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The Best Deals from Walmart’s Black Friday Sale

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Black Friday is officially (finally) here. With the actual day upon us, lots of Walmart’s already-good early deals are even better, especially on big-ticket home appliances and rarely-on-sale techy things like an Xbox One bundle (with the all-new NBA 2K20), Samsung TVs, Apple iPads, popular headphones from Beats and Bose, and even some Dyson vacuums. The good deals don’t stop at higher-priced stuff, though. There are also some great sales on smaller, more giftable things, like a 23andMe ancestry DNA kit, a compact air fryer, the best Instant Pot for most people, and a heated foot massager we wrote about that went on to become a Strategist best seller. The sales on giftable things of course extend to toys, including a few perennial favorites that are known to sell out, like a Mystery Egg from Ryan’s World, a Hatchimals critter, and a 70-plus-piece set from L.O.L. Surprise. They even extend to Strategist-approved clothes, like some classic Levi’s jeans, surprisingly tasteful gold hoop earrings, and lots of stuff from Scoop that we suspect will go fast.

Like with any sale, we don’t know exactly how long the listed deals will last, so don’t dillydally. And if you want to see more deals from Walmart, bookmark this page; we’ll continue to update it with our favorite picks and the best discounts. (You can also check out our ongoing Black Friday coverage at Amazon and our list of all the Strategist-approved products you can score at a discount amid the annual mega sale.)

Black Friday tech and gaming deals

It’s rare to find an iPad on sale, let alone an iPad that’s almost 30 percent off.

For $20 more, you can get the same generation iPad with 96GB more storage. This one only connects to Wi-Fi networks, so it’s a great option for someone who restricts their iPad use to at home or at work, as opposed to on the go.

These in-ear Beats headphones are a favorite among athletes “because they block out external noise, and they also stay on when doing certain exercises that would cause other headphones to fall off.”

If you’re in the market for noise-cancelling headphones, this is a very good chance to snag a very well-reviewed pair from a very well-known brand at a nice discount.

As we noted in our roundup of Black Friday Deals at Best Buy (where this costs $1 more), use the stick to “make any TV a Smart TV.”

Bose SoundLink speakers appear on our list of the top-rated portable speakers on Amazon. This one has a 12-hour battery life and is compatible with Amazon and Google voice assistants.

This SoundLink Micro also pairs with Amazon and Google assistants, and is waterproof. Plus, you can sync it with the above (or any other SoundLink) model via the Bose app to create a full-on speaker system.

For those who do not have it yet, Xbox One is still a hot gift, at least according to the teen boys we spoke to. Another hot gift, according to them? NBA 2K20. How convenient, then, to find a bundle with both, for $100 off the list price (which is as cheap as we’re seeing it at Target, Best Buy, and even Microsoft itself right now).

This even less expensive Xbox One bundle comes with the perennially popular Fortnite and two other games.

A Fujifilm instant camera (with film!) would make a great gift for the college student or amateur photographer in your life. There are a bunch of other colors available in addition to this “seafoam green.”

It is still expensive, but writer Steven John and professional Instagrammers both have praised Canon EOS cameras as some of the best DSLR models for most people. This isn’t the newest EOS model, but its features are comparable to the EOS 70D that One Hungry Jew blogger Rayna Greenberg told us she uses, and it comes with a zoom kit.

Nest is arguably the brand most consider synonymous with the term “smart thermostat.” According to writer Kyle Schurman, it is the brand to go with “if you’re interested in a whole-home smart system that includes home security cameras, lighting systems, and smart doorbells.”

Best Black Friday gadget and appliance deals

In our guide to buying an Instant Pot on Black Friday, we said a good time to jump on the 6-quart Duo — the model we called the best for most people — is when its price hovers around $50. Now that it has dipped below that, it means this is a very good time to buy one.

No less than three Ninja blenders appear on our list of the top-rated ones on Amazon. This one can not only blend your favorite fresh ingredients for smoothies, but also has functions to mix dough and crush ice and frozen foods, too.

When we investigated the chiropractor-created TheraGun, a favorite massage tool of professional athletes, we spoke to several people who praised its efficacy. The founder of L.A.’s Cobra Fitness club told us he uses it “multiple times a day, always before and after working out … it keeps me going longer and stronger.” This entry-level TheraGun Liv doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of the more-expensive G3 Pro, but it does have the same frequency and amplitude — two specifications that, according to its creator, set the TheraGun apart from other percussive-massage devices on the market. And $199 is the cheapest we’ve seen it here, or anywhere, right now.

