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The Best Drip Coffee Makers on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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If you’re looking for a quick cup of morning coffee, sometimes it’s best to go with the tried and true classic: a drip coffee maker. And while we’ve written about lots of ways to drink coffee — including travel coffee mugs, cold-brew coffee makers, and coffee grinders — here, we’ve rounded up the best drip coffee makers, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon. (And if you’re looking for something a bit stronger, we’ve written about the best espresso machines, too.)

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Best-rated drip coffee maker


With well over 14,000 five-star reviews, this coffee maker offers two ways to brew: a full carafe or single-serve, direct-to-mug function, which one reviewer calls “a great alternative to those expensive pods.” Another writes, “I also needed a coffee maker for company, and I wanted one that makes individual servings without those K-Cups. This is a simple machine that is easy to use and quick to clean.” One who describes themselves as living in a household of “avid coffee drinkers” sums it up: “We absolutely LOVE this coffee maker. Simple, functional, cost effective, affordable, easy to clean, durable and makes an excellent cup of coffee.”

Best-rated (less expensive) drip coffee maker

This coffee maker is as simple as they come, and that’s exactly why reviewers love it. As one puts it: “Anyone can use this. Befuddled uncle? Yes. Old guy in your office? Yes. Mom who hates programming ‘the computer’? Yes. Hip young dad? Yes.” Another reviewer, who tried other more expensive coffee makers with “all kinds of settings and bells and whistles that we never used or wanted,” loves that this one is “simple, its fast, it has only three parts, and it brews the best coffee we have had since our last Mr. Coffee maker.” And it produces a great cup of coffee. In fact, even “die-hard French press coffee snobs” approve: “The carafe pours perfectly with zero drips … And at the very least, no plastic touches your coffee once it is brewed. In all, you can’t find a better value for a decent cup of coffee.”

Best thermal drip coffee maker

Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Optimal Brew Thermal Coffee Maker

This drip coffee maker’s thermal carafe keeps reviewers’ coffee hot all morning long. “The carafe is double walled thickness THERMAL, that’s right, it keeps your coffee hot for hours,” one says. Another writes, “The thermal carafe seals tightly to hold in the heat and does a great job of keeping the coffee hot for at least two hours without the need of a hot plate, which can lead to bitter tasting coffee. One downside is that “the Insulated Carafe is a bit heavier than a glass model,” but the heat insulation is worth it. “What I didn’t know is how much BETTER even cheap or bitter coffee tastes when made as hot as this does,” one reviewer says. “It’s like premium coffee all the time.”

Best (less expensive) thermal drip coffee maker

Black+Decker 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker

This thermal coffee maker is about $30 cheaper than the Mr. Coffee machine above, but it’s also bigger, and that was a selling point for at least one reviewer. “The pot is huge (a lot of stainless steel pots were only 10 cups, this one makes 12),” they write. It’s got other bells and whistles, too: “The design is sleek and matches my kitchen so well. The auto feature is nice when I remember to actually prep it at night. There is a bold feature (yaasss!) The display will tell you how many minutes, up to two hours, have passed since it brewed.” Even with more coffee to keep warm, reviewers say the carafe does an excellent job of keeping the coffee hot. “I made a 12-cup batch of coffee at 8am and poured a 24-ounce cup,” one user says. “The carafe of coffee sat on my kitchen counter until 3 p.m., when I decided to see how warm the coffee still was and poured another cup. Blew me away … seven hours after the original brew, the coffee was steaming and still just under hot.” Most important, perhaps, is that the coffee isn’t only hot but tastes good. “Maybe it’s psychological, but this coffee maker brews some of the best-tasting coffee I’ve ever made at home. My wife, a culinary instructor, agrees.”

Best coffee maker with grinder

Reviewers love that this coffee maker comes with a grinder to help them make the freshest cup of coffee possible. In fact, more than 100 reviewers use the word “flavorful” when describing this Cuisinart. One reviewer who noticed a difference with freshly ground beans says buying this “was stepping into a whole new world of coffee flavor,” saying, “it’s like Odin himself is pouring the water over these beans to bless them with the flavor of the gods.” Another who could “never find a balance between coffee flavor and strength” writes, “I have finally STOPPED SEARCHING for a satisfying coffee experience. With this machine, you do not have to make stronger coffee to have the flavor experience you seek.” Others love that you can program it the night before, and it’s so reliable that at least one has started using it as an alarm clock in the mornings: “I’ll be enjoying my new alarm clock that includes sound and aroma that leads up to the best cup of coffee on earth while you’re boiling water.”

Best K-Cup and batch drip coffee maker

Like the machine above, this coffee maker offers both carafe and single brewing options, but this one uses K-Cups, and reviewers love that “It’s truly a all-in-one coffee station.” As one reviewer explains, “The maker has literally taken a traditional coffee pot and merged it with a K-Cup maker, with two entirely different filtration systems and water wells.” But that also means you have to fill up both water tanks before using it. It’s a nice option for those who drink coffee throughout the day, like one who writes, “We mostly drink a full pot of decaf in the morning, but the occasional cup of regular is nice.” And despite the two systems, reviewers still say this machine is easy to use and easy to clean. “The single serve reservoir detaches for easy clean and fill up, which is convenient,” one writes, while another says, “The drip coffee maker is easy to use, and I like the versatility-choose hot plate temperature and bold coffee feature.”

Best small-batch drip coffee maker

Black+Decker 5-Cup Coffeemaker

Many five-star reviewers call this five-cup coffee maker easy to use, including one who calls it “the best designed that I’ve tried.” He goes on to say that it’s “very simple and easy to clean and use,” especially for just a casual coffee drinker. He even thinks that “a genius designed the part where the steam comes out,” because “it is a circle that fits directly over the basket and comes down when you close the lid. I don’t see any splashing mess with it.” Another bought this for her husband “who drinks a minimum amount of coffee.” She says that she “was tired of him making a full pot with the 10-cup machine” because it was “such a waste.” This pot is a nice alternative. She calls it “easy and simple,” and specifically calls out the mouth of the pot, which is “wider than most, making cleaning a lot easier.”