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The Best Men’s Rain Boots, According to Stylish Men

Photo: Courtesy of the retailer.

Rain can be a drag, but dressing for it doesn’t have to be. The perfect pairs of rain boots are fashionable and functional, able to keep you fly — and dry — all day, whether commuting, running errands, heading to dinner with friends (or all three). For Rain Week, we spoke to several stylish men about their go-to, wet-weather footwear, and what they use to protect their non-waterproof shoes in unexpected showers. (Full disclosure: We stuck to shoes guys would wear on a normal day — not for a damp pheasant hunt, or muddy music festival, though the below boots would work for those, too.) Read on for our list of rain boots that will keep your feet dry, and look sharp while doing it.

The best Chelsea-style rain boots

We recommend a Chelsea-style rain boot to guys searching for waterproof footwear that pairs well with both jeans and dressier trousers. This twist on Hunter’s classic Chelsea-style rain boot features a slightly narrowed toe and thinner sole, making it ideal for men who regularly wear suits or business-casual attire, too, according to fashion PR executive Fred Kim. “This is the refined version of the classic Hunter boot. If you’re looking for a standard black pair to go with your everyday suit, it is great.”

Hunter’s Original Chelsea rain boot protects feet from rain just as well as its refined sibling, but features the more-rounded toe, chunkier sole, and red-and-white logo common among the brand’s other boot styles.

Jeremy Smith, owner of menswear store Standard and Strange in Oakland, California, is a fan of the waterproof footwear by French boot-maker Aigle, which in 1853 became the first firm to make rain boots using vulcanized rubber. (Prior to that, the super-weather-resistant material was exclusively used to make tires, according to the company.) Smith swears by the brand’s construction and quality — his wife is still wearing her ten-year-old pair — and recommends Aigle boots for Francophiles who want to look the part when rain starts to fall. “They’re built like real footwear, which means a sole with traction, a mid sole with comfort, and expensive materials where it matters. They’re what actual equestrians and hunters wear in France.”

This chunky Chelsea-style rain boot by Norwegian brand Swims is designed to be worn all day, thanks to its cushioned insole and non-chafing, fabric-lined interior. The boot, also made from vulcanized rubber, features a thick sole, providing traction on even the slipperiest of wet streets. It comes in all black, too, for men who prefer a more neutral color.