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45 Last-Minute Gifts That Will Arrive by Father’s Day

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With Father’s Day just a few days away (as a reminder, this year it’s Sunday, June 19), you may be feeling a bit frazzled about finding a gift. So for all the procrastinators out there, we’ve put together a list of last-minute gift ideas for every kind of dad, whether he’s into food, tech, beer, high-end design, golf, philanthropy, the great outdoors, or some other hobby or interest. From workout gear and gadgets to the best basic T-shirts, towels, and comfy socks, you’ll find plenty of options below that are sure to make him smile — and arrive on his doorstep in time to celebrate.

For the dad who doesn’t drink but still loves his bubbles

Get him an 18-can flavored seltzer variety pack to sip as he gets the grill going.

For the dad who loves wildlife

For a Father’s Day message he won’t forget, send him a Cameo from Teddy the Famepark Bear or another famous zoo animal.

For the dad who’s a mosquito magnet

If he’s always the first to get bitten, he’ll appreciate this ten pack of DEET-free insect-repelling bracelets.

For the hairy dad

In our quest to find the very best grooming tools for every part of the body, from beards to pubic hair, the Wahl Peanut trimmer has come up again and again. Barber Mark Miguez uses it to trim his chest hair and around his shoulders. “It’s easy to maneuver and get right up against the shoulder blade and around the neck,” he says.

For the achy dad

Whether he’s sore from a new workout routine or hours spent bouncing a new baby to sleep, he’ll get relief from this curvy foam roller that actress Kaley Cuoco loves. She tells us its big divots allow her to “wiggle around on my side or back or legs and get the spots that are extra tender.”

For the dad who spends his weekends pruning

These ultra-sharp loppers are designed to cut through branches like butter so he can make quick work of all his trimming chores.

For the dad who needs a place to put his change

This little tray will make whatever he pulls out of his pockets look like a curated collection instead of a mess.

For the dad who needs new glasses

If his current frames are no longer cutting it, he’ll appreciate this gift card for an eye exam and pair of prescription glasses. The best part of this Father’s Day gift is how quickly New York brand Heywear can turn around his new specs — from exam to on his face in half an hour. If your dad can’t make it to Heywear in person all he has to do is upload his prescription to order online. And if he doesn’t like his new glasses he can return or exchange them for free.

For the dad who’s planning a family camping trip

He’ll be the campfire hero roasting up marshmallows and hot dogs with these extra-long sticks that are a favorite of fire-loving dads.

For the mixologist dad

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To take dad’s boozy creations to the next level, cocktail expert Fred Minnick recommends this food dehydrator for creating elegant garnishes. As he says, “the taste of whatever spirit is poured, be it a $10 bourbon or $100 Scotch, is made better by just one dehydrated orange slice. As the citrus marinates in the drink, its flavor will change with every sip.” The specialty device can also be used to make jerky, dog treats, cured egg yolks, and more.

For the deep-thinking dad

Architect Christopher Choa tells us this book — which is both a guide to living a truly happy life and a biography of 16th-century essayist and philosopher Michel de Montaigne — would make an excellent 60th birthday gift, but we think dads of any age who like to ponder life’s biggest questions would enjoy it.

For the dad who listens to podcasts in the shower

For the new dad with no time to shower

Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes
$23 for 20
$23 for 20

A 20-pack of Ursa Major face wipes that will make him feel refreshed, while exfoliating and hydrating his skin.

For the dad who dries off in style

Whether they’re used at the beach, pool, or just out of the bath, striped Turkish towels make drying off look good. Plus they’re compact and easy to store in both a cramped linen closet or beach bag.

For the birder dad who’s always yelling at squirrels

For the dad who competes in triathlons

This dry bag will help him store all of his wet gear after a race without getting the rest of his belongings soggy. Ultramarathoner Michael Wardian says it’s the best gift he’s ever received.

For the dad who needs a little workout motivation

Obé Fitness offers thousands of on-demand and live weekly classes across multiple practices, including yoga, pilates, cardio boxing, HIIT, and more. Each class is 28 minutes long and requires no equipment beyond a mat.

For the dad who wants to make pickles

He’ll appreciate this handy fermentation kit from our guide to fermenting. It comes recommended by Michael Perrine, founder of rejuvenation and detox clinic Vitality NYC.

For the dad who can never find his charger

This wireless charger, which doubles as a hands-free phone stand, is hard to lose (especially if given a dedicated spot on his desk or nightstand) and will keep Dad’s phone from dying.

