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Sis, How Do You Keep Your Hair Straight in the Summer?

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Memorial Day is not only the first day of summer, but for me it also marks the last opportunity to straighten my natural hair. And even that’s pushing it. My pressed-out coils kink right back up at the first sign of humidity, and the style ends up lasting for only a few days before I’m pulling it back in a ponytail. “It’s basically Mother Nature,” says hairstylist Mika English, founder of Grew by M.E. hair products. “Any type of moisture in the air or your body temperature will cause your hair to revert back to its natural texture.” This means heat, rain, humidity, sweat, and even stress are not your friends when your hair is straight. If your hair isn’t chemically straightened, there’s no way to make your style last forever. But some naturals have found ways to make their straight styles last as long as possible, even in the middle of the summer. We talked to six people — including English, another stylist, and four naturals who have mastered it — about how they keep their natural hair straight no matter how hot it gets.

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