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The Best Cable Organizers on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star reviews and lots of ’em) products and single out the most convincing ones. While we’ve written about the best jewelry organizers, underwear organizers, and trunk organizers, here we’re looking into the best cable organizers that you can find on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

Best double-layer cable-organizer bags

BAGSMART Double-Layer Cable Organizer Bag

“I am a consultant and take my laptop everywhere. I have a lot of cables, clickers, and cords that go everywhere. Before getting this bag, I kept them in individual makeup bags I received as gifts when purchasing makeup. While they did the job, they were not all that professional looking and I never knew what bag had what I needed. This all-in-one travel tote is awesome. It’s compact and fits in my laptop bag perfectly. It has two layers so I can easily separate cords and cables from clickers and backup batteries.”

Jelly Comb Double Layer Cable Organizer Bag

“My cable drawer was getting out of control. It was a giant rat’s nest, and I could never find the cable I was looking for. I stumbled upon this and used it as an opportunity to reorganize my cable drawer into a compact case that would make it easy to find what I was looking for … The storage pouches are big enough for six-foot USB 3.0 cables — so they fit my braided USB A to C cables just fine. I have room for two chargers and the corresponding plugs in the back pocket. I am using the tablet for some other USB gizmos — a cable tester, portable USB hub, etc. Build quality on the case is excellent — the zippers operate smoothly. The stitching at the seams is high-quality. The handle feels like it is well-attached — I don’t see any part of this bag ripping in the near future. Overall, I’d rate this as a must-buy for anyone with an unruly cable drawer.”

Best cable-organizer bags for travel

BAGSMART Small Travel Cable Organizer Bag

“I travel a lot for work. I am so tired of having to travel with every cable needed and having them all out of place. Having to search through my back pack or bag for the right cable is frustrating. Even when they are stored in zip locks. This bag has enough room for all my cables, and also room for my portable DVD player. It fits easily into my backpack and now I know where everything is. Sweet.”

ProCase Accessories Bag Cable Organizer

“This case is perfect for the business traveler, or someone who has a home office away from work. Stores TONS of cords, charging plugs, headphones, and other small accessories. I keep it in my backpack and use it all the time. Great quality. All the straps, pockets, zippers, etc are holding up great after repeated use, and the material and edging still look new. Highly recommend!”

Best cable-organizer boxes

DMoose Cable Management Box

“I can’t STAND clutter of any kind, and exposed/tangled cords give me heart palpitations (in a bad way). I just got a new ‘farmhouse’ desk that I love but almost instantly I was like, oh no, I wasn’t thinking about my OCD and the fact that this desk is open in the back. You can see EVERYTHING. So I zip-tied the cords together but that didn’t work … I kept coming back to this one because of the size and it could fit my power strip. I finally ordered it. Just got it today, a quick two days later, and I set everything inside it. Whoa!!!!!! The ONLY thing you can see are where the cords go into the wall, but when my chair is pushed in you can’t even see that or a single stray cord. All you can see is the pretty woodgrain top from the exterior side of the desk. I’m about to order another for the TV console. This thing is awesome!!!”

Bluelounge CableBox Organizer

“My problem is with a medium-sized power strip near my nightstand. It has three chargers, an alarm clock, a lamp (and occasionally several other things). It also had some six-inch extension chords to facilitate some of these plugs … It was an unsightly mess that depressed me for years. I tried hiding the mess behind the nightstand and under the bed, but somehow it always found its way back into sight. When I happened upon this Bluelounge CableBox on Amazon, I instantly purchased it. Within minutes of the CableBox delivery, I had packed all the unsightly mess into this box, and I am extremely happy with the purchase. For the next three days, I found myself often glancing at this orderly little corner just to enjoy the difference.”

Best cable-organizer kit

Tokye Cable Organizer Kit

“This set is awesome for getting everything organized. The price is fantastic for what you get compared to buying each of the various products individually. My home office was a rat’s nest of wires, but the various cord organizers, cable wraps, and the nice little ‘cable hide box’ helped me get it into a much more aesthetically pleasing state.”

Best desktop cable organizer

Envisioned Weighted Silicone Desktop Cord Holder

“I am really impressed with this product. I have tried other methods of managing my cables and there were always two issues. One was keeping the cables securely in whatever device I was using. The second problem was that the device wasn’t heavy enough and kept moving around the table, desk, etc. This product solves both those concerns. It is heavy enough to stay in place, but I can move it around easily if I need to. Also the cables stay in place securely in the slots, but it is easy to switch them if I need to or pull them to get more length. This product is well worth the money in terms of ease of use, quality, and convenience.”

