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The $28 Hairbrush That Replaced My Mason Pearson

Photo: Rio Viera-Newton

Over the last two weeks, two tragedies occurred: I lost my very expensive Mason Pearson pocket brush that I’ve owned and adored since college, and my cat knocked my adorable hot-pink Tangle Teezer from the edge of my sink directly into my toilet.

Both of these brushes served critical roles in the everyday maintenance of my distressed, post-bleach locks. My Mason’s thin boar bristles were perfect for smoothing and de-frizzing my dry, right-out-of-bed hair. And my Tangle Teezer’s stiffer bristles were optimal for detangling and gently loosening knots after I stepped out of the shower. Together, these two brushes made sure my hair always looked its silky best, despite its damage.

But the thought of going out and repurchasing two new hairbrushes felt absurd, especially considering how pricey my Mason Pearson was (may she rest in peace). So I decided to scour the internet for a twofer brush — something I could rely on to help maintain both my dry and wet hair. I came across Briogeo’s hairbrush on the r/Haircarescience Reddit forum, where one user couldn’t stop calling it a holy grail and gushing about how it was responsible for “fixing her life.” Okay! The price was right ($20, which is about one-fifth of what I would have paid to rebuy my Mason Pearson and Tangle Teezer), and I had already tried, and really liked, several of Briogeo’s other products (I’ve raved about their Don’t Despair Repair Mask on this website before). I ordered it.

I am not kidding when I say it fixed my life, too. In a matter of weeks, Briogeo’s brush has become one of my all-time favorite hair products. It is what I’d call a “combination” brush — it uses thin synthetic boar bristles (which are perfect for smoothing out any frizziness or flyaways) as well as thicker, round-tipped bristles (which gently untangle). In other words: It’s the perfect hybrid of my Tangle and my Mason.

Whenever I use my this brush — after a shower, in the mornings, before going out, or if my hair just needs a quick zhuzh — it leaves my locks looking smoother, silkier, and with no knots or flyaways. It also glides through my hair like a dream — I never have to pull or yank to get it from top to bottom. And quality aside, the bristles on this guy are vegan, so no baby boars were harmed in its making. Plus, the brush comes in recyclable packaging — making it nothing less than a truly animal-friendly, Tangle Teezing– and Mason-replacing miracle.

My first loves

A cult favorite brush for a reason! It really works wonders for smoothing out any frizzy hairs or flyaways. If you can shell out the $140, it is worth it, because they last forever (as long as you don’t lose them).

The name says it all — this brush is great for getting out any really stubborn knots when you get out of the shower. Plus, the handle makes for an optimal grip so you don’t have to tug and tug.

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The $28 Hairbrush That Replaced My Mason Pearson