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44 Birthday Gifts for Every Type of Mom

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photos: Retailers

Buying a birthday gift for your mom — whether that’s your own mom, a mom figure in your life, or a mom you love — can be stressful. As a rule, moms are generally hard to shop for. On top of that, they have a habit of saying they don’t want or even need anything. To help you find the perfect birthday gift for your mom — whether she’s a party animal or homebody — we’ve rounded up 45 gifts (lots of which we’ve written about before) for practically every type of mom out there. And to make it even more stress free, most picks can conveniently be found on Amazon.

For the mom who is loyal to her Birks

If she’s mourning her summer Arizonas, make the transition a little easier with this comfortable, cool, autumnal option.

For the mom who makes you take your shoes off at the door

Swap out her house slippers for something snugglier. The thick, plush sole on this pair looks supremely inviting.

For the mom who scrapbooks

She’ll have stacks of photos to choose from with this compact printer, which receives pictures directly from the camera roll.

For the mom who likes to stay organized

Beloved by three staffers, this planner is a Strategist firm favorite. It’s customizable, so Mom can use it to optimize her own schedule, and it looks rather handsome, too.

For the competitive mom

If Mom’s tired of wiping the floor with you all at Catan, here’s a lesser-known alternative, recommended by Strategist contributor Laura Guidry. She says it’s like a speedier, far more energetic version of solitaire. “I’ll persuade my husband to play a few hands between meetings as we both work from home and are slugging through the day,” she says. “The dopamine hit from a two-minute game gives me a euphoric separation from the stress of my Outlook inbox.”

For the mom who wants to exercise her green thumb

If your mom is limited on space yet has decided she wants to grow a so-called victory garden, gift her this vertical wall planter, which is suitable for planting flowers, vegetables, strawberries, and hanging plants and is homesteader approved.

For the mom who always wants a dance party


The next day, her tired feet will surely appreciate this foot massager, which has been a favorite of Strategist readers for two years.

For the CleanTok mom

This electric scrubber (which she’s probably already spotted on CleanTok) is ideal for hard-to-reach places like behind the faucet.

For the mom who misses her six-step skin-care routine

Esarora Ice Roller
From $15
From $15

We love this gift for frazzled new moms, which soothes and depuffs your face. Sonya Li Casino, a senior account director in public relations, told us she “bought one for myself and like three other people I know. It’s very, very addicting and makes me feel so refreshed.”

For the mom whose kid won’t let go


Like a fanny pack with a cushy saddle for a little one, the Tushbaby is a hip seat carrier for moms whose babies have outgrown their slings (but not being carried).

For the mom who makes her own pesto

This olive oil, which is featured in our roundup of the very best, is ideal for dipping.

For the cat mom

Cat experts we spoke to said this little banana-shaped toy was a favorite among cats and cat parents alike.

For the dog mom

From $121

This expert-recommended memory-foam dog bed from Casper will show her that you know how much her precious pooch means to her — and that you have no hard feelings about it.

For the mom who collects cookbooks

If your mom treats her cooking as an artform, here’s a gift that the head chef of New York’s Gem restaurant told us he often gifts to fellow chefs.

For the mom with a discerning nose

If Mom’s looking for a subtle living room air freshener, she might like these incense sticks that actress Natalie Morales can’t live without.

For the mom who wants a better way to listen to her podcasts


Three Strategist staffers own (and love) this portable speaker for podcasts and music, with one saying the sound always comes through “crisply.”

For the mom who never says no to bubbles

Libbey Signature Coupe
$38 for 4
$38 for 4

We named this our favorite Champagne coupe, ideal for swilling, swirling, and mixing a Champagne cocktail.

For the mixologist mom

$24 for 6

These stylish glasses might inspire a new favorite cocktail.

For the mom who’d rather uncork a nice red

She can serve it from this handsome glass decanter, which was recommended to us by Marissa Copeland, head sommelier at Junoon, and is a dupe for the four-times-more-expensive Riedel O decanter.

For the mom who always has coffee with her cake

According to the baristas we spoke to, the Bonavita is the go-to coffee maker for industry folks.

And for the mom who prefers tea

Ideal if, like tea consultant Sara Shacket, Mom likes to admire the color of her tea.

