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20 Famous People on Their Favorite T-Shirts

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Welcome to our series Famous People On, in which we crowdsource the best stuff to buy by turning to the on-the-record favorites of celebrities. This week, we went and found the very best famous-people-endorsed T-shirts: from the vintage and graphic to the cotton versions that come in multipacks. (See also our survey of stylish men and women on the best white T-shirts.)

Kanye West
“This is the most important thing on this list. It’s the perfect tee, it goes with everything, and it’s a slightly heavier weight.” — GQ, November 2010

Raf Simons
“One thing I’ve had forever is: A yellow T-shirt with a black print on it from the movie The Shining that goes way back to when I was a teenager.” — WSJ, July 2016

Kendall Jenner
“I’ll always have a really good plain T-shirt.”—British Vogue, March 2016

“My favorite thing to wear is: Cactus Plant Flea Market T-shirts. I don’t know where (designer Cynthia Lu) sources the material from but they’re just comfortable.” — WSJ, August 2017

Neil Barrett
“I wear my own clothes 99.9% of the time; the 0.1% would be Nike trainers, which I love. I like some Comme des Garçons T-shirts, but that’s it.” WSJ, June 2015

Evan Spiegel
“A staple since high school.” — GQ, July 2015

Cody Simpson
“I collect vintage band tees. My favorites are my Bowie sound vision ones or my Hendrix psychedelic ones. I’m looking for some cool Chili Peppers ones, they’re inspiring my band idea at the moment.” — The Coveteur, July 2015

Kate Hudson
On her go-to look:
“Jeans and a T-shirt. Period. Jeans and a T-shirt and high heels — that’s my other uniform.” — Harper’s Bazaar, November 2015

Tracy Anderson
“I like white V::Room shirts with a fun hot pink bra underneath. I cut them off and tie them.” — Allure, February 2012

Gavin Rossdale
“This T-shirt, which comes from prison deadstock, is handprinted by Amy. She makes all the shirts we wear on tour. These are kind of my secret. I was in a dilemma before this interview — should I tell them about this? Why can’t I just tell them about Cadbury chocolate or something? Amy’s my guide.” — GQ, February 2015

Danica Patrick
“When I’m not in a fire suit, I wear: James Perse T-shirts. They’re so soft and worn-in. They have a nice fit — tight around the top and shoulders but looser at the bottom.” — WSJ, October 2014

Carole Radziwill
“Funnily, my co-star Dorinda Medley and I discovered this brand around the same time. We’d show up for scenes and we’d both be wearing the same cutout shirts. I’m very particular about T-shirts and tanks. I like either a super-high-end, linen $200 T-shirt (which is ridiculous, and which I do own), or a perfectly broken-in cotton shirt. The LNA cotton is ideal because it’s not tissue-papery, but it’s not totally opaque either. I love that they’re not conventionally shaped either. I love all of it. They’re all ripped up and look a hundred years old, and like you washed them 500 times, so they hang on your body just right. They look like the shirts you had in high school. In fact, I wish I’d had this shirt in high school.” — The Strategist, April 2017

Inès de la Fressange
“Take care of the one you love, and go to bed early. Have nice T-shirts from Save Khaki or Uniqlo.” The New Potato, March 2017

Karen Elson
“Part 1920s meets the ‘90s, and add a Saint James striped T-shirt for good measure. I’m a creature of habit. I like long vintage dresses with biker boots, high waisted jeans with a Saint James tee, and a perhaps a head scarf to control my frizzy red mane.” — Allure, May 2017

“An original vintage Guns N’ Roses Appetite for Destruction T-shirt. I bought it off a guy called Evil Ed who was wearing it at a dive bar in Nashville one night.” — Spin, May 2011

James Harden
“You can just throw these on and wear ‘em with anything — either something casual or some dressy jeans and some fresh slip-on shoes. Personally, I’m a V-neck guy. We had to wear all Nike in college, but in high school I used to wear these Polos under my jersey.” — GQ, February 2012

Reese Witherspoon
“T-shirts from The Great.”— InStyle, November 2016

Emma Watson
“My zip-up hoodie comes from them, and they also do some great T-shirts.” — The Coveteur, March 2017

Nicola Formichetti
“These guys are friends of mine. They just started it, but now it’s becoming like a cult; they’ve even got a secret store. I love that it’s all about cool graphics on hoodies and tees that are so simple, but make you instantly feel right.” — GQ, August 2014

Carson Daly
“On TV, I like Johnny Cash–black — simple, non-descript. But the other 90 percent of the time I’m in what I call the ‘dad uniform:’ a black Hanes tee and cargos.” — GQ, June 2011

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20 Famous People on Their Favorite T-Shirts