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The Best Office Chairs on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

While we’ve covered the best standing desks (and the mats to go with them), laptop stations, laptop tables, lap desks, and even spoke to experts about the best posture-correcting products and best chairs for the home office, here we’ve found the best-reviewed office chairs on Amazon, according to the people.

Best-rated office chair

AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Chair

With over 2,400 five-star reviews, Amazon’s high-backed swivel chair is lauded for its comfort and support. One reviewer, who claims to “spend about eight to ten hours daily sitting on this chair” writes, “So far, it has provided continuous comfort for my back and my productivity has increased since switching.” Another longtime user notes, “The leather holds up very well. I don’t expect this to be true forever, but after approximately 1,800 hours of use, there is no tear or warning sign.” Reviewers of all different body types like this chair, as well. “I’m close to 300 [pounds] and it’s doing okay with my weight,” asserts one reviewer, while another mentions that its high back makes it “tall enough to support my 6-foot-6 frame.” Even a 5-foot-1, 105-pound reviewer says she “would certainly not hesitate to purchase it again or recommend it to others.”

One reviewer perfectly sums this combo of comfort and longevity: “I use this chair six to eight hours daily, five times a week, even weekends, and I have zero complaints on comfort. Considering I had neck surgery to replace a disc, that is a compliment to ANY chair.”

Best-rated (less expensive) office chair

AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Task/Desk Chair with Swivel Casters

With more than 2,400 reviews, this AmazonBasics low-back, armless swivel chair is “a high-quality chair with an excellent price range,” according to one satisfied customer. “The wheels move with smooth fluidity, the chair cushion is very comfortable, and the back of the chair provides ample support,” noted a pregnant reviewer who also lauded its back support. “Lightweight but solid,” another reviewer attests.

Among those who like to hunker down and get work done, this armless model is a winner. “I use this AmazonBasics chair for programming and development,” a reviewer explains. “For computer tasks it is great. I use a similar chair eight hours a day at work, but it isn’t as good as this one.” The main sentiment expressed is that this thing feels luxurious relative to its price point, routinely exceeding reviewer expectations: “I have one office with just a straight back folding chair and this is like having a limo by comparison.”

And now for some micro-picks for every type of office chair you might be looking for.

Best big-and-tall office chair

Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer Chair

“I knew just by handling the parts that the chair would be really sturdy,” writes one reviewer, and many agree. In fact, more than a quarter of all five-star reviews describe everything from the mesh back to the materials as “sturdy.” As a result, “It really is one of the best chairs I have found of this type that supports a higher weight limit,” notes one reviewer. “This one fits me perfectly with adjustments exactly where needed,” a 6-foot-5, 330-pound reviewer offers. Another simply affirms that “it absolutely stands up to 350 pounds.” Many others like the additional lumbar support and mesh backing, like this reviewer who writes, “I’m 6-foot-2, way heavier than I would ever admit, and this chair is perfect for me! The max height is perfect for my knees and the mesh, firm back feels great on my back. It feels like you are leaning back but really it props you up straight.”

Best office chair for heavy people

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big & Tall Black Leather Swivel Task Chair

With a weight capacity of 400 pounds, bigger reviewers regard the Hercules as a legend fit for its name. “This chair is not only comfortable, but it supports my frame perfectly,” says a 6-foot-5, 400-pound strongman competitor who feels this chair is “well worth every penny.” Another review starts, “I weigh 320 pounds. I’m always nervous about purchasing a new chair … So far this chair has went far beyond my expectations. It’s extremely comfortable.” Another notes that “I don’t feel like I’m squeezed into it and I certainly don’t feel like it’s going to break under me.”

Though not the cheapest option on Amazon, many reviewers consider this chair a bargain compared to other big-and-tall options. “It’s a tank, worth its price for the weight in steel alone,” one reviewer gushes. “I have paid almost double in previous purchases of a other chairs and this one is just as nice.” Another reviewer echoes that sentiment: “My son recently bought a big-and-tall chair for over $600 and I just couldn’t do that. This chair had an awesome price, but more than that, is the perfect fit and very sturdy.”

Best leather executive office chair

OFM Essentials High-Back Executive Chair

“This chair is the best-looking leather chair I’ve seen at almost any price,” remarks one enthusiastic reviewer. “I love the pattern, it’s super padded and the the overall fit and finish is excellent,” adds another. The consensus is that this faux-leather chair is, as one reviewer puts it, “very nice and classy.”

