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The Best 10th Wedding-Anniversary Gifts

Photo-Illustration: Courtesy of the retailers

A decade of marriage is nothing to sneeze at. By now you can probably communicate wordlessly, and you’ve surely found even more things to love about each other since your wedding day. So to celebrate your anniversary, you’ll want to choose a gift that shows how much you still appreciate your husband or wife.

But if you’ve been buying gifts in accordance with the traditional anniversary guidelines, you might be stumped by the prescribed ten-year options: tin or aluminum. Since we’re not ones to shy away from a shopping puzzle here at the Strategist, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find the best gifts for all types of couples (the lion’s share culled from our archive of expert-approved products) made from these less-than-romantic materials. If you or the person you’re shopping for hasn’t been married for ten years yet, we also have guides for first-, second-, third-, fourth-, fifth-, sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-anniversary gifts for when they reach those milestones; and ones for 20th-, 25th-, and 50th-anniversary gifts if you’re looking ahead.

For the DIY couple

The smaller version of one our favorite ladders, this aluminum-and-resin step stool from Hasegawa is as functional (for, say, hanging frames) as it is design-y. And because of its compact size, you won’t mind having it out, even when it’s not in use. Or you can use it as a (very narrow) shelf, like this Strategist contributor does.

For the couple that likes to cook

Sure the exterior of this chef-recommended pan is stainless steel, but it’s the inner aluminum core that ensures it heats up evenly. Tony Cacace, the executive chef of Oro Restaurant, tells us that “it will handle everything from oatmeal and black-rice porridge for breakfast to risotto for dinner and ice-cream bases for dessert.”

For the (discerning) couple that likes to cook

Home cooks with a taste for the finer things will appreciate this tin of olive oil from Spain that has “hints of grassiness, almonds, and butter,” according to James Beard Award–winning chef chef Jonathan Waxman.

For the couple that likes to cook outdoors

If you and your partner enjoy camping, this set of insulated aluminum cookware lets you enjoy some of your favorite meals from the comfort of your tent.

For the couple that prefers to to relax outdoors

Lawn Chair USA Webbing Chair

Whether you like to relax on the patio, at the beach, or even further afield, you’ll need somewhere to sit. This classic folding lawn chair has a lightweight aluminum frame that makes it easy to transport wherever your adventures lead you. It comes in a bunch of snazzy colorways, too.

For the couple that likes to host

This elegantly flared serving bowl is made from Nambé’s proprietary aluminum alloy, which is purportedly nonporous and insulating, too.

For the couple that loves to host

None of your guests will go wanting for a cold drink with this hand-hammered aluminum beverage tub, which can hold plenty of wine, Champagne, and beer — and has cutout handles that make it easier to carry.

For the couple that likes to bake

Nordic Ware Crown Bundt Pan

Chefs cite Nordic Ware as a favorite source of durable bakeware. The brand’s elegant aluminum bundt pan will create impressive-looking cakes for special-occasion baking and is pretty enough to keep on display.

For the couple that juices

Sure, you can get a more technologically advanced juicer. But none of those look quite as charming as this retro-style citrus juicer made from recycled aluminum cans. It would make getting that morning glass of OJ a much more fun, and elegant, ritual.

For the couple that prefers stiffer drinks

Inspired by the classic shape of a French Champagne bucket, this elegant cocktail shaker is made of steel, brass, and aluminum — and can even be personalized with a monogram.

For the couple that likes to snack

This tin full of peanuts comes from Virginia Diner, an establishment that’s been selling peanuts since 1929 (and calls itself the “Peanut Capital of the World”). Lightly salted, they’re the perfect snack to go with your brewski.

For the couple that likes to snack on sweets

After you finish these chocolate truffles (flavors include “Strawberry Romanoff” and “Sicilian Orange”), you’ll want to keep the stately tin they come in on hand for storing trinkets.

For the couple that likes to snack on sweets with heat

We recommended this tin of Tabasco-spiked dark chocolate wedges as an affordable last-minute gift because “spicy things + chocolate things = gifting success.” Given this is for an anniversary, we should mention that both chocolate and spicy foods have reputations as aphrodisiacs.

For the couple with a tiny home