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The Best Wool Socks on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Photo: courtesy of the retailer

Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

And while we’ve written before about all sorts of socks — including the best hiking socks, the best running socks, and some stylish compression socks — here, we’ve rounded up the best wool socks as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Best-rated wool socks

People Socks 71% Premium Merino Wool Crew Socks
From $30

“It’s really all about the quality of the wool,” writes one of the 3,000 five-star reviewers of these People Socks, explaining, “Cheap wool is scratchy, gets horrible pilling and falls apart quickly. These socks are none of those things. I have four pairs, which I’ve worn weekly for the past nine months and are really just getting broken in.” Many highlight the warmth and breathability of these socks, like one who writes, “They’re warm but also breathable, so my feet never get too hot. Best socks I’ve ever owned.” Reviewers are mixed on how these compare to some of the better-known and more expensive wool sock brands out there, but the vast majority say they find these People Socks comparable or better. “These are the best wool socks out there in my opinion. [And] I’ve tried several from Smartwool and Wigwam.” And they get the stamp of approval from one wool sock connoisseur who writes, “I’ve bought and lived in wool socks for three decades. My feet always run cold and nothing keeps them warm and dry like wool socks. I’ve tried many different brands at various price points, but I have a new favorite: People Socks!”

Best-rated (less expensive) wool socks

YSense Womens Warm Knit Casual Wool Crew Winter Socks (Five Pairs)

These patterned wool socks only come in one size, but the vast majority of purchasers say they fit well and many praise the socks for their comfort, warmth, and colorful patterns. One reviewer calls them “the warmest socks I have ever worn, no joke. The softest, too. And they don’t seem to get any stiffer the longer I wear them. They’ve been through the wash several times already and they’re as soft as the day they arrived.” Over 90 purchasers praise these as “cozy,” and many note that their casual design makes them great for wearing inside or out. According to one, these are the “perfect house socks for winter. Cozy and not too tight.” Plenty of reviewers also mention the great price on this set. “For the price these socks are pretty amazing. They’re adorable, warm without being scratchy, and while they’re thicker than an athletic or dress sock, they still fit in most of my boots.”

And now, some micro-picks for every type of wool sock you might be looking for

Best colorful unisex wool hiking socks

DANISH ENDURANCE, Merino Wool Hiking Socks (3 Pairs)
From $28

“Why are so many hiking socks [only available in] hideous combinations of dingy grey?” asks one reviewer who is a fan of these colorful wool socks. And while many others also love the color and design — one purchaser’s husband “loves the ‘European styling’” — plenty of reviewers focus strictly on the function and performance of these socks. “You can feel the quality as soon as you pick them up,” writes one. “They’re padded in the right places, cushioned slightly on the bottom so even without shoes feels lovely, but breathable on top. They fit beautifully. I don’t think I can look at other socks the same way again.” As far as hiking is concerned, one reviewer who tested these out in Zion National Park says they did the trick: “I had a new pair of boots and was worried about potential foot problems. These socks were extremely comfortable and I believe were highly responsible for my hiking success. No blisters or other foot problems, and I hiked in variable temps from 50 degrees Fahrenheit down to 10 degrees.”

Best unisex wool ankle socks

Many satisfied customers say the height of these is just right, especially for wearing with hiking boots. “Great height — tall enough for high-ankle hiking boots but short enough that they don’t look weird with shorts,” one reviewer explains, adding, “Material is breathable and provides excellent underfoot cushioning.” And even though the company lists these as “ankle socks,” one reviewer thinks “quarter sock” is more accurate: “It goes high enough for hiking boots, more than an ankle sock. Full crew socks always bunch up at exactly the place these come up to.” They’re also extremely durable, as one happy purchaser explains: “After six months and many wash and dry cycles, these socks look just as good as they did when I first got them. No holes, great fit and now I want to replace my entire sock drawer with them.”

Best wool hiking socks for women

Darn Tough Vermont Cushioned Socks
From $23

Close to 90 percent of purchasers give these women’s wool hiking socks five stars. Many write about how much they love the “micro crew” height, which is a bit shorter than a standard hiking sock. “These don’t slip down or come up too far, but they’re not constricting either,” writes one hiker who adds, “They’re the perfect height for my hiking boots. Non-irritating and very cute. One single pair has gotten me through many long hikes.” They’re also great for hiking in a variety of climates, according to many purchasers who have worn these on the trail. Speaks from experience, one noted, “I have been wearing these socks for years. I live in Florida and when hiking here my feet never sweat nor do they feel hot or uncomfortable. When hiking in Maine, Alaska and the smoky mountains they are also outstanding.” And while they’re certainly not inexpensive, purchasers like this one say they’re worth it: “Often, I slip them on when I get home from work after being on my feet for hours — if my feet could talk, they would say, “Ahhhh.” They are my favorite socks!”

Best knee-length wool socks for women

Tipi Toe Women’s Three-Pair High-Wool Blend Calf Socks

For knee-high wool socks, reviewers love this set of three from Tipi Toe. “These are the softest, most comfortable socks I’ve ever owned,” writes one who also praises the elastic band at the top of the sock because it “isn’t too snug, which can be a problem with knee-high socks.” Many also mention that the extra length is great in the cold for keeping their legs warm, and these knee-highs are easy to style. As one purchaser puts it, “I love these socks. The colors are very nice and go with everything in my wardrobe. The material is soft, soft, soft — warm without being scratchy, and they stay up without being tight. I wear them with long skirts and ankle boots, to keep my legs warm.” They’re also especially popular with reviewers who have long legs, one of whom notes: “These wool blend knee socks are so toasty. I have long legs and they actually go up to my knee and they don’t sag. They wash and dry easily. My favorite socks for cold winter days!”

Best wool compression socks for women

Sockwell Women’s Circulator Graduated Compression Socks
From $20

“I am a nurse and I wear compression stockings at work. These are wool, natural, colorful, and have a light level of compression to keep my legs and feet from hurting,” one reviewer writes, adding, “They are not difficult to put on like stockings with medium-high levels of compression.” Many customers say the wool material is what sets these apart from other compression socks, as well, because, as one reviewer notes, it “dries fast and doesn’t smell as easily as synthetic materials. I’ve had them on for over 8 hours to test them out and forgot I had them on — that’s a first for knee-high compression socks.” Many also mention that they’re great for wearing in planes. “These are absolutely the BEST compression socks for long plane rides. Overseas flights can be COLD. The merino wool blend is a perfect solution,” one traveler explains. And as noted by plenty of purchasers, Sockwell has a great reputation for making quality compression socks. One reviewer writes from personal experience, “I compared three brands of compression sock a recent summer travel trip with lots of hiking and very hot days. Sockwe