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36 Birthday Gifts for Every Type of Mom

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Buying a birthday gift for your mom can be stressful since, as a rule, moms are generally hard to shop for. On top of that, they have a habit of saying they don’t want or even need anything. To help you find the perfect birthday gift for your mom — whether she’s a party animal or the type to celebrate over with some me time — we’ve rounded up 31 gifts (lots of which we’ve written about before) for practically every type of mom out there. And to make it even more stress-free, everything can conveniently be found on Amazon.

For the mom whose home office could use some light

This mustard yellow desk lamp that Shannon Retseck, founder of textile and home-goods line Cuttalossa, told us about is way more affordable than it looks. And it’s a stylish way to brighten up her WFH space.

For the mom whose bedroom gets too much light

A Strategist favorite, this silk eye mask is also something designer Karen Walker can’t live without. Most importantly it’ll block out the street lamp outside her window.

For the mom who loves to color code

Brie Larson swears by these pens, saying she has one on her “at all times.” She uses them to journal, so if your mom is in the same boat and likes to color-code her notes, she might appreciate these.

For the mom who likes to stay organized

For the mom who loves sweet and savory

$14 for 2

Soom was voted the best tahini by chefs and bakers because of its silky texture and quality ingredients. Their chocolate tahini is just as delicious and actually pretty hard to put down.

For the mom who likes to cook dinner (even on her birthday)

This chef-approved olive oil comes from Tuscany’s famous Frescobaldi estate and is great for salads with seafood and vegetables — or whatever she has planned for her birthday menu.

For the mom who always sets the perfect birthday table

It may be a splurge, but we bet she doesn’t have (and will appreciate) this fancy pepper mill that has a traditional handle and drawer for the grounds.

For the mom who loves party games

If she already owns the classics like Catan and Scrabble — and is getting a little tired of them — get her Monikers, an easy game that resembles charades or celebrity. We first heard about it from board game expert Dylan Speed of Meeple Mountain. The original game is sold out, but this standalone expanded version is available and even more fun.

For the mom with an infant at home

For new moms who want to make their own baby food this is a clear winner. The Beaba blends and cooks, saving time in the kitchen.

For the mom who’s celebrating her first birthday as a grandparent

Foreo Luna Mini 2
From $70
From $70

Rated the best facial cleansing brush for travel by skin-care experts, the Foreo Luna Mini 2 has a dual-sided brush head with three different zones that accommodate all skin types — including normal, sensitive, and oily — plus eight adjustable intensities that allow for a customizable cleanse that will help her feel better about what she thinks are her “problem” areas.

For the cat mom

This cat lounger that doubles as a scratcher is a favorite among cat lovers, including this avowed cat lady who says, “It’s great because it’s cool looking, and you can flip it over when your cat annihilates one side.”

For the dog mom

From $125

And for the dog lover, get her this memory-foam dog bed from Casper to show her that you know how much her precious pooch means to her — and that you have no hard feelings about it.

For the mom who wants a better way to listen to her podcasts

Three Strategist staffers own (and love) this portable speaker for podcasts and music, with one saying the sound always comes through “crisply.”

For the mom who loves to pop bottles

These classic lead-free glass flutes are timeless and will last for many more birthdays to come.

For the mom who’d rather uncork a nice red

She can serve it from this traditional Spanish wine decanter that looks way more expensive than it is. The vessel doubles as both décor and an olive-oil dispenser, according to restaurant stylist Amy Morris.

For the mom who always has coffee with her cake

This coffee machine is expert approved (and respected industrywide) for its ability to brew at the proper water temperature, ensuring that it will always make the perfect cuppa to go with her slice of cake.

And for the mom who prefers tea


A beautiful minimalist teapot that is — believe it or not — dishwasher safe.

For the mom who makes café-level matcha

This tea-maker is beloved by Hannah Bronfman and writer Sydney Gore, who calls it the “best investment [she’s] made in a single-use appliance.” It’s a good option for the mom who makes her matcha lattes at home or the mom who misses the ones from her local café.

For the mom who doesn’t have time to cook

With this instant pot, everyone will think she spent more time in the kitchen than she actually did.

For the mom who always wants a dance party


The next day, her tired feet will surely appreciate this. According to one glowing review, it’s “so much better than [a] human massage therapist.”

For the mom celebrating in an empty nest

With this Wi-Fi-enabled digital picture frame, she’ll never miss a moment, even if her kids (and grandkids) are in far-flung places.

For the mom who’s celebrating with a Zoom yoga class

Manduka’s mats are yogi approved for their cushioning and durability, but at this price point, she might not get it for herself — which is why it makes a thoughtful birthday gift.

For the mom with 4C hair

“It’s truly the only detangling brush you’ll ever need,” says Strategist writer Nikita Richardson. She and fellow Strategist writer Tembe Denton-Hurst, who both have 4C hair, have written glowing reviews of the brush with Denton-Hurst calling it the “Mason Pearson of detangling brushes.”

For the mom who celebrates dressed to the nines

A long-lasting nail polish that will complete her birthday look.

For the mom who loves a natural look

Photo: retailer

“You’re never going to put it on and look like a clown,” Jennifer Garner tells us. “You can use it to give some color to the apples of your cheeks, your lips, your eyelids, wherever.” It’s sure to look good on a variety of skin tones, and your busy mom will appreciate a one-and-done product.

For the mom who celebrates as comfortably as possible

For the mom who’s always cold

Costume designer Stacey Berman discovered these mesh base layers while on location in the Arctic Circle. “With mesh, the heat you produce gets trapped in by the next layer you’re wearing, whether that’s classic long underwear or your clothes,” she explains. They’d make an excellent gift for any mom who complains of being cold.

For the mom who always loves a photo booth

Veteran beauty writer Linda Dyett swears by this glycolic serum that leaves her skin “radiant and energized” — a.k.a. perfect for the high-glare flash of the photo booth.

For the mom who won’t leave the house without sunscreen

This tinted moisturizer received a thumbs-up from dermatologists, and it’ll make a nice addition to your mom’s routine.

For the mom who wants to exercise her green thumb

If your mom is limited on space yet has decided she wants to grow a so-called victory garden, gift her this vertical wall planter, which is suitable for planting flowers, vegetables, strawberries, and hanging plants and is homesteader approved.

And protect it from thorns

All that pruning she does would be a lot easier and less dangerous with a pair of these elbow-length gloves. They come recommended by Strategist contributor Joseph Truini who says the synthetic leather is “puncture-resistant and much more supple and comfortable than animal leather.”

For the mom who knows what contouring is

This affordable highlighter stick is easy to use (she can blend it in using only her fingers) and is said to be an inexpensive, convincing dupe for the popular Glossier Haloscope.

For the mom whose skin is perpetually parched


We dubbed this oft-recommended moisturizer the best for mature skin, thanks to its barrier-reinforcing ceramides and inclusion of hyaluronic acid, which helps skin retain moisture.

For the mom who misses her masseuse

According to writer Alison Freer, this neck massager works even better than a pricy Theragun and is the next best thing to seeing a masseuse in real life. Using it consistently, she says, has given her long-lasting relief.

For the mom who misses the spa

For the mom who loves a good seaweed wrap, Camila Alves McConaughey thinks this stuff is just as good as what they use at the spa – and she says it’s great for those with sensitive skin.

For the mom who says she doesn’t like to celebrate her birthday (but doesn’t mean it)

This cheap-but-expensive-looking Nest votive candle will seem thoughtful without being over-the-top.

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36 Birthday Gifts for Every Type of Mom