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22 Famous People on Their Favorite Underwear

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Welcome to our series Famous People On, in which we crowdsource the best stuff to buy by turning to the on-the-record favorites of celebrities. This time, it’s celebrities on their favorite underwear — thongs, briefs, boxers, boy shorts, even a nightgown. (Note: We excluded celebrities who have launched their own underwear lines. And see other stories we’ve done on the best men’s and women’s underwear here.)

La La Anthony
“I literally have over 100 pairs of them. I’m the person that pretty much sticks to the same thing. They come in every color but I just stick with the black and nude. I love that they are seamless under anything.” The Strategist, June 2019

Zac Posen
“This underwear is just a comfortable great cotton that’s become my go-to for wearing under a suit. Way superior to other things out there like a 2(x)ist or Calvin Klein.” The Strategist, November 2017


Kim France
“My underwear drawer is the most boring place in the world, because all I have are dozens of pairs of the same thing: On Gossamer’s Mesh Bikinis. It is so far and away the perfect underwear that I have a hard time understanding why anybody wears anything else: It’s super-light, highly breathable, and — most importantly — hugely VPL-resistant. Seriously, it’s as VPL-resistant as a thong, but without the annoyingness of a thong.” The Strategist, November 2016

Barbara Corcoran
“Everyone seems to wear these. They come in every color, like 30 colors, and it’s like a lace crayon box when you open your drawer. Here’s what it is about them — they’re inexpensive and last forever. I don’t think I’ve ever thrown a single pair out. The stretch material never gives up on you, and they don’t feel like you have underwear on. I can’t say I’ve worn just these with a skirt (I need pantyhose), but they’re just great and never, never wrinkle.” The Strategist, November 2017

Ansel Elgort
When asked if he were only allowed to wear one piece of clothing for the rest of his life …
“It would have to be a pair of underwear. They’d have to be tight, like maybe some Calvin Kleins … I could play basketball in them; I could walk around in them; I could go swimming in them. If it was allowed, I would be totally comfortable walking around the streets in underwear.” GQ, June 2014

Rihanna, according to stylist Mel Ottenberg
“When it comes to thongs, I always choose Commando. They don’t show, even when the dress is totally sheer and you’re going to see everything.” — WhoWhatWear, February 2016

Hari Nef
“These li’l panties disappear underneath whatever you’re wearing. I always wear them to shoots. There’s this rule for models that you have to wear a nude panty because you don’t know what they’re going to put you in. If it’s a white sheer dress, and you’re in your Hello Kitty underwear, that’s not the look. So wearing a barely there panty is the norm and expected. These are like a nudeish color, though that’s a heavily politicized word in the fashion industry. Let’s check if they’re in a variety of skin tones. I know they have the anemic colors, which is me, and they have the darker ones, but I don’t think they’re the ones a black woman would call a nude, you know? Colors aside, they really don’t show under a dress. You can wear a body-con dress, and it’s fine. And it’s also not a thong, at least not the way we traditionally think of them. I hate those.” — The Strategist, November 2016

“I am very loyal to Calvin Klein underwear. Just ask my boo, he sees them every sleepover and probably assumes they sponsor me, but it’s my hard-earned dollars maintaining this luxury. They give me a smooth finish under fitted clothing, and their fabric keeps the coochie fresca. I have every color Calvin in these cuts.” — The Strategist, April 2017

Dree Hemingway
“I recently bought a set of Le Creuset pots, in a cream color, and a lot of Calvin Klein underpants on Net-a-Porter.” — Vulture, August 2016

Emma Watson
“It’s amazing. They do a nude [shade], which is really good for all different skin tones and color shades. That’s what I always have on underneath my premiere outfits or whatever else, because it’s completely invisible.” — Coveteur, March 2017

Khloé Kardashian
“My thongs are all made by the same brands as my bras because I like to match.” — InStyle, December 2016

Rafael Nadal
“Well, I haven’t been playing in the same underwear for years! But for the moment I’m pretty happy. I wear the Tommy Hilfiger ones [editor’s note: Nadal is currently a global brand ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger], and I’m very comfortable.” — GQ, September 2016

