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The Best Women’s Underwear to Buy in Bulk on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Whether you’re into bikinis, briefs, or thongs (or all three), finding the perfect pair of underwear is no easy task. And while we’ve written a lot about undergarments — including the best underwear according to cool people, the best lingerie, and start-up bra companies — here, we’ve rounded up the best women’s underwear to buy in bulk, according to the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

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Best-rated bulk women’s underwear

“Look, I’m a 49 year old mother and baking enthusiast who specializes in bagels and breads,” explains one reviewer. “You can read between the lines on that detail. In other words, I’m not looking for thongs or lacy panties. I want cotton underwear. Underwear that stay up, don’t bind, don’t cut off circulation in my legs or make me feel like they are too snug in the waist.” Thankfully, they found this pack of 10 during their search. “Amazon Essentials just won the underwear quest war,” she continues. “I’ve worn them for several days and washed them a few times to determine comfort and durability. They are great. Perfect cotton underwear for normal women who don’t want anything fancy, just comfort and proper fit, but not total granny panties either.” And more than 1,800 reviewers call this underwear comfortable. “They are so soft, cover everything, zero wedgies, hide under leggings, breathe well, covered my weird post pregnancy belly without harsh criticism, I feel like I finally found THE panties,” another customer writes. And another likes them specifically because they don’t ride up: “I work 10 hours a day as a dental assistant so I’m up and down a lot then I workout 3 times a week doing Kangoo jumping and I no longer dig out wedgies.” And at two dollars a pair, reviewers think they are getting a good deal, but one reviewer likes these panties so much they’ll pay extra, just so they never change: “Amazon, don’t change this product. Don’t add more polyester. Don’t mess around trying to save money by making the product cheaper. Just charge more if you have to.”

Best-rated (less expensive) bulk women’s underwear

Hanes Women’s Cool Comfort Cotton Brief Panties 6-Pack
$9 for 6
$9 for 6

“I’ve been wearing these since I was a child. So comfortable, always so well made,” one five-star reviewer writes of these affordable Hanes briefs. Lots of reviewers found them to be a steal for the price, and about 15 percent of reviewers also love that they’re made entirely from cotton. One thinks it makes them “comfortable and breathable,” while another calls them “just what the gynecologist ordered.” And while they are full briefs (a.k.a. granny panties), “I don’t care because they’re so comfy,” says one reviewer who, in fact, appreciates the full coverage. Another praises them for having “a little stretch, soft comfy, and most amazingly, a normal width crotch.” They are also “very cool and moisture wicking for those hot days,” according to one reviewer.

Best six-pack of women’s cotton underwear

Fruit of the Loom Women’s Underwear Cotton Brief Panty Multipack
$14 for 6
$14 for 6

“What a drama trying to find 100% cotton undies,” one reviewer says, adding, “I was grateful to come across these ones.” They praise the fit, writing, “They are very full-fitting - completely covering my rear, and coming to just under my navel at the front.” Another adds, “There are no tags, so no irritating scratching or having to rip the tag (and the seam along with it) off.” They even praise them for how well they launder: “I washed these in the laundry with the rest of my clothes, and dried them in a hot dryer. They did not shrink at all, and suffered no ill effects from the laundering.” And while a dozen reviewers describe these as granny panties, one adds “they ‘stay put’ the waistband doesn’t roll and they are breathable - a TRIPLE win in my book.”

Best (less expensive) six-pack of women’s cotton underwear

Fruit of the Loom Women’s Underwear Cotton Bikini Panty Multipack
$10 for 6
$10 for 6

“Yes, just … yes to these,” writes one satisfied reviewer about this six-pack of underwear. “They fit great and they’re honestly super comfortable.” Many other reviewers specifically call out the comfortable waistband, along with the 100 percent cotton content, as major pluses. “The grippy elastic band keeps them securely beneath the waistband of my pants so no worries about wedgies or peek-a-boo panties,” one says, while another notes, “The band around the top keeps them from rolling on me (which I hate about most underwear) and the wide leg holes keep me from getting pinched.” One thing a few reviewers note is that these “do shrink a bit in the dryer so definitely go up a size,” but overall — especially for being one of the most affordable packs on the list — people are happy with the quality. “The quality is consistent and high, with solid construction and no loose ends or unraveling seams,” one wearer says, while another, who lives in Hawaii, says that they “love” the breathable, durable cotton. “It gets really humid in Hawaii and these will do the job.”

Best six-pack of women’s mesh underwear

$15 for 6

More than 15 percent of reviewers describe these Fruit of the Loom micro mesh panties as breathable. “You’ve heard of the song of the summer? These are the panties of the summer,” one writes. “Save your hoo-ha, buy these today. I bought these to go hiking/camping but guess what summer isn’t kind to your lady parts no matter what you’re doing. These literally helped me keep my cool during a very hot street festival here in Chicago, I have played 3 rounds of golf in these and oh yeah, I also ride a motorcycle and sitting on that thing in the summer is not a barrel of monkey for your downtown lady town. These make everything bearable.” Another tested these out when “It was 95 degrees out in south Louisiana w/ high humidity,” and they report, “My underwear wasn’t soaked w/ sweat.” The overall fit is also praised by reviewers. “They also don’t ride up and are the perfect rise in my opinion; not super high like high cuts but you can cover your lower tummy which is nice for high rise bottoms,” one says. Another notes, “They stretch in places if need be in all directions and stay that way while wearing them.”

