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51 Last-Minute Gifts That Will Arrive by Father’s Day

Photo: Courtesy of retailer

With Father’s Day just around the corner (as a reminder, it’s coming up this Sunday), there’s just enough time to get in those last-minute Father’s Day gifts. We’ve said this before, but don’t overthink it. Maybe your dad needs a coffee-table book or a tech gift. Maybe he loves to cook. Maybe he hates it! In the spirit of finding the right thing for your dad, we went in search of all the best Father’s Day gifts on Amazon for every different kind of father.

To make things even easier for you, we’ve pulled together a list of 51 last-minute Father’s Day gifts, many of which we’ve written about before. Order any of these gifts today with two-day shipping, and they’ll arrive on your doorstep by Saturday, just in time for the big day. And if you’re looking for more ideas, be sure to check out our very last-minute-friendly Father’s Day gifts on Amazon guide.

For the dad who wishes he could disappear

This coffee-table book chronicles the sustainable dwellings of those who’ve built homes in some far-flung places. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, the book will come with free two-day shipping. (That’s true of all of the items on this list.)

For the dad who runs marathons

This dry bag will help him store all of his wet gear after a race without getting the rest of his belongings soggy — ultramarathoner Michael Wardian says it’s the best gift he’s ever received.

For the dad who wants to bulk up

A discreet pull-up bar that will take up much less room than the whole home-gym shebang (so it would make a good gift for the dad who says he never has time).

For the dad who thinks he’s PGA material

This performance-tracking system will measure swing speed, ball speed, and track stats (which is why it’s a tried-and-true favorite of dedicated golf dads).

For the dad who’s always looking for a spot to charge his phone

A desktop charging station with six (count ‘em!) USB ports for whatever he may need to juice.

For the dad who doesn’t want to deal with cords at all

Ditch the cord completely for this wireless-charging setup that boasts thousands of glowing reviews.

For the dad who’s the life of the pool party

For the dad who has separation anxiety

Petcube’s monitor cams help worried pet owners keep a close eye on their pups while they’re away, and this model even dispenses treats.

For the dad who loves a shiny new toy

If Dad’s always wanted to take one for a spin, this mini DJI drone wouldn’t be a bad place to start. It has a powerful camera for capturing aerial photos and is easy enough to control with a phone or even by hand.

For the dad who swims with the fishes

From $24

A pair of sock-style water shoes that grip your feet like flippers might come in handy.

For the dad who overpacks

For the dad who’s over his Moleskine

A “smart” notebook that lets him digitize his hand-scrawled notes electronically via email or Google Docs. Once he’s gone through the whole thing, he can microwave it to reset it and start all over again (up to five times).

For the dad who wants to brainstorm anywhere

A peel-and-stick piece of film that lets him turn any surface into a dry-erase board — marker and cleaning spray included.

For the dad who gets headaches

A heated pillow that kneads his neck and head with circular motions.

For the dad who still keeps his toothbrush in a Ziploc

An expandable toiletry bag that houses a good-for-spills washable interior lining.

For the dad who loves a lounge

You can’t go wrong with this smart (and comfy) robe.

For the dad who needs more rest

A doctor-approved weighted eye mask should help him sink into sleep more quickly. Emergency physician Wallace Blake McKinney uses it to sneak in naps in between shifts and says it works even if you’re a side sleeper.

For the dad who cooks in style

A volcanic-rock mortar-and-pestle set (recommended by chef Alex Stupak) for the home cook who has everything.

For the dad who grows everything

These “psychedelic” vegetables — golden beets, radishes, and delicious lemon cucumbers — will add even more variety to his garden.

For the dad who fries everything

Presto FryDaddy

He may not be able to resist the temptation of sticking cheese, potato wedges, or Snickers in this little deep fryer.

For the dad who wants “wow factor”

It’s a giant slab of pink Himalayan salt that’s sure to get “oohs” and “aahs” the next time he invites the neighbors over.

For the dad who can’t wait for the wine to breathe

For the dad who’s addicted to the snooze button

Writer Lauren Levy says this ’80s-style Braun alarm clock helped her curb her snooze-cycle habit for good.