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The Best 25th Wedding-Anniversary Gifts

Photo: Courtesy of the retailers

Now that you’ve been with your husband or wife for more than two decades, you probably know your spouse even better than you did on your wedding day. That doesn’t necessarily make gift-giving any easier, though, especially if you feel like you’ve used up lots of your best ideas on previous anniversaries. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

Those following the traditional anniversary-gift guidelines know that silver has historically been exchanged at the quarter-century mark. So we searched through our extensive archive for silver things we’ve written about before (along with less expensive silver-tone and silver-plated options) to put together the below list of 33 products that would make great gifts for a 25th anniversary. If you’re not at 25 years yet, we’ve also compiled gift guides for milestones along the way, including first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and tenth, and 20th anniversaries. And if you’re looking ahead, check out our list of 50th anniversary gifts.

For the couple that flies first class

It’s not cheap, but Rimowa’s silver-tone suitcase is the status luggage among frequent fliers (and celebrities like Lucy Liu and Antoni Porowski), all of whom rave about how it’s both lightweight and durable.

For the couple that flies economy

These headphones are highly recommended for their ability to mask ambient noise without compromising sound quality, which one reviewer said was the case on every single setting. “I’ve been using mine eight hours per day, and they don’t bother my ears at all,” said one reviewer.

For the couple that’s always smiling

This powerful electric toothbrush (a longtime Strategist favorite) comes in a silvery-gray hue and will make your teeth shine. According to our friends at the Cut, power couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z use the Sonicare, so you’ll be in good company. Note: To get the sale price shown below, you must click a box to apply a coupon on Amazon.

For the couple that’s always smiling (and on a budget)

Here’s a fun fact about silver: It has natural antimicrobial properties, so you’ll often find it in unexpected places, like these affordable, disposable toothbrushes recommended by writer Frances Dodds. They’ll keep your chompers clean and glistening.

For the active couple