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The Best Men’s Compression Shorts on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star reviews and lots of ’em) products and single out the most convincing. While we’ve written before about the most reliable men’s running shorts, gym shorts, running socks, and running shoes, here we found the best compression shorts for men on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

The best all-purpose compression shorts

“These compression shorts are flat-out amazing. I workout regularly and it can be tough to find anything that is breathable and feels good throughout the entire workout. These compression shorts do the trick. I tend to do cross-training for one to two hours a day and in a closed studio, so no friction and breathability are essential to me. Also, I washed them by hand and they dried rather quickly, in 15 to 20 minutes, which is a plus if you need them in a pinch. I would highly recommend giving the shorts a try. You will not be disappointed.”

From $30

“These things are awesome! I bought two pairs to start with and just bought a third. They are so comfortable and make runs and workouts so much better with their wicking technology. I wanted something for running that would not chafe, and these fill that role perfectly. I used these on a 21-mile run last weekend, under a pair of larger shorts. No issues at all. Once you buy these you will throw out all your other underwear.”

“Bought these shorts to get compression as I work out. They provide support for my back where I have had two surgeries. They work great and reduce the stiffness I typically feel after a workout or jogging through the neighborhood. I will be purchasing more of these so that I don’t run out during the week. Highly recommend them for those of you who are looking for the same kind of support.”

“Love, love, love these!!! Used these for all season of football practice and games, along with gym class!! The material is super comfortable and durable!! Personally I would say these are better than Nike or Under Armour hands down!!! The pattern for anti-chaff actually works!! And trust me, from football I chafed all the time, but these were really great at preventing it!!!”

From $24

“Can’t say enough about these. I got tired of getting sweat friction rashes on the insides of my thighs when traveling to humid environments and finally researched and found these. What a godsend! These protected my thighs like … a Champion. Felt pretty good, too, and I think reduced some fatigue. I’m a 36- to 37-inch waist with average sized thighs and these fit very well. Also wore them under swim trunks that were shorter than average and they worked great, couldn’t tell I had them on. They dry out really well. I’ll be buying more of these! There is hope for fat dad-bod dudes like me!”

The best lightweight compression shorts

From $8

“Tesla has become my brand for athletic wear: perfect design (fit, style, and materials) and low prices. These shorts are designed to be very tight, yet they’re long (and styled) enough that I can run in them without it being obvious that I’m running in underwear! The ‘compression’ squeeze feels good. Truth is, because I run in them with nothing underneath, I retain modesty by choosing trails where I almost never see another human being. These shorts show your shape, including even a hint of the genitals themselves. Running in these shorts, with no shirt and only Tesla minimalist barefoot shoes, is about as close to running naked as I can get away with in civilization. Feels GREAT!”

The best compression shorts for recovery

“I started wearing these religiously as I train for my first full marathon. I put them on underneath my running shorts before every run, and keep them on for an additional 30 to 60 minutes afterward. I can say wholeheartedly that they have dramatically improved my recovery time. My legs are rarely sore the next day after running ten-plus miles. These shorts really work to help your circulation and improve recovery. Highly recommended!”

McDavid Cross Compression Shorts

“I am truly amazed by these. I am a runner and have been having issues with trochanteric bursitis lately, which is quite painful. Let me start by saying these will not perform a miracle, but they will help a great deal with the pain, allowing you to keep running (albeit at a slower pace) while you recover. They have good compression — the real type designed to help recovery, not the type other fitness shorts advertise. I researched quite a bit before deciding to buy these. I was looking for the real deal, not another pair of fitness shorts. These are a great price and they deliver. I don’t think they will enhance your performance, but as I said, for recovery they work great.”

The best short compression shorts


“Do these make my butt look good? HECK YEAH THEY DO!!! But they also keep everything else in place and wick sweat away in stellar fashion when you are out in the heat all day with sports activities. Of the three pairs I have purchased, THESE are the best. They are snug as they should be and make muscular legs look even better. Yes, I wore shorts over them, but they are not see-through like other brands.”

The best long compression shorts

“I love these compression shorts. I’ve been using Under Armour compression shorts for ten-plus years now and I’ve used them for baseball, softball, running, weightlifting, you name it, and I’ve always loved how they hold up over time. I purchased this product because I was beginning to do physical activities more days a week than I had pairs of compression shorts, and one of my main gripes about the older pairs that I had was that they were too short and had a tendency to ride up. These shorts are great because they go down to just above the knee, so riding up is never an issue. They are also tight and keep everything in place as they should. These shorts are high quality and are a much better deal compared to the Nike brand shorts that I found. Highly recommend.”

The best compression shorts with pockets

“Shorts are great all around. They work great for running and working out. I’ve never been a fan of carrying my phone with me while exercising because of the way it moves around in typical shorts. And it was always a pain to consider how I was going to carry my keys and cards around when running. These shorts take the stress out of that, and make my exercise routine way more enjoyable and stress-free. In the last six months, I have started losing weight and have lost about 13 pounds so far. These shorts fit into my more active lifestyle.”

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The Best Men’s Compression Shorts on Amazon