The Best Scar-Removal Creams on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviews

Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing. While we’ve written about the best products for getting rid of and preventing acne scars, here we round up the best creams and gels for fading all types of scars, from surgery wounds, stretch marks, and, yes, acne scars. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)


“Going into six months using Mederma on my scars from open-heart surgery and it is an AMAZING improvement! I noticed a change in the first few weeks, but after two months, the color of the scars was considerably lighter and the skin texture was smoother. Now, one scar you can’t see anymore, and my major scar has improved so much, even my doctors are amazed. I plan to keep using it and highly recommend it. It did wonders for my self-esteem.”

“I’m black and wasn’t sure this would work on my skin. I have very sensitive skin that scars easily. I suffer from eczema and have scarring as a result. I had scars on my neck that were usually mistaken for a hickey, and I was tired of the looks I would receive, especially from men. I have used the cream twice a day for about three days now and have already seen a huge difference! This cream doesn’t irritate my skin, leaves my skin feeling soft and conditioned, AND works to lighten my scarring in just a few days. I think within two weeks my scar will be completely gone. No more stares and uncomfortable moments for me. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS CREAM! You won’t be disappointed!”

“I love this stuff! I wear it every night to bed and am starting to see real results. My skin is a mess. I have adult acne scars and the most uneven skin tone out there. My face is basically red from the nose down, with old and new scars. I feel like I am finally getting somewhere with my skin. Before, at the dermatologist, I was taking medication that wasn’t helping remove the scars. This cream really gets into the skin and does it’s job. I highly recommend!”

“This is the only product that has worked to help soothe some old surgical scars I have that have recently become irritated. I was going insane, trying every balm, lotion, and ointment I could find to try to make these scars feel less like Pinhead’s face until I stumbled upon this and figured, for the price point, I couldn’t go wrong if it didn’t do the trick. I am so impressed with how quickly this oil sinks in and really soothes the scar tissue. It smells awesome, too, and that’s coming from someone who isn’t a huge fan of rose scents. Buy it!”

“I have had severe cystic acne that was absolutely horrible to look at, let alone just touch. I got it under control after months of tries and found the right routine that works for me. All my acne is gone except for the occasional pop up, but what was left behind was severe hyperpigmentation. All over my cheeks to the corner of my lips, basically like a contour of scarring; it was horrible (but one thousand times better than acne). I came across rose-seed oil and wanted to give it a try. It works beautifully. My hyperpigmentation is about 60 percent reduced after a couple weeks. It takes time for it to go away, so within a couple weeks is a miracle for me. My makeup can now cover it without any issues, and I’m starting to get my confidence back with no makeup on. I 100 percent recommend this product and I will be continuing to order this once I run out. I have pretty fair combination skin, but I think this product works with all skin types. If you have hyperpigmentation and want it gone without an expensive procedure, this is for you! (Remember to wear sunscreen, too, it helps a lot as well.)”

“I love this gel! It works in ONE NIGHT. My acne scars have faded so much when I started to use it. I have oily, acne-prone, sensitive, thin skin, and this product has helped my skin so much. It somehow boosts my skin’s regeneration rate. You can apply it as many times during the day, but initially I only applied it at night, and even then that made such a huge difference when I woke up. I started applying it in the morning because it’s so good for my skin and it doesn’t make my makeup slide off or anything. If you have acne scars on your face or scars anywhere, BUY THIS GEL. I’ve spent so much money on skin care and this is by far the only thing I’ve bought that was worth all my money.”

“My husband has had a lot of skin cancer (BCC) on his shin that we have been treating with black salve herbal spread. So many tumors came out that his skin became heavily scarred and bumpy-looking — like bad acne scars. The Medihoney has made a huge difference in reducing the scar tissue and speeding up the healing process. It’s like magic — we spread it directly onto the affected area at night, cover with castor-oil soaked gauze and then plastic, and wrap it with a compression sleeve. In the morning, it is so exciting to see the remarkable improvements. WOW.”

“This is my third order of this cream, and I have been very satisfied with it. I have stretch marks on my hips and some scars from surgeries, so I’m happy that I found a natural product that actually works. A little goes a long way, so the amount you get in this container will last quite a while. I recommend this to everyone, especially during pregnancy!”


“Gonna start by saying I have very sensitive and blemish/discoloration-prone skin. I have stretch marks on the inside of my thighs from gaining about ten pounds while recovering from an eating disorder as a teen. I suffered from cystic acne from ages 20 to 22 and occasionally now (23). So when I learned I was pregnant, I knew my belly was going to be wrecked with stretch marks. As long as your baby is healthy, it’s worth it, but who doesn’t want to avoid them? Around five months when I finally started to show, I said screw it and bought a bottle of Bio-Oil at the grocery. I kept telling myself, ‘I’ll get one of those expensive, special belly lotions/oils if this starts to not work,’ but it just kept working! I am at 37 weeks and I’ve gone through about 24 ounces of Bio-Oil and nothing else, and I am yet to have one stretch mark! If anyone is looking for something easy to use that helps prevent stretch marks, try this first! The texture is great and it soaks into your skin instead of just sitting on top, and it really works! I really hope I didn’t jinx myself, but I just had to share with anyone else out there looking for a low-maintenance way to avoid stretch marks. Twice a day, takes two minutes, and it works! I’ll be using this postpartum and into the future as I age.”