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The Best 8th Wedding-Anniversary Gifts

Photo-Illustration: Courtesy of the retailers

Bronze may go to the third-place finisher in the Olympics, but if you’re familiar with traditional wedding-anniversary gifts (or if you’re Googling them as they come up, as we do most years), you should know that on your eighth anniversary, the bronze goes to the person who’s No. 1 one in your heart: your husband or wife. Gifts made from bronze symbolize durability, a fitting tribute to mark eight years of sleeping through each other’s snoring, earnestly laughing at stories you’ve heard five times before, and, through it all, still being the only people you’d choose to spend a weekend on the couch with, watching Netflix.

Drawing partly from our extensive archive of expert-recommended and editor-beloved products, we’ve put together a list of bronze gifts, including a bookcase for literary couples, stackable side chairs for couples who entertain, and much more. If you (or the folks you’re shopping for) haven’t yet been married for eight years, we also have gift guides for milestones along the way, including first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh anniversaries. And if you’re looking ahead, check out our list of tenth-, 20th-, 25th-, and 50th-anniversary gifts.

For the couple with a no-shoes-inside policy

You can pad around the house in matching pairs of our favorite lightweight Birkenstocks in bronze.

For the beachgoing couple

Although beauty gifts can be difficult to give to more than one person, this tinted bronzer from Dr. Hauschka is couple-approved. “My fiancé, Mark, introduced me to this bronzer,” Outdoor Voices founder Ty Haney told us. “Now we both wear it daily.” Think of it as gifting a suntan in a bottle.

For the couple that are amateur somms

With just the push of a button, this gadget dispenses perfectly aerated wine from your favorite bottle.

For the couple that wears jewelry

This necklace beloved by Denise Richards feels particularly appropriate for the occasion. “The Lovetuner is a whistle that, when blown, makes a sound at the frequency of 528 hertz, which is known as the frequency of love,” she explains. “You wear it around your neck. I know it might sound odd, but if you try it, you’ll see that it immediately changes your state of being. It’s very calming. Any time I’m feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, it helps ground me.”

For the couple that wears fragrance

This woodsy scent with hints of leather comes recommended by actor Mike Colter, who calls it his favorite. He says that “fragrances are always gender neutral,” something we tend to agree with.

For the couple that always sets the mood

A trio of ambiance-improving candleholders for a tablescape or living-room table.

For the couple that sets the mood with flowers

If you’re of the mind that no anniversary gift feels complete without flowers, present them in this bronze vase that goes well with everything from farm flowers to a dozen red roses.

For the couple that is in a book club

If you own more novels than artist monographs, this bronze bookcase lets you show off your literary taste.

For the couple that is in a book club (and lives in a small home)

If there’s no space for big shelving units, gift these elegant Art Deco–inspired bookends. (They’re technically polished brass, but we won’t tell.)

For the couple that collects coffee-table books

You’ll have more than enough room to store your Phaidon collection on this two-level bronze cof