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The Best Women’s Underwear to Buy in Bulk on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Whether you’re into bikinis, briefs, or thongs (or all three), finding the perfect pair of underwear is no easy task. And while we’ve written a lot about undergarments — including the best underwear according to cool people, the best lingerie, and start-up bra companies — here, we’ve rounded up the best women’s underwear to buy in bulk, according to the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

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Best-rated bulk women’s underwear

“Look, I’m a 49 year old mother and baking enthusiast who specializes in bagels and breads,” explains one reviewer. “You can read between the lines on that detail. In other words, I’m not looking for thongs or lacy panties. I want cotton underwear. Underwear that stay up, don’t bind, don’t cut off circulation in my legs or make me feel like they are too snug in the waist.” Thankfully, they found this pack of 10 during their search. “Amazon Essentials just won the underwear quest war,” she continues. “I’ve worn them for several days and washed them a few times to determine comfort and durability. They are great. Perfect cotton underwear for normal women who don’t want anything fancy, just comfort and proper fit, but not total granny panties either.” And more than 1,800 reviewers call this underwear comfortable. “They are so soft, cover everything, zero wedgies, hide under leggings, breathe well, covered my weird post pregnancy belly without harsh criticism, I feel like I finally found THE panties,” another customer writes. And another likes them specifically because they don’t ride up: “I work 10 hours a day as a dental assistant so I’m up and down a lot then I workout 3 times a week doing Kangoo jumping and I no longer dig out wedgies.” And at two dollars a pair, reviewers think they are getting a good deal, but one reviewer likes these panties so much they’ll pay extra, just so they never change: “Amazon, don’t change this product. Don’t add more polyester. Don’t mess around trying to save money by making the product cheaper. Just charge more if you have to.”

Best-rated (less expensive) bulk women’s underwear

Hanes Women’s Cool Comfort Cotton Brief Panties 6-Pack
$9 for 6
$9 for 6

“I’ve been wearing these since I was a child. So comfortable, always so well made,” one five-star reviewer writes of these affordable Hanes briefs. Lots of reviewers found them to be a steal for the price, and about 15 percent of reviewers also love that they’re made entirely from cotton. One thinks it makes them “comfortable and breathable,” while another calls them “just what the gynecologist ordered.” And while they are full briefs (a.k.a. granny panties), “I don’t care because they’re so comfy,” says one reviewer who, in fact, appreciates the full coverage. Another praises them for having “a little stretch, soft comfy, and most amazingly, a normal width crotch.” They are also “very cool and moisture wicking for those hot days,” according to one reviewer.