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What Salt-N-Pepa Can’t Live Without

From left, Pepa (Sandra Denton) and Salt (Cheryl James). Photo: Mitch Haaseth/ABC via Getty Images

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair, but the hand sanitizer and the electric toothbrush. We asked Salt-N-Pepa (née Sandra Denton and Cheryl James), who together recently launched a makeup collaboration with Milani, about the headphones, protein powders, and speakers they can’t live without.


I have my gavel with me at all times. Someone actually made it for me because they got tired of me banging with my hands, so now I just bang with the gavel. It says Planet Peptron District Court. I feel like I’m a judge. I want to take everybody to court and hold them accountable, because I’m accountable for my rights and wrongs. I always say I’m not exhausted — people try to exhaust me, but I’m not exhausted. I will comb through a story and I will have my evidence and you better bring your evidence.

I take a lot of photos, so I love the camera. But just having a phone at all is really nice. I think about back in the day, where Salt and I came from, we went to the phone booth to make a call. I come from a big family with seven sisters and one brother, and we only had one phone and call waiting, so an iPhone — my own personal iPhone — is something I can’t do without.

I’m a sweater and I perform a lot, so I have this fan to cool me down. I get real animated and excited sometimes, especially when I’m trying to make a point. Sometimes I turn it on turbo, depending on, you know, the level of sweat.

I have every color of Uggs — blue, beige, black — in tall and short. But I prefer the short ones because I travel all over the world and they’re easy to take off and on in the airport. They’re the most comfortable shoes, whether I’m going to the airport or the supermarket. If I’m running around, I just throw my Uggs on. I wear them instead of sneakers because they fit so well and they’re warm.

I’ve been with Mac for a long time. It’s what I know and what I’m comfortable with. I’m on the go a lot and I’m a TV watcher, so I use it to watch a lot of shows. I also have a spiritual side, so I’m writing a story about that and all the things that have happened to me. I want to introduce the world to that side of me, the sci-fi side of me. So I’m using my laptop to write my stories and bring it to life.


I love the noise-canceling aspect of the Beats — I don’t have to hear Pepa all day; I can just cancel her out. Whether I’m listening to music, a book, or a meditation app, these just help me relax and think. The sound is great, but I love how the headphones are soft and cup your ear. I can fall asleep with my them on. I have the gold ones. Gold is classic.

I love downloading books from Audible. I hate to exercise, but if I listen to a book while I’m walking, I’m exercising my brain as well as my body and that keeps me motivated. I just finished listening to How to Unfu*k Yourself. I love that book — it’s by a motivational speaker and gives tips on how to stay motivated and how to figure out what about your behaviors is standing in the way of your goals. He’s not nice about it, and I like that. He has a heavy Scottish accent that makes you feel like you better get up and move.

It’s delicious and it’s vegan. My daughter’s a militant vegan and she’s trying to get me to join her. I’m working on moving towards veganism because I’ve seen the benefits it has had for her. It’s hard to find protein powders that are tasty and not so chalky. This has a great flavor: I mix it with either coconut water or oat milk, put a banana in, and the drink fills me up for two or three hours. When I’m busy and I don’t want to stop and eat, I can make a quick shake and keep it moving.

The sound is great and I love the vintage look. It looks old school, like something from the ’50s or ’60s. I have it in black and brown. Everyone in my house always steals them, so I’m constantly walking around like, “Where is my speaker?” I actually got mine as a gift at the Kentucky Derby — they have an incredible swag room.

The palette is reminiscent of the ’90s and the colors we wore back then, the Salt-N-Pepa jackets. The colors are intense. Every shade and lipstick in the collection is named after a Salt-N-Pepa song and the two different palettes are named after our most iconic albums: Hot, Cool & Vicious and Very Necessary. My favorite eyeshadow shade is the I’ll Take Yo’ Man pink.

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What Salt-N-Pepa Can’t Live Without