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From Vintage Orange-Juice Carafes to Tamron Hall’s Prepper Kit

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An all-over-the-place assortment of stood-behind products culled from this very website that appear in the April 24, 2023, issue of New York Magazine.

Best in Class

A Pet Vacuum That Guzzles Up Fur

Standard vacuums lack the suction and specialized attachments to draw tiny, frustratingly evasive strands of pet fur from the crevices in hardwood floors. For one that keeps the house in immaculate condition—as if you don’t even own a cat or dog—the various pet owners and veterinarians Strategist writer Ambar Pardilla talked to spoke effusively of one model: the Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright. It offers industrial-strength cleaning at a storable size, which is why it’s the go-to at the George, a dog-friendly hotel owned by Bobbi Brown. Former Strategist writer Karen Iorio Adelson said it unearthed layers of dust and crumbs buried in her thick living-room rug. And that ball design allows the vacuum to move around furniture and corners with “absolute dexterity,” said designer Payton Cosell Turner, who has three rescue cats. It’s expensive, but it lasts, and there’s nothing else out there like it—one former Strategist editor called it “undupable.”

Celebrity Shopping

Maguy Le Coze’s Orchid

“I had only real orchids up until three years ago. I was at a friend’s home, admiring her flowers. She told me they weren’t real, and I didn’t believe her. Then I started getting only fakes. Nobody can tell. You buy them once, and they last forever. I have three of them in my living room.”

Tamron Hall’s Prepper Kit 

“During Superstorm Sandy, the power went out. I didn’t have a candle. I didn’t have a flashlight. After that, I made a pledge to always keep a fully equipped emergency bag. And I’m not talking about one with just Band-Aids. This has it all. If you’re in trouble, come and get me. I’m going to get us off this island. I am Rick from The Walking Dead.

Tawny Cypress’s Slippers 

“I mean, have you seen these slippers? They are perfect. They are everything
a slipper is supposed to be: comfy, roomy, cute. Also, you can take out the inner sole and wash it separately so you’re not washing an entire slipper. I’ll wear them out to lunch, too. I don’t care. I’m pretty much a zhlub in public.”

Our Shopping Cart

These Geodes Make a Great Kids’ Party Favor

Dancing Bear Break Your Own Geodes
From $20
From $20

One of my daughters is endlessly interested in rocks and gems, so for her birthday, I bought this box of break-your-own Moroccan geodes to hand out as party favors. Did I feel a little guilty sending a bunch of 5-year-olds home with a project that requires the use of a hammer? Yes. Did I later receive text messages from their parents about how much the kids loved it? Also yes. —Jen Trolio

Strategist Hive Mind

Five Tips for Shopping Smartly on Etsy

The Strategist staff and contributors recently compiled a list of tips for shopping on Etsy, including general advice for navigating the platform and sellers they’re partial to. Below, a sampling of our proclamations and well-sourced recommendations.

Batterby House has a delightful edit of vintage barware, including three sterling-silver Cartier vermouth drippers shaped like watering cans. (One recently sold on 1stDibs for $320 more than what Batterby is asking.)
Chelsea Peng

[Editor’s note: The Cartier watering cans are now sold out, but there’s plenty of other barware on Batterby House’s page.]

One of my go-to gifts for 1st birthdays is a custom name puzzle. Last Piece of the Puzzle’s have high-quality wood construction and come in a variety of color schemes with add-on options like display stands and personalized engravings. —J.T.

Vintage orange-juice carafes were prominent for a couple of decades starting in the 1940s and can be used for a whole lot more than orange juice: iced coffee, water at a dinner party, a vase for flowers. Search for ones by
Anchor Hocking or Libbey. —Emma Wartzman

For authentic, straight-from-Denmark Caprani lamps that are priced competitively, there’s no one better than Kasper of Verbo Studio. Shipping is lightning fast and free, and the seller is so communicative and helpful. —Lauren Ro

Chinese-English bilingual baby books are hard to find, so I’ve been eyeing the ones from a shop called Tiny Life Things to give to my cousins’ kids, who are learning English as a second language. —Kathy Li

Steal My Registry

What Chloe Kernaghan Got for Her Wedding

One month before her wedding, the yoga-and-movement teacher and her fiancé moved into their new Clinton Hill condo. Creating a registry on top of that seemed daunting, so the couple asked their wedding guests to contribute to a new-home fund instead. Below, a few of the items they purchased with said fund. —As told to Dominique Pariso

I already had Ichendorf Milano red-wine glasses, so I wanted the ones for white wine. Compared with Zalto’s, which are expensive and more refined, these are affordable and sturdy. I bring out the Zaltos if I’m hosting a sit-down dinner. These are better for a bigger party.

I had gone over to a friend’s house and was sitting on the bed and was like, “Wow, what are these?” I wasn’t even fully lying down, but they felt so, so, so good under my hand. They’re from Italy; they know what they’re doing over there with linens.

New textiles are always a treat. I prefer bath sheets when getting out of the shower. We have this creamy stone in the bathroom, so this sage-and-chalk color looks really nice as a complement to that. And I don’t have to worry about them getting stained as much as plain white bath towels.

Ian got himself an espresso machine because he loves coffee more than anything besides me and our dog. These cups are so cute. They’re the perfect size, a nice little thing in the morning when I force Ian to make me my cappuccino.

We already had two of these. When we moved into our apartment, we wanted to have a few more. They all work together. And they make it possible for
the whole house to be listening to the same thing during a party.

Upstate is known for its textiles,
but its glassware is also beautiful.
It’s made in limited quantities. The shape of this pitcher is so interesting.
It’s great to use as a flower vase or for actual drinks. In the summer, you can fill it up, go outside, and have a nice aperitivo moment.

This Thing’s Incredible

It’s Such a Pleasure to Sit in This Strange Spidery Chair

Last year, a Pilates teacher told me about the Pipersong Meditation Chair. It has an extra lower platform that swivels 360 degrees around the seat, allowing its sitter to position their legs however they want. A grid on Pipersong’s website shows a person in nine different positions, but I’m sure there are more. I bought one in December, and now I look forward to swiveling around in my many sitting positions. I feel like I’m doing something good for my body without exerting much effort. After all, it’s not the act of sitting that causes pain but holding a static position for a prolonged period of time. I find myself constantly changing positions, sometimes every few minutes—and that feels more natural and intuitive to me. If I’m really needing some novelty, I’ll sit on the lower rung. The possibilities feel freeing, and being tethered to my desk is far less dreadful. —Natalie So

2 x 2

A Coffee-Table Matrix

Some of the best round and straight-edge tables made of wood or metal, depending on your preference. —Lauren Ro

From $1,250

Wood, straight edge.

Metal, straight edge.

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From Orange-Juice Carafes to Tamron Hall’s Prepper Kit