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29 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Desks You Can Buy on Amazon

Photo: Courtesy of the vendor

As anyone who works from home will tell you, having a designated place to hunker down is paramount when it comes to productivity. And since many people spend most of their time working at desks, having a good one can help keep you sane, even when emails start piling up or the Wi-Fi goes out. Like any type of furniture, desks can run the price gamut, but you definitely don’t need to spend a ton of money to get a desk that looks good. We sifted through Amazon for affordable (and stylish) desks that’ll give your home office an upgrade, and found all sorts of options, including more than one midcentury modern style, ones for standing desk converts, and others for lovers of all things acrylic.

The curved, clean lines and darker wood make this desk look at least three times as expensive as it actually is.

Sauder North Avenue Desk

The open design of this desk won’t weigh down a room, and the added shelving means there is still plenty of space to store your stationery, notebooks, and pens.

It’s on the other end of the design spectrum, but this acrylic desk will also give your office an open, airy vibe — not to mention bring more transparency to your work.

If you want the acrylic look but need storage space, too.

Nathan James Leighton Desk

This stately gray-and-gold number could also serve double-duty as a makeup vanity.

Double the shelves means double the space for your office plants.

In an unexpected periwinkle blue, this desk will brighten up any workspace.

If you want to go midcentury modern, but prefer a simpler, more classic design.


This sleek, lacquered piece is super versatile and will fit a wide array of home-decor styles.

We love the rounded edges and the spindly legs of this (vaguely anthropomorphic) desk.

Half streamlined, half traditional.