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22 Famous People on Their Favorite Underwear

Photo: Getty Images, Courtesy of the Retailers

Welcome to our series Famous People On, in which we crowdsource the best stuff to buy by turning to the on-the-record favorites of celebrities. This time, it’s celebrities on their favorite underwear — thongs, briefs, boxers, boy shorts, even a nightgown. (Note: We excluded celebrities who have launched their own underwear lines. And see other stories we’ve done on the best men’s and women’s underwear here.)

La La Anthony
“I literally have over 100 pairs of them. I’m the person that pretty much sticks to the same thing. They come in every color but I just stick with the black and nude. I love that they are seamless under anything.” The Strategist, June 2019

Zac Posen
“This underwear is just a comfortable great cotton that’s become my go-to for wearing under a suit. Way superior to other things out there like a 2(x)ist or Calvin Klein.” The Strategist, November 2017

Kim France
“My underwear drawer is the most boring place in the world, because all I have are dozens of pairs of the same thing: On Gossamer’s Mesh Bikinis. It is so far and away the perfect underwear that I have a hard time understanding why anybody wears anything else: It’s super-light, highly breathable, and — most importantly — hugely VPL-resistant. Seriously, it’s as VPL-resistant as a thong, but without the annoyingness of a thong.” The Strategist, November 2016

Barbara Corcoran
“Everyone seems to wear these. They come in every color, like 30 colors, and it’s like a lace crayon box when you open your drawer. Here’s what it is about them — they’re inexpensive and last forever. I don’t think I’ve ever thrown a single pair out. The stretch material never gives up on you, and they don’t feel like you have underwear on. I can’t say I’ve worn just these with a skirt (I need pantyhose), but they’re just great and never, never wrinkle.” The Strategist, November 2017