For the mom who covets Gucci

For footwear-obsessed moms, these Sam Edelman loafers are reminiscent of Gucci for a fraction of the price.

For the mom who makes café-level matcha

This tea maker is a good option for the mom who makes her matcha lattes at home or the mom who misses the ones from her local café.

For the mom who was already has everything else from Aesop

Aesop’s highly giftable hand sanitizer leaves a rather lovely waft of mandarin and rosemary.

For the mom who already buys herself flowers

Photo: Courtesy of the Vendros

This clothbound coffee-table book should give her inspiration (and, crucially, doesn’t need to be thrown out after a couple of weeks).

For the mom whose home office could use some light

This mustard-yellow desk lamp that Shannon Retseck, founder of textile and home-goods line Cuttalossa, told us about is way more affordable than it looks. And it’s a stylish way to brighten up her WFH space.

For the mom who has a beach-day cupboard

She’ll appreciate the Shibumi, a parachute tunnel that seasoned beachgoers Ruth Baron and Kayleen Schaefer use to keep their families shaded on sunny days by the sea.

For the mom whose bedroom gets too much light


A Strategist favorite, this silk eye mask is also something designer Karen Walker can’t live without. Most importantly, it’ll block out the street lamp outside her window.

For the mom who winds down with yoga

This yoga mat has an added bit of cushioning, making it extra-plush for moms who stretch out every day.

For the mom who lacks counter space

She can make all kinds of drinks (from iced coffee to hot matcha ) in this slim, do-it-all Ninja brewer.

For the mom who prefers a natural look

Photo: retailer

“You’re never going to put it on and look like a clown,” Jennifer Garner tells us. “You can use it to give some color to the apples of your cheeks, your lips, your eyelids, wherever.” It’s sure to look good on a variety of skin tones, and your busy mom will appreciate a one-and-done product.

For the mom who always finds the photo booth

Veteran beauty writer Linda Dyett swears by this glycolic serum that leaves her skin “radiant and energized” — a.k.a. perfect for the high-glare flash of the photo booth.

For the mom whose skin is perpetually parched


We dubbed this oft-recommended moisturizer the best for mature skin thanks to its barrier-reinforcing ceramides and inclusion of hyaluronic acid, which helps skin retain moisture.

For the mom who’s always achey

She won’t even need to leave the comfort of the living room to soothe the knots in her back with this handy tool.

For the mom who binges the Great British Baking Show

Completely cord free (and kid friendly), this mixer can whip up batters, creams, and frosting.

For the mom who has a monthly spa day

For the mom who loves a good seaweed wrap, Camila Alves McConaughey thinks this stuff is just as good as what they use at the spa — and she says it’s great for those with sensitive skin.

For the mom who says she doesn’t like to celebrate her birthday (but doesn’t mean it)

No matter her interests, she’s sure to appreciate a soothing candle with a relaxing scent to unwind next to.

For the mom who likes your tattoos more than she thought she would

If she was surprisingly enthusiastic about your new ink, she can play around with some temporary tattoos of her own.

For the mom who never leaves the house in flats

$16 for 3

These squishy inserts — that one personal assistant told us she buys on repeat for her influencer boss — alleviate some of the pain that comes from clip-clopping around in heels all day.

For the mom who never leaves the house in heels


If she’s an active mom, this Fitbit covers all the basics, meaning she can keep track of her sleep and her heart rate and boast about her progress.

For the mom who always has a snack

We’ve been fans of the Takenaka bento box since 2018 — but Marie Kondo also recently gave it her seal of approval, meaning that it officially sparks joy.

For the mom who primps

A simple jade roller can “restimulate the skin, increase circulation, and de-puff,” according to Dr. Sheila Farhang of Tucson-based Avant Dermatology & Aesthetics. Plus, it’ll look pretty perched on her skin-care shelf.

For the mom who has ‘good’ soap for the guests

This particularly pretty bath soap will fit nicely within her sweet-smelling collection — and it gives back, too: A contribution from each purchase will be given to the New York Botanical Garden’s conservation efforts.

For the mom who refuses to upgrade her phone

With this Anker, she’ll be fully juiced whenever you dial in for an impromptu FaceTime (no matter how ancient her phone battery).

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44 Birthday Gifts for Every Type of Mom