Best six-pack of women’s lace underwear

One reviewer likes these lace underwear so much that they threw out almost all their other pairs: “I hate buying underwear only to get them home and washed and realize they either ride up my crack, or cut into my c-section scars, or fall down. These fit well, and are soft enough that even if they land on my c-section scars, [I’m] not bothered by it. I rarely have to pull them out of my crack, and they don’t fall off.” Another reviewer was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the lace itself, writing that it’s “definitely softer” than other lace she’s worn, and certainly “better than VS.” Plus, “The sizing is so perfect and they’re a little mid rise which I love.” And yet another reviewer “loved these from the minute I put them on. Perfect fit, not too skimpy or too frumpy. The lace and fabric were smooth on the skin, no bunching or scratchiness. Just ordered a second set.”

Best six-pack of women’s nylon underwear


Satisfied customers of these Vanity Fair underwear love the comfortable and supportive nylon material. One reviewer says the fabric provides “wonderful comfort and support. [It is] so soft, breathable, and comfortable that you’ll feel like you’re floating on air.” Another reviewer says the underwear are “very well made, with high quality fabrics. You can feel the difference … the yarn used in the nylon is cool and comfortable. [The underwear] are practical, comfortable, and classy, with a timeless beauty that is not old fashioned at all.” Another reviewer with disabilities likes how easy these underwear are to take on and off, writing, “These nylon panties allow pulling up pants over the backside so much easier! So comfortable and roomy … Wish I started wearing them years ago.”

Best six-pack of women’s microfiber underwear

Fruit of The Loom Women’s Microfiber Underwear Multipack
$13 for 6

About 15 reviewers describe these underwear as soft, and many credit the microfiber fabric. One describes it as “very satiny feeling yet is very cool and comfortable … No sweating in the summer and in colder weather [they]feel just fine. Truly, you forget that you are wearing underwear without feeling you’re not wearing any if you know what I mean.” Another reviewer says, “I just love the way they feel next to my skin.” And not only are they moisture-wicking, but they also dry quickly, which was important to one reviewer who took these on vacation. “I bought them for camping and especially want them to dry overnight, which they do.” The microfiber also lends itself to washing well. “Regardless of how many times I’ve washed them, they still look brand new as if I just got them,” one customer writes. “I bought some last year and they look the same. The color does not fade, the elastic didn’t not stretched out or wrinkled and it feels great on you.”

Best 12-pack of women’s postpartum underwear

More than a third of reviewers describe these panties as soft, and many describe how comfortable the elastic band is, which is why it’s a favorite among many pregnant and postpartum reviewers. “I was sooo thankful to have them after I gave birth to my son,” one says. “They were so comfortable and soft. I ended up having an emergency c-section and they were soft they didn’t even irritate the area of the skin.” Another says, “I bought these while I was pregnant since my growing belly wouldn’t fit comfortably in my usual underwear.” They add, “They are so comfortable that I still wear that nearly 8 months postpartum. They are big but don’t fall down at all because the elastic is tight enough. It’s not too tight though. It’s absolutely perfect.” And even if you aren’t pregnant or a new mom, you should still buy this soft pack of 12, according to one satisfied customer: “These may not be your sexy underwear, but they’re worth having. These offer great coverage and a lot of stretch.”

Best four-pack of high-waisted underwear

From $20 for 4

“Well, I’ll be ordering more of THESE glorious undies, tell yew whut,” says one reviewer. “What a fit. Just enough pressure on the belly to boost my self-confidence. They do not roll down. The fit around the legs is primo.” These high waisted panties are praised by reviewers for covering their tummies without being so constricting that they feel like a control top. “They sit right at the waist, no rolling, bunching or pinching anywhere, very soft, no compression but perfectly snuggish so that it’s easy to get clothes on over them,” one explains. And even though they are a larger pair of underwear (so large that one reviewer says, “They do go up high and will show over your pants if your shirt isn’t long enough”) one user attests there is still “Virtually no panty line and slight imperfections are smoothed under my clothes.” The fit is praised by many pregnant and postpartum reviewers, too. One says, “I got these to wear during the last couple weeks of my pregnancy and also plan to wear them for postpartum.” While another recovering from a C-section writes, “These did not irritate my incision at all and provided some support.”

Best 6-pack of women’s thong underwear

“Let’s talk about the fact that these are thongs,” one reviewer, who generally thinks thongs are uncomfortable. “I bought these because I needed thongs that were comfortable to work out in, and I gotta say I’m definitely not disappointed. I don’t even feel like I’m wearing underwear.” One thinks they’re so comfortable because, “They’re made of soft, stretchy 100% cotton knit, so my lady parts can breathe.” Another thinks it’s the fact that they “have a wide enough ‘under carriage’ (for lack of a better description) so you aren’t split in two by the creeping string of the thong.” Many reviewers are also repeat customers of this six-pack. “I’ve now had these for a while, and ordered again,” one says. “They are comfy, none have fallen apart, and they have held their shape well so far through use, washing, and drying.” Another notes, “This is our third order, we have washed (front load) and dried (low heat ) and they still look perfect and still just as comfy.”

Best six-pack of women’s boyshorts

Reviewers who prefer more coverage and don’t want their underwear riding up love these boyshorts and their soft, seamless design. “Nothing more annoying than a near constant wedgie while you’re trying to get things done,” writes one reviewer, who says these underwear “stopped the problem immediately. Think of them like feminine boxer briefs. Good coverage (no rub rash on butt or inner thighs from working hard in the heat in long pants) and no seams in the worst spots possible.” Another reviewer praised this underwear’s comfort and breathability, saying, “Oh my gosh. These are THE BEST … I don’t even realize I have them on. I can’t wait to wear these in summer because the thinness of the fabric will keep me cool and non-sweaty.” And another reviewer who recently discovered the boyshort cut wishes they’d tried them sooner: “No riding up or in. My jeans slide over easily without dislodging the underwear. I’d recommend them to anyone.”

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The Best Women’s Underwear to Buy in Bulk on Amazon