This isn’t the newest Dyson, but it’s a good deal on a very powerful vacuum.

Also not the newest Dyson, but again a great deal on a sleeker, cordless model that we’ve said “works like a tornado to quickly suck up any dirt, dust, dander, or hair that might be covering your floors and furniture.”

This heated foot massager makes a great gift for dads and moms alike (and it’s a perennial Strategist best seller).


This nifty tool appeared on our lists of the best beard trimmers (we said it’s ideal for travel) and the best razors for men (we called it the best electric-cartridge hybrid). It comes with a special blade that, according to writer Kurt Soller, cuts “nearly as close as a regular disposable blade, but without any fear of bleeding or ingrown hairs.”

When we reported on the best electric razors and manscaping tools, Philips Norelco was a brand that came up a lot. This shaver is similar to the Philips Norelco model we named the best shaver for most people. Plus, it also works for light manscaping, thanks to the included nose-hair trimming attachment.

With temperatures cooling, you’re probably not opening the windows a lot (or at all) to let in fresh air. That means it’s a great time to invest in an air purifier to keep your space dust- and dander-free. This one has a “smart” sensor that will turn it off if it does not detect pollutants in a 30-minute time span.

The Tesla of toothbrushes, for half the price. Of the DiamondClean, former Strategist senior editor Simone Kitchens has said, “It’s the closest approximation to that thorough, just-back-from-the-dentist squeaky clean — even all the nooks and crannies feel professionally polished up.”

This (less expensive) electric toothbrush was a Strategist best seller in August, and it comes highly recommended by dentists. Right now the toothbrush is the cheapest we have seen it during the Black Friday sale.

We’ve written before about how 23andMe’s DNA ancestry kit is the easiest thing of its kind for determining your family’s lineage — and how it also makes a good gift. If you’ve been thinking about getting one for either purpose, now would be a great time.

This is the same Braun epilator that Fiona Byrne uses to easily pluck tiny hairs from her legs by herself and save thousands of dollars in waxing bills.

We stan a KitchenAid stand mixer here at the Strategist — it’s the type of thing that’s always on our sales radar. While you can get this model on Amazon for basically the same price, you can’t get it there in this cool matte-silver color.

According to Dr. Jill Lasky of Lasky Pediatric Dental in Studio City, California, “using a water flosser with the ADA Seal of Acceptance has been proven to be as effective, if not more effective, than traditional flossing at removing plaque between teeth — because so many people have a difficult time flossing properly.” This, one of Waterpik’s first entry-level water flossers, has that seal.

This Shark robot vacuum, which comes with a handy remote control, is basically the twin brother of the Shark Ion model we named the “best robot vacuum for hardwood and carpets” in our roundup of the top-rated robot vacuums on Amazon.

Tiny, but powerful, reviewers have praised Roomba’s Wi-Fi–compatible vacuums as nothing less than “little pieces of wizardry.” This model — which is compatible with both Amazon and Google voice assistants — cleans both carpeted and hard-wood floors with “dual multi-surface brushes [that] work together to grab dust, dirt, and large debris,” according to the brand.

Black Friday TV deals

We’re diving deeper into all the best Black Friday TV deals here, but Walmart’s sale presents a terrific opportunity to scoop up some nice-sized models with top-of-the-line 4K technology from name brands, like this 43-inch Samsung smart TV (and the even-bigger Samsung smart models below).

Black Friday toy deals

There are plenty of toys for kids below, but first, here’s one for adults. It’s a great stocking stuffer for anyone who doesn’t already own the beloved game.

It may only be a few bucks, but we’re surprised to see any sort of discount on this egg that sold out twice last year (at Walmart, Amazon, and Target). Especially because trend forecasters told us it’ll be another hot toy this year, too.

While Magna-Tiles may be the brand name in the magnetic-building-tile category, according to our new Toy Matrix, those can be pricey and, really, “there are never quite enough pieces for the ever-growing magnetic castle a kid is building.” That’s why we said a good Magna-Tile dupe makes an equally worthy toy, and these Best Choice tiles are not only a good dupe, but a deeply discounted and well-reviewed one at that.

