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What the Stars of Selling Sunset Want for the Holidays

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If you’ve watched the last two seasons of Netflix’s Selling Sunset, you’ll be familiar with the show’s million dollar Hollywood Hills manses and the Oppenheim Group agents who sell them. The agents tend to have tastes almost as extravagant as the homes they sell — there is no shortage of sky high Louboutins in the brokerage’s Sunset Boulevard office. All the more reason why we were curious to hear what the Oppenheim group agents are hoping to receive for the holidays this year — so we called up agency co-founder Jason Oppenheim, and agents Mary Fitzgerald and Amanza Smith to hear what’s on their lists. Read on for what they’d like to receive. And should you want to gift something Selling Sunset-themed, Jason Oppenheim has a suggestion: “Oppenheim Group Wine, obviously.” (You’ll just have to swing by their L.A. office to pick it up).

When it comes to holiday gifts for their homes, Oppenheim and Mary Fitzgerald both mentioned Le Labo candles, specifically the brand’s (culty) Santal 26 scent. “It’s a good winter scent, it smells homey and kind of soothing — and I just like that all of my friends think it smells great,” says Oppenheim. “Just a small one, you don’t need the big one.” (Full disclosure: Oppenheim told us that he already has the candle — “I don’t usually do gifts, I usually buy anything and everything that I want,” he says — but that he would be happy to receive another.) Fitzgerald says she is hoping for the larger version of the candle, which comes in a concrete casing and is about six times the price. “I’ve seen them at a few of the homes I’ve shown,” she says. “They smell amazing and last forever.” If you want the scent, which has warm notes of amber and musk, for a (relatively) more affordable price, you can pick one up in the classic glass jar.

Fitzgerald also has her eye on this blanket for lounging at home. “Everyone I follow on Instagram has one,” she says. “It’s called the Barefoot Dreams In The Wild Throw Blanket — I just want to snuggle up with it, sit by the fire, drink some coffee and listen to Christmas music.” The blanket comes in a range of neutral leopard-print color schemes, and is made of an ultra-soft microfiber polyester that’s machine washable, making this one a bit more practical than a wool or cashmere throw.

“My dream gift would be a Basquiat painting,” says agent Amanza Smith. “However, realistically I’d just like anything that I don’t have to buy with my own money.” One such item is this grill, which Smith says she wants to use for grilling with her kids year round in L.A. The grill is designed for making steak, but can be used for pizza or any other number of meals — and it’s portable, making it useful for camping.

“I like old books, really old vellum-bound books,” says Oppenheim. “I think it’s just cool to buy someone a really old book — I have dozens of them, and that would probably be the coolest gift anyone could give me this year.” Oppenheim’s preferred period for old books is “the 1600s to the late 1700s,” and he says that you can find them in the couple-hundred dollar range on eBay. “You can’t read them, they’re all in Latin,” says Oppenheim. “They just look cool.”

And to go with the antiquarian books, Oppenheim has his eye on bookends by Ben Seible for Jenfred. “You can buy them online, they’re all from the ’60s,” he says. “They’re in brass and my absolute favorite, and they’re all over 1stdibs.”

“One thing I don’t like for a gift is those kind of cheap little trinket-y things that people kind of expect you to keep out,” says Oppenheim. “It’s like, I don’t want this on my shelf.” An objet de desk that does pass muster is this sterling silver pen cup. “Tiffany’s has some décor items which are cool,” he says. “One of them I’d use looks like a mini coffee can but in silver.”

For Fitzgerald, the dream holiday gift would be to plan a vacation. “Romain and I have been working non-stop, and it would be a dream to hop on a plane right now and go somewhere tropical for a week,” she says. In lieu of planning a trip, she has her eye on an item she’d like to pack: “I discovered Dita eyewear this summer, and am obsessed,” she says. “This pair is definitely on my wishlist — I dream about getting to go on a restful vacation and wearing these while laying out under the sun.”

And last but not least, a very 2020 item: the Tom Ford protective face mask. Oppenheim owns this, but it’s something he says he’d be happy to receive another one of, and an item he thinks would make a great gift generally. He describes the material as being “like neoprene, but not,” and is drawn to it for the sleek style. “It’s just epic,” he says.

Editor’s note: this mask is currently sold out, but you can find our favorite cloth face masks here.

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What the Stars of Selling Sunset Want for the Holidays