Best cable clip organizer

Blue Key World Cable Clip Organizer, Easy-Peel Adhesive (6-Count)

“We moved into a new house and it made me sad to see how cluttered our new nightstands got with cords. This product allowed me to attached the cord to the side of the nightstand and make it non-visible when not in use (hangs down on the side). I also used it to bring a cord across my car. Before, it was always getting stepped on and tangled in my passengers! We now have these all over our house.”

Best zip-up cable sleeve organizer

JOTO Zip-Up Cable Sleeve

“I needed a way to reduce the cable mess when we decided to mount our TV to the wall. This sleeve works perfectly for this! The added bonus is my exploring son isn’t tempted to go and pull on them anymore. So it’s also a great baby-proof item. Not hard to zipper together in case your sleeve needs to be bigger. Very simple to use.”

Best pet-proof cable sleeve and organizer

Alex Tech Braided Cable Sleeve

“So I have one of those cats who chews on electrical cords. I can’t begin to tell you how many cords she has chewed through — alarm clocks, lamps, and all of the charging cords for our phones. I was pretty sure I’d find her fried one day (much like Aunt Bethany’s cat in the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation movie). I tried the sprays made for chewing and those seemed to make her chew more. I bought braided charging cables for our phones. But I was hoping for ANY kind of help to get her to stop chewing and then I came across these sleeves. These sleeves are easy to install and can usually wrap around more than one cord at a time, which is helpful for the TV equipment (cable box and dvd player). Just open the sleeve and slide the cords inside. So far, knock on wood, my cat hasn’t chewed any cords since I encased everything in these sleeves! Be sure to have scissors available for install, since you can cut these to any length you want. I’ve purchased this same item twice, to outfit all of the exposed cords I could find!”

Best cable ties

Pasow Reusable Cable Ties, Black (50-Count)

“Great price! I like having enough of these that I can burn through them on everything. I live in a old studio apartment building that was built back when electric needs were a lot lower then they are now. Therefore all three of my available outlets have splitters and multiple cables converging, I like to keep them all tidy, and I don’t want to have budget my cable organizers, snd I can’t use zip ties since I need to be able to rearrange things when I get new electronics. Plus I have enough to spare that I can use them to tidy the cords of electronics in storage and my headphones. So it was nice to get a ton of these all at once for a great price.”

Best multicolored cable ties

Avantree Reusable Cord Organizers, Multi-Color, 3 Assorted Sizes (20-Count)

“I love that you can attach the tie to the cord, which makes rolling up and re-fasten cords quick and easy. Already I have used them on home appliances, electronics, and hair tools (straightener, blow-dryer). I’ve always hated wrapping cords around appliances because it either makes for bulky storage, or the cord gets curled and difficult to untwist/straighten out. These cable ties help a lot with managing all types of cords, and my next project will be tackling the cords for our entertainment center. This particular package comes with just the right amount of ties for each size, and I know I’ll have enough to last quite a while. Very happy I ordered this product!”

Best floor cable organizer

Electriduct D-2 Rubber Duct Cord Cover, Black, 5-Feet Long (2-Pack)

“This cover is a little bit pricier than some of the competition, however I feel it is worth the extra couple of dollars. This is a heavy duty cord cover. It lays perfectly flat and looks like it should stand up to some workplace abuse. I used it to organize some cords after I launched my telephone across the room when heading out the door in a hurry one day! No odor, flexible but durable, has not moved one inch on the carpet in my office although I step on it several times a day. (I paid full price for this so you can trust my opinion.)”

Best cable organizer for MacBook chargers

The Side Winder For MagSafe MacBook Charger

“I LOVE this product! I originally purchased two reels on their Kickstarter campaign, and I loved them so much I keep buying more for my employees at the office. The product is very well made and is able to withstand day to day use. It is so nice to have all of the cables at the office organized, and it is very easy for employees to take their charger to/from work when it only takes a few seconds to wind up and store. I’ve had to replace my chargers in the past due to frayed cables, but this product helps keep my cables safe and protected. I would highly recommend this product to any Apple user.”

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The Best Cable Organizers on Amazon, According to Reviewers