For the dad who needs new basics

From $17

Fill his dresser drawer with a multipack of Gildan crew-neck T-shirts. The brand is a favorite of Jon Caramanica, pop critic (and former mens’ Critical Shopper) for the New York Times.

For the adoptive dog dad

Just like a human DNA test but for dogs, Embark helps owners of adopted pups find out whether they’re a Corgipoo, a Beaglier, or a Border Chow.

For the dog dad who has separation anxiety

Furbo’s dog monitor cams help worried pet owners keep a close eye on their furry friends while they’re away. This model even dispenses treats.

For the busy dad who wants a garden and a pet

This nifty herb garden is also a fish tank. It could also make a fun family project for dads with young kids.

For the dad who wants to push his creative side

For dads who are looking to move forward in their careers or simply get better at their favorite hobby, Masterclass offers courses taught by living legends like David Lynch, Frank Gehry, Annie Leibovitz, and Spike Lee. Memberships start at $15 a month (billed annually) for access to hundreds of virtual classes.

For the dad who needs more rest

According to Sleep Number president and CEO Shelly Ibach, wearing blue-light-blocking glasses while you scroll at night will help you fall asleep faster. After using them for a few months, she says, “Now I definitely can’t sleep without them. They really make a difference.”

For the traveling dad

This stylish Dopp kit (that the Trevor Project’s creative director, Thomas Pardee, calls “deceptively roomy”) will corral all his products, and it’s perfect for travel.

For the dad who makes a mean guacamole

A volcanic-rock mortar-and-pestle set (recommended by chef Alex Stupak) for the home cook who has everything.

For the dad who wants to grow his own salad

These “psychedelic” vegetables — golden beets, radishes, and delicious lemon cucumbers — will add brightly hued variety to his garden.

For the dad who fries everything

He gets to enjoy hot French fries, while you worry less about his arteries.

For the dad who’s not great at the touch test

He’ll never overcook a pork tenderloin (or undercook a steak) with this digital thermometer that alerts him when the specified cut is done.

For the (concession-stand-loving) dad who’s not quite ready to go back to movie theaters

$20 for 18
$20 for 18

A tub of Twizzlers — dancer Stephen “tWitch” Boss’s favorite movie candy —will help him feel like he’s out at the multiplex even if he’s streaming the films at home.

For the dad with a Starbucks habit

This handsome pour-over kettle will help him brew his superior coffee at home.

For the new dad who won’t stop talking about the Celtics

It may seem silly, but this bathtub basketball hoop is an affordable way to let him know you were listening to him wax poetic about Jayson Tatum these last few weeks.

For the dad who wants to jam to Mingus wire-free

Bose SoundLink Around Ear Bluetooth headphones are designed with extra-roomy ear openings and padding so soft your dad might forget he’s even wearing them.

For the dad who’s too cool for a Fitbit

A sleek activity and sleep-monitoring watch that doesn’t look like an activity and sleep-monitoring watch.

For the dad who can’t sit still

A toy so nice looking he won’t be embarrassed to display it.

For the dad who takes handwashing very seriously

A handwash with cedarwood, geranium, and sweet-almond oils in handsome if not entirely legible — the print’s teeny-tiny! — packaging.

For the dad who keeps his face baby-smooth

If he’s the clean-shaven type, he could do a lot worse than this handsome (and affordable) shaving cream.

For the dad who’s working on his waves

This little sponge brush makes a great and inexpensive gift for black men who want to maintain their tight curls. Julius Randle of the New York Knicks told us he uses this barber sponge to get his hair in order before stepping out on the court.

For the dad who could stand to de-stress a little

A minimal aroma diffuser that comes recommended by writer Lindsey Weber for its no-frills design and subtle scent.

For the dad who wants to guest-proof his coffee table

These hexagonal wood and marble coasters are very lagom.

For the dad who just dusted off his Velvet Underground records

All you’ll need is a set of powered speakers to get his well-worn records spinning.

For the dad who wants to hack his golf game

South Carolina–based golf coach Jonathan Yarwood will help your dad improve his swing via custom coaching video tutorials. A single lesson costs $50 and a six-month membership will run you $299.

For the dad who’s convinced his office chair will kill him

Maybe it’s time he made the move to a standing-desk converter like this one, which reviewers on Amazon rave about for its quality and affordable price point.

For the dad who can’t wait to see the chiropractor

For nearly instantaneous backache relief, give him an acupressure mat.

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45 Last-Minute Gifts That Will Arrive by Father’s Day