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The Best Men’s Shaving Products (That We’ve Written About on the Strategist)

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You might think shaving is as simple as grabbing the first pack of cartridge razors and can of shaving cream you see at the drugstore. And although that may work, getting a better shave — one that won’t leave you with inflamed bumps on your face or neck or an uneven-looking beard or stubble — often requires some research into the best tools to use. Well, we went ahead and did that research for you (you can thank us later) and, after speaking to dozens of grooming experts and guys with great facial hair, put together the list below of everything you need for a proper shave. It includes expert-recommended products, things we’ve tried and loved ourselves, and other stuff passionate reviewers swear by. Read on for all the creams, razors, combs, trimmers, brushes, cleansers, balms, and aftershaves you need to get a barber-quality shave in your bathroom.

Shaving creams

When we pored through hyperenthusiastic Amazon users’ reviews of shaving creams, this one came out on top. It “lathers for days,” according to one reviewer, while another writes “this is exactly what I would expect an old barber shop in 19th-century England to smell like.” Other top-rated shaving creams on the list include recommendations for creams to buy in bulk, ones to use with cheap razors, fragrance-free options, and more.

Another tried and true shaving cream, Proraso was the No. 1 pick when we surveyed grooming experts about the best shaving cream for men. It’s made with glycerin, lactic acid, and menthol, which barbershop owner Russell Manley told us “work in combination to open up the pores and raise the beard hair. This helps to ensure a close shave with lower likelihood of ingrown hairs.”

Writer David Walters swears by this Cremo Shave Cream, which he says gives him a surprisingly close and comfortable shave even on his sensitive skin. He also can’t get over how long one bottle lasts him, especially at such an affordable price.

Cartridge razor

Cartridge razors with disposable blades are often the most practical option for men who want a quick, safe, and close shave. The Mach 3 is a trusted classic, according to the experts we spoke to about the best razors for men, who note its three-blade cartridges are a happy medium between single-blade razors and newer, five-blade cartridge styles. Other expert-approved cartridge razors include Harry’s and the Shick Hydro 5 (which one groomer recommends if you’ve got sensitive skin).

Straight razor

If you want to try giving yourself a hot-towel-style shave at home, you’ll need a good straight razor. When we asked experts to recommend their favorites, they told us that using a “shavette” straight razor like this model may be the best if you’ve never used one: Shavettes are lightweight and easy to control but still allow for a nice, close shave. Master barber Angelo Ruscetta recommended this affordable shavette from Parker, but our expert-approved list of straight razors also includes more traditional options, less expensive alternatives, and styles from Japan.

Safety razor

When we asked 13 grooming professionals about the best razors for men, 11 of them told us that a safety razor is actually a better style to use than the more ubiquitous cartridge razors. That’s because, like straight razors, safety razors shave with one blade, which means there’s less of a chance of causing ingrown hairs and razor burn. The German-made Merkur 34C topped our list of expert-recommended safety razors, because it has a shorter, “easier to grip” handle and a closed comb, meaning it “offers a more protected shave.”

Electric razor