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The Best 7th Wedding-Anniversary Gifts

Photo-Illustration: Courtesy of the retailers

It’s not a nice round number like ten or 50, but that’s no reason not to celebrate your seventh wedding anniversary. In fact, unlike some of those more “special” anniversaries with only one material traditionally given as gifts, the seven-year mark actually has two: copper and wool. While it seems like an odd pairing, both materials signify warmth — copper because it conducts heat and wool because it’ll keep you toasty.

To help you pick the perfect gift for your wife or husband, we combed through our archive of expert-recommended and editor-beloved products to find our greatests hits in wool and copper. With picks like a plush wool throw blanket for couch potatoes and a shiny copper cocktail shaker for amateur mixologists, there’s a little something for everyone. If you haven’t been married for seven years yet, we also have guides for first-, second-, third-, fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-anniversary gifts. Or if seven is far behind you, we can help you find the perfect eighth-, tenth-, 20th-, 25th-, and 50th-anniversary gifts.

For the hygge couple

We’ve twice named these unisex wool slippers the coziest pair to wear or give as a gift. Strategist senior writer Karen Iorio Adelson says, “They’re comfortable for walking around and the wool feels warm, soft, and not at all itchy. They hug your foot and mold to your shape the more you wear them.” Spouses who spend lazy weekends padding around the house in old, ragged slippers will appreciate the upgrade.

For the couple that loves their plants

Originally designed in 1886 and coveted by gardeners, the Haws copper watering can is a certified status item in the gardening world. Writer David Notis called it his best purchase of the past decade: “It elevates what could otherwise seem like a mundane task into sort of a special ritual,” he says. “It’s like religious garb but for watering plants.”

For the couple that loves their dog

These merino-wool-and-rope dog toys from the Black-owned company House Dogge are durable and way better looking than most of the other plastic pet toys you’ll find.

For the couple that hikes together

Since they’re moisture-wicking and temperature regulating, wool socks are beloved by hikers for keeping them comfortable, dry, and blister-free. Along with being a favorite of writer David Notis and contributor James Lynch, Darn Tough’s made-in-Vermont socks are also a top pick of Amazon reviewers, who rave about their durability and soft feel.

For the couple that skis together

Wool socks are popular among skiers and snowboarders for many of the same reasons as they are among hikers. Sarah Plaskitt, founding director of the ski trip-planning agency Scout, thinks these socks from Le Bent are the best of the bunch. “They’re really smooth and soft but they also have a good compression on them so they’re good for your muscles,” she says.

For the couple that runs together

Made from a breathable “merino-mesh” weave, these wool base layers can be worn on their own on crisp fall and spring days, or underneath a heavier top in the winter. They’re also impressively soft. Get a set in matching (or complementary) colors for jogging together.

For the couple that binge-watches together

If you and your spouse are more likely to spend an afternoon on the couch than on the slopes, consider this throw blanket from Oregon-based Pendleton. “Pendleton is a classic brand that has been around for a very long time, and for good reason,” says stylist Emily Henderson. “Their plaid patterns are timeless and will never go out of style.” It’s made from machine-washable wool so there’s no need to panic if you happen to spill your takeout ramen.

For the couple that knits while watching The Sopranos

Whether you two are new to knitting and purling or a pair of seasoned pros, you can’t go wrong with a nice thick ball of yarn. Carolyn Heitmann, co-owner of Brooklyn Craft Company, refers to this medium-weight option from Wool and the Gang as one of her favorites. And in case you’re in need of project inspiration, you can follow writer Mia Leimkuhler’s lead—she hand-knit a sweater using one of Wool and the Gang’s prepackaged kits and has since become a knitting obsessive.

For the couple that experiments in the kitchen

Former Strategist writer Nikita Richardson, says Diaspora Co. “has quickly distinguished itself as the place to go for high-quality, single-origin Indian spices.” The AAPI-owned business offers this highly giftable copper spice container that you can fill with a selection of their top sellers, like Makhir ginger and Iniya cardamom.

For the couple that experiments with décor