Marion Cotillard
“I never used to understand the appeal of lingerie because it’s underneath your clothes. Now that I am in love [her beau is French actor Guillaume Canet], I get what’s underneath and the effect it can have. It’s a fun game to play. Chantal Thomass is my favorite. It’s like haute couture for lingerie.” Women’s Wear Daily, January 2010

Amber Rose
“So my friend Chyna, we were at Neiman’s the other day, and I was picking out some La Perla underwear. They were like $120, and Chyna is like, ‘What the hell are you doing? Why are you buying such expensive underwear?’ And I was like, ‘Girl this is going to change your life,’ so I bought her a pair. I know this sounds crazy, but wearing expensive underwear under your clothes gives you a certain type of confidence in a really cool way. She wore them, and was like, ‘Oh my god, they just feel different than Victoria’s Secret!’ I got her a thong. Chyna will not wear anything but thongs. She’s a thong girl. I prefer thongs when I have clothes on, but at night when I sleep, I like good old-fashioned boy shorts. I’ll do Victoria’s Secret if I don’t have a man around, but I won’t wear regular cotton briefs if I have a man over.” The Strategist, March 2017

Kim Kardashian
“I only just started wearing underwear a month ago, and I never wore underwear until then. I like Hanky Panky underwear.” — Love magazine, Spring/Summer 2015

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson
“I wear Frigo — it’s the new thing … I think it’s more upscale, and it’s cool … It’s good for men to be able to get something that’s a grade higher than the traditional stuff. Women can go from Victoria’s Secret to La Perla. They can buy underclothes instead of cars! But then for men, everything comes three in a pack? It’s got to get better than that.” — InStyle, June 2016

Carmelo Anthony
“I wear these when I train and play, and I wear them under suits and jeans too. I like to restrict my movement, if you know what I’m saying. You don’t want too much going on — you want everything to be right in one place and safe.” — InStyle, June 2016

Kevin Hart
“You know, when you put on a different pair of underwear, and you go, ‘Oh man … I feel good in these. And not only do I feel good but I look good. My other one had a little droop in the butt, my waistband got a little loose after I put ‘em on. This is different. Is this how it’s supposed to be?’ What if it is? You know what, I want to feel like this every day.” — CBS News, December 2016

Lena Dunham
“So the way I got into Joe Boxer underwear was that I was staying at a hotel — there was some construction happening at my house — and I needed to Postmates some underwear. I ended up ordering from Kmart, and I said, ‘Just bring me a six-pack of anything.’ What arrived was a pack of Joe Boxers. I love a slightly baggy, but fun underpant, and that is what came to me. Joe Boxer was cool and hip when I was 12, and now it’s a Kmart property. Leaving aside the ethical implications of that, I fucking love the underwear. I now order the string bikini brief in a large, even though a medium might be more supportive of my butt, but this gives me a little tail. A six-pack of three solids and three patterns for me is the perfect balance.” — The Strategist, July 2017

Tess Holliday
“As far as undergarments, I definitely am a slave to high waisted panties. Some people think they look like granny panties, but I just like them high waisted. I don’t like to wear shape wear, so I feel like high waisted underwear gives me enough support while allowing me to breathe. Rago probably makes my favorite undergarments, I love them.” Galore, October 2015

Kevin Love
“Just put them on. It’s as simple as that. It’s funny because I gifted them to a number of people, from my dad, all the way to some of my best friends and trainers. The response is always the same: ‘these are the best things I’ve ever put on.’ I also did a stocking stuffer for Christmas and gave them to all of my teammates, and the response was really funny. They were like ‘I might wear these to work out’ and stuff like that.” — Hypebeast, February 2017

Perrey Reeves
“I love these lacy La Perla boyshorts that lace up the back. I also love La Perla’s nightgowns. They are so beautiful you can wear them out.” Women’s Wear Daily, January 2010

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22 Famous People on Their Favorite Underwear