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The Best 25th Wedding-Anniversary Gifts

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Now that you’ve been with your husband or wife for more than two decades, you probably know your spouse even better than you did on your wedding day. That doesn’t necessarily make gift-giving any easier, though, especially if you feel like you’ve used up lots of your best ideas on previous anniversaries. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

Those following the traditional anniversary-gift guidelines know that silver has historically been exchanged at the quarter-century mark. So we searched through our extensive archive for silver things we’ve written about before (along with less expensive silver-tone and silver-plated options) to put together the below list of 33 products that would make great gifts for a 25th anniversary. If you’re not at 25 years yet, we’ve also compiled gift guides for milestones along the way, including first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and tenth, and 20th anniversaries. And if you’re looking ahead, check out our list of 50th anniversary gifts.

For the couple that flies first class

It’s not cheap, but Rimowa’s silver-tone suitcase is the status luggage among frequent fliers (and celebrities like Lucy Liu and Antoni Porowski), all of whom rave about how it’s both lightweight and durable.

For the couple that flies economy

These headphones are highly recommended for their ability to mask ambient noise without compromising sound quality, which one reviewer said was the case on every single setting. “I’ve been using mine eight hours per day, and they don’t bother my ears at all,” said one reviewer.

For the couple that’s always smiling

This powerful electric toothbrush (a longtime Strategist favorite) comes in a silvery-gray hue and will make your teeth shine. According to our friends at the Cut, power couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z use the Sonicare, so you’ll be in good company. Note: To get the sale price shown below, you must click a box to apply a coupon on Amazon.

For the couple that’s always smiling (and on a budget)

Here’s a fun fact about silver: It has natural antimicrobial properties, so you’ll often find it in unexpected places, like these affordable, disposable toothbrushes recommended by writer Frances Dodds. They’ll keep your chompers clean and glistening.

For the active couple

Silver threads pop up in activewear for similar reasons — their bacteria-killing powers helps cut down on odors. Whether you’re running, hiking, or hitting the gym together, you’ll both stay smelling fresh thanks to these silver-infused tops, which are also breathable and moisture-wicking.

For the sustainable couple

And because silver makes clothes less stinky, it’s a good option for those looking to cut their water and energy use (and costs) by doing less laundry. Brands like Organic Basics are weaving it into underwear that can go a while between washing. Our testers said they started to smell after two days, which is still twice as long as you’d normally wear underwear, so that’s something.

For the couple with a gallery wall

Show off family photos or vacation snaps in these minimal silver frames from one of our favorite online-framing services. Simply Framed’s offerings aren’t limited to photos, as Strategist writer Liza Corsillo says: “You can also send in drawings, a favorite scarf, a newspaper clipping, or a love letter to frame,” for a personal, romantic gesture.

For the couple that loves to cook

It’s made of stainless steel instead of silver (the former is much better at retaining heat), but this handy pan is a kitchen workhorse, useful for whipping up everything from oatmeal to sauces. Tony Cacace, the executive chef at Oro Restaurant, told us it’s “the most important pot you should own.”

For the couple that loves to bake

Couples that spend their weekends together baking bread, pastries, and cakes will find lots of uses for a KitchenAid stand mixer (which, as we’ve written time and again, is simply the best product in its class). In any color, it’s a very nice gift, but the matte silver feels particularly appropriate for this milestone.

For the couple that loves to make pasta

This affordable pasta machine is a favorite of author and “pasta artist,” Linda Miller Nicholson, who says its accuracy ensures your dough won’t tear and is reliable for “even the biggest of batches.” While the standard version can only cut three types of noodles (lasagna, fettuccine, and tagliatelle), you can purchase additional attachments capable of making everything from vermicelli to ravioli.

For the couple that loves to clean

These sponges are also treated with silver to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew, so they never get too gross. They also look a lot nicer than the green and yellow ones beside most sinks, a little detail we think adds to their giftable appeal. (The pattern on the surface fades away when it’s time to replace your sponge, no smell test needed.)

For the couple looking for a new hobby

Learning a new skill together can help keep your bond strong. If either (or both) of you has any musical inclination, the flute is supposedly easy to learn, according to Carol Wincenc, a Grammy-nominated flutist and Juilliard professor. High-quality instruments come with big price tags, but if you’re just getting started, Wincenc says an affordable model like this is fine.

