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The Best Fitness and Workout Clothes, Accessories, and Equipment

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Here to pump you up. Photo: NBC via Getty Images

Whether you’re looking to bulk up or lean out post-holidays, sometimes the best motivator is just the right piece of clothing or equipment. To help you on your healthy path, we’ve put all of our fitness stories in one place, from the best running shorts and fitness trackers to the sturdiest yoga mats and highest-quality exercise machines.

The Best Workout Leggings

To find the best stretchy pants to exercise in (whether your workout of choice is running or yoga or barre), we talked to 13 women about their favorite leggings.

The Best Sports Bras for Any Size

The perfect sports bra really depends — what are you using it for and what’s your bust like? To find the best version for various body types and workouts, we talked to a slew of New York fitness instructors about their favorites.

The Best Workout Shoes for Women

Photo: Mike Powell/Getty Images

To find the best workout shoes for any kind of activity, we talked to 12 different women who do all sorts of exercises, from HIIT to marathon running.

The Best Resistance Leggings

If you’re looking to up the intensity of your workout, consider resistance leggings, which make every step and lunge and move you make slightly more difficult. Writer Crystal Martin loves them.

The Best Running Shorts for Men

If you’re looking for lightweight, sweat-wicking running shorts with their own built-in liner, the Rhones are just about the finest we’ve ever tried. If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable during yoga or lifting, they’re great for that, too.