When we talked to experts about the kids’ toys to buy before they sell out this season, Hatchimals again made the list — as did a booty-shaking llama. This exotic “llalacorn” manages to combine the appeal of both, except instead of a shaking booty, it has an extendable neck that makes it grow to almost three-feet tall. Note: the price shown is for one (re-hatchable) egg/llalacorn.

L.O.L. Surprise stuff also made another appearance on our list of toys to get before they sell out. Walmart reviewers already say that, at full price, this set with two dolls and more than 70 surprises is a lot of bang for your buck. Now that it’s on sale, consider that bang even bigger.

Kids will like how cool it looks (the truck also comes in black, blue, green, pink, and white), and parents will like that it comes with a remote control, so they can take the wheel if need be.

Yes, this is not technically a toy, but hear us out. This weighted blanket (a favorite thing to give this time of year) features sharks from the hit song that inspired one of this year’s hottest toys. And when we spoke to professionals about kids’ weighted blankets, one occupational therapist of 20 years told us that they are often used to combat sleep problems and other issues.

For the kid who’d prefer their weighted blanket to feature characters from the hit Disney franchise that also inspired one of this year’s hottest toys.

Black Friday fashion and beauty deals

We’ve been consistently surprised by how actually wearable a lot of the stuff from Scoop’s second-coming at Walmart is. Lots of the already well-priced clothes and accessories are on deeper discount right now; below, we’ve rounded up a selection of our favorites. Stock for many is dwindling, so act fast on any you like. First up, these faux snakeskin ankle boots with an hint of navy.

Next up, a slouchy sweater in tonal blues that you could wear with the above boots.

With it’s bright floral print and asymmetrical hem, people might confuse this for one of the several-hundred-dollar dresses sold by Milan’s La Double J.

The same fun print, just in a shorter dress with a slightly more open neck that reveals a bit more décolletage.

A tiny-ish bag with big personality.

The only thing better than a $25 denim jacket is a $25 denim jacket with that inherently-cool oversize fit.

A faded denim pencil skirt with just a hint of distressing, which makes it look like anything but one you might buy off the rack at Walmart.

These futuristic-looking hiking sneakers also seem very VSCO Girl–appropriate, given their love for the great outdoors.

A black-and-gray striped ribbon running up the back adds a delicate detail to these white combat boots.

If combat boots aren’t your thing, how about some micro-suede knee-highs?

And if you’re torn between the two styles above, these knee-high combat boots seem the perfect hybrid.

Peter Thomas Roth’s products are beloved by dermatologists, Strategist editors and writers (our skin-care hobbyist Buzz Bissinger and veteran beauty writer Linda Dyett are just two fans), as well as our pals over at the Cut. Right now, there are discounts on a bunch of the brand’s popular masks — including this cucumber-gel one that Buzz callssooo bracing and refreshing” and “good to use on those days when life is growing dim and your face feels like a pasty mess.”

Basically the fancy equivalent of the old-school spa treatment of putting actual cucumbers over your eyes. But for less than you’d pay to get into any spa.

While we’re on the topic of eye patches, Rio has written about how much she loves gold-infused ones. With a moisturizing formula that includes 24-karat gold flakes, this face mask promises to leave skin looking refreshed and radiant.

According to the Cut, this hydrating mask “sweeps away dirt in pores like a tiny vacuum cleaner.” But unlike other skin-clearing clay masks, it “smells like nothing at all” and won’t harden your sink when you go to wash it down the drain.

This is a great deal on one of our best, dermatologist-recommended moisturizers for oily skin. We wrote that “it goes on like a whipped soufflé and is oil-free, noncomedogenic, and flush in moisture-locking ceramides and antioxidants (so your skin will look plump and brightened, but not greasy).”

A favorite overnight face serum of model Martha Hunt, who told us “I’ve tried so many, but this one is really, really hydrating on me. My skin really drinks it up.”

Earlier this year, contributor Leah Muncy let us in on a little secret: Walmart, yes Walmart, sells some of her favorite jewelry (and that’s coming from someone who “regularly scours Etsy, Craigslist, flea markets, and yard sales for one-of-a-kind pieces”). She pointed us to a pair of ten-karat, diamond-cut hoops like these. They’re higher in karats, but actually lower in price than the ones Muncy found (at least for the time being).