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The Best Fitness and Workout Clothes, Accessories, and Equipment

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Whether you’re looking to bulk up or lean out post-holidays, sometimes the best motivator is just the right piece of clothing or equipment. To help you on your healthy path, we’ve put all of our fitness stories in one place, from the best running shorts and fitness trackers to the sturdiest yoga mats and highest-quality exercise machines.

The Best Workout Leggings

To find the best stretchy pants to exercise in (whether your workout of choice is running or yoga or barre), we talked to 13 women about their favorite leggings.

The Best Sports Bras for Any Size

The perfect sports bra really depends — what are you using it for and what’s your bust like? To find the best version for various body types and workouts, we talked to a slew of New York fitness instructors about their favorites.

The Best Workout Shoes for Women

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To find the best workout shoes for any kind of activity, we talked to 12 different women who do all sorts of exercises, from HIIT to marathon running.

The Best Resistance Leggings

If you’re looking to up the intensity of your workout, consider resistance leggings, which make every step and lunge and move you make slightly more difficult. Writer Crystal Martin loves them.

The Best Running Shorts for Men

If you’re looking for lightweight, sweat-wicking running shorts with their own built-in liner, the Rhones are just about the finest we’ve ever tried. If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable during yoga or lifting, they’re great for that, too.

The Best Affordable Running Shorts for Men

For a more wallet-friendly option, Grub Street editor Alan Sytsma loves these Nike running shorts, which are just the right length and have a secure pocket for your phone and wallet.

The Best Workout Shoes for Men

We talked to CrossFitters, marathoners, and Barry’s fanatics about the workout shoes they wear to exercise, from New Balances and Nikes to Asics and Hokas.

The Best Foam Rollers

Any workout professional will tell you that the best way to prevent sore muscles and injury is to use a foam roller post-workout. We talked to personal trainers and instructors to find the ones worth getting.

The Best Yoga Mats

If you’re serious about yoga, not just any mat will do. The best ones are just the right thickness, won’t slide during downward dog, and don’t become slick with sweat. We talked to seven yogis to find the very best ones.

The Best Big-Ticket Gym Equipment

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We talked to fitness professionals to track down the rowing machines, ellipticals, and treadmills they’d recommend for at-home use, no gym membership necessary.

The Best Workout Gear, According to Trainers

New York trainers can be a tough lot, and these are the leggings, dumbbells, and jump ropes they swear by.

The Best Fitness Trackers on Amazon

If you’re looking for a dedicated fitness tracker at any price point (and even one for kids), there’s no better place to look than the best-reviewed versions on Amazon.

The Best Elliptical and Step Machines

For low-impact workouts on the knees and joints, elliptical machines can’t be beat. If you’re looking to work up a sweat in no time, step machines will get your heart racing in no time. These are the best ones you can find on Amazon.

The Best Treadmills on Amazon

If you prefer to run or jog in the comfort of your own home, we rounded up the best-reviewed versions on Amazon (and several were under $300).

The Best Stationary Bikes on Amazon

Photo: Miramax Films

Why pay for SoulCycle when you can spin at home while watching Black Mirror? We found a bunch of (affordable) stationary exercise bikes — some of which fit under a desk — that reviewers adore on Amazon.

The Best Ankle Weights

Looking for an easy form of light resistance training? Try squats or lunges in All Pro ankle weights, which writer Diane Chang calls little dumbbells for her butt.

The Best Massagers for Sore Muscles

If you’re looking for something to soothe your sore back or thigh muscles, we found two that are worth your attention: the Tiger Tail (like a portable foam roller) and the Thera Cane (great for tiny back stabilizers).

The Best Logo-less Sneakers

Those who find sneaker culture exhausting should consider the Greats sneakers, which are stripped down shoes that look terrific whether you’re doing light workouts or just walking around.

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The Best Fitness and Workout Gear