For the couple that likes to accessorize

A minimal silver buckle on a slim belt feels understated yet sophisticated. Our columnist Chris Black likes the affordable styles from Maximum Henry for guys, while photographer and graphic designer Shini Park recommends this classic Rag & Bone belt for women.

For the tea-sipping couple

$44 for 2

Enhance your loose-leaf tea experience with a set of these silver-plated strainers that designer Karen Walker calls “so gorgeous.”

For the couple that prefers coffee

Jamie McCormick, the co-owner of New York’s Abraço coffee shop, says this silver-tone bean grinder “grinds at an insanely consistent particle size” and is comparable to the commercial-grade machine he uses at his shop.

For the couple that quit caffeine

If the two of you stick to seltzer these days, here’s a shiny soda maker that you won’t mind displaying on the kitchen counter. Strategist managing editor Maxine Builder says the bubbles it creates are “strong, fine, and even, almost like Perrier.”

For the couple that always sends handwritten notes

Make jotting marginalia, signing checks, and writing letters a little more stylish with this silver pen that writer David Sedaris says “has a really nice weight to it.”

For the couple with an extensive home library

If your books always seem to go missing at your dinner parties (only to show up at a friend’s house later), consider this personal embosser that stamps them with their very own seal. Jen Bergstrom, senior vice-president of the Gallery Books group, gifted one to her friends to help her, as she put it, “mark her territory.”

For the couple that journals

For something special to write in, you can’t get much fancier than a classic Smythson leather-bound notebook with silver-lined pages. Strategist senior editor Anthony Rotunno tested one out for our ranking of the 100 best notebooks and said, “Its handsomeness alone would make me want to use it every day, and its simple page design would not discourage daily use, either.”

For the couple that goes on jogs

Strategist editor Peter Martin recently purchased this smartwatch for his sister, who reported back that it does everything a good fitness-focused smartwatch should: tracks your heart rate (and sleep cycle), counts your steps, and allows you to glimpse at your calendar, texts, and other notifications (provided your phone is nearby).

For the design-minded couple that also loves to eat

Writer Lauren Levy obsessed over what flatware to put on her wedding registry, looking for a set that was both functional and interesting to look at. She ultimately went with these Collo-Alto pieces which, she says, “were the closest in shape and color to traditional silverware, while still maintaining their own unique sense of style.”

For the design-minded couple that also loves to eat (but already has forks and knives)

If you already have a set of nice silverware, why not expand your collection with Christofle’s “absurd-slash-fabulous” silver-plated chopsticks? They’ll definitely elevate your takeout lo mein.

For the design-minded couple that also loves to drink

Strategist columnist (and resident Cool Guy) Chris Black recommends this sleek, stainless-steel (but silver-looking) corkscrew as a holiday gift, but it’d also be perfect for the couple that loves to share a bottle of wine.

For the couple into mixology

A versatile addition to any bar cart, this stirring spoon actually has a muddler on the other end so you can flip it over to crush sugar cubes or cherries.

For the couple into skin-care gadgets

No one will believe you’re old enough to have been married 25 years if you’ve been using this electrical facial device that actress and activist Shiva Rose says “helps lift the facial muscles and helps contour cheeks and release puffiness around eyes.” The silver conductive gel is specifically formulated to promote the production of wrinkle-busting collagen in the skin.

For the couple that’s gone gray

This silver-laced pomade from Oribe is a great option for styling silver and gray hair — it contains ingredients including Arctic root extract (for maintaining elasticity) and pea peptide (which adds volume and moisturizes). The silver actually works to brighten and add shine, which is good if your hair has become a bit dull. Strategist writer Chloe Anello recently purchased a tub for her mother, with the goal of “enhancing her now-voluminous and well-below-shoulder-length hair.”

For the couple with a shared home office

Replace your old mouse pads with two of these, that look as high-tech as the rest of your desk set-up. Ben Kicic, senior interior designer at GRADE architecture and interior design firm, says “it’s much nicer to slide your mouse on this [than on] a wooden surface or a rubbery fabric.”

For the couple that already owns a lot of silver


Of course they’ll need something for keeping all of that silver clean. Nathan Horowicz, owner of the antique silver shop Nathan Horowicz Antiques Inc., says this polish works “like magic.”

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The Best 25th Wedding-Anniversary Gifts