finger pads didn’t work, I would keep them anyways.” She continues, “It was a nice surprise to find out the finger pads work well.” Another reviewer purchased them for the look, writing, “These gloves are sooooo cute. They are really lightweight, soft, keep your hands nice and warm and extremely stylish.” She also points out that the fingers look slim in the photos, but the “fabric is stretchy.” A third reviewer also mentions how useful the slim style is, writing, “ The gloves are warm but not too thick so I can grab stuff out of my small purse without dropping it because I can’t feel the items.”

Best deerskin gloves for women

OZERO -20°F Winter Gloves

Reviewers found these unisex gloves made from ultrawarm deerskin on the palms to be warm enough to withstand temperatures as low as ten degrees Fahrenheit. One reviewer, who has tried “everything over the years” to keep warm during Central Plains winters, found that “nothing has really worked until these.” They’re wind-resistant, “comfortable,” and are “the warmest gloves I’ve had.” Another reviewer purchased them for their daughter who lives in Wisconsin, and she “only got cold when she was bicycling to class during the winter.” The mom liked them so much she bought a pair for herself, concluding: “When the Siberian Express comes blasting down the Great Plains you better be wearing a good pair of gloves like these on your paws.”