Reviewers agree it’s both comfortable and supportive. “I am very impressed with the quality of of the leather, design and comfort,” notes a reviewer who also liked that “the seat has plenty of cushion” and lauds the “nice lumbar support.” Another regards this “sleek looking chair” as “super comfortable,” whether you’re using it for gaming or getting stuff done. The chair is somehow, “so nice to sit in [that] I actually look forward to coming to work … Everyone in my office agrees its a steal.”

Best fabric executive office chair

OFM Essentials Executive Chair - Mid Back Office Computer Chair

“If you wanted a comfortable chair for an affordable price: This is that chair,” one reviewer states. “Chairs of this quality were almost double the price,” offers another. A comparison shopper confides that “I actually ended up returning a much more expensive chair for this one, and I’m so glad I did.”

Part of the appeal of this chair is the fabric, which is “very comfortable, and breathes, unlike leather,” says one reviewer who adds that “if you sit at a desk for long periods at a time, you’ll be happy with this chair.” “It’s very comfy, the micro suede fabric feels nice,” another notes, adding that it also “gives me the lumbar support I desperately need.”

Best mid-back mesh office chair

AmazonBasics Classic Mid-Back Mesh Swivel Chair with Armrest

With nearly 2,000 five-star reviews, people seemingly “can’t find anything bad to say about this chair!” One proud owner of six of these office chairs admits, “I like them better than my Herman Miller chair in the office,” noting that “the seat bottom is covered with thick fabric and is comfortable for hours.” Another who “searched hundreds of chairs and read all of the reviews” also heaps on the praise: “The seat is solid, yet gives and makes for a comfortable sit. The back lumbar support is one of the best. The chair easily rolls and it’s easy to adjust the height. It’s truly a great value and product.” This mid-back mesh option is also very versatile. “The chairs fit comfortably for all six members of the family,” one review writes, adding, “The contour of the chair made it comfortable for all of us.”

Best mesh office chair with adjustable arms

Mesh Task Office Chair with Flip Up Arms

“LOVE the flip-up arms,” raves one of many five-star reviewers; they consider it “a nice option in a small room where space is at a premium.” “I usually don’t like having arms on my chair because I cannot get close to my desk/table but it’s not much of an issue,” notes another shorter reviewer who felt the chair was the perfect size. “I use one arm and keep the other up. Love the versatility.” Another reviewer mentions that “the arm rests really make the difference providing support that helps ease my wife’s carpal tunnel.”

As the review voted most helpful puts it, this space-saving game changer outperforms bigger, pricier chairs. “A few of my co-workers have also ditched their expensive chairs for this one … unlike the bulkier leather chairs I have a lot of room around my desk now,” says an owner who mentions that the chair “showed basically no signs of wear,” despite 40-plus hours of use a week.

Best colorful office chair

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Orange Quilted Vinyl Swivel Task Chair with Arms

Available in bold hues like safety orange and hot pink, reviewers can’t help but comment on the “vibrant,” “vivid,” and “lovely” colors in a vinyl fabric that one reviewer describes as “a cross between leather and cloth.” Even in black, however, this chair has some serious fans. “This chair is so comfortable that my son is desperately trying to convince me to buy him one for his birthday,” writes a reviewer who describes this Flash Furniture piece as “easy to put together, comfortable, and sturdy.” Indeed, one reviewer noted pleasant surprise at how well the chair holds up. “I thought at first when I took it out that it would be flimsy like other chairs because it was so light, but surprisingly it’s pretty sturdy.” One candid reviewer sums it up perfectly: “Beautiful purple color. It’s still as vibrant as ever … I can sit on it for hours and my ass doesn’t hurt.”

Best colorful office chair without arms

Modway Ripple Mid Back Office Chair, Green

One reviewer describes this as a “very modern and minimalistic” chair that “looks much more expensive than it actually is.” In fact, another attests that this “looks better in real person than in picture.” Put another way: “THIS CHAIR BANGS. It’s so comfy, not heavy, and very stylish.”

But in addition to a plethora of colors, this chair hits the right comfort notes, according to dozens of satisfied customers. “Lumbar support is on point, it’s got a wide seat and back. Feels plush. My butt thanks me,” offers one reviewer. Another observes, “When I put my butt all the way into the chair, the backrest holds my posture upright … Apparently, I had always slouched in my office chair. So once I started putting my butt all the way in the chair and sitting up straight, I find that I can sit comfortably for longer than I could before.”

Best upholstered office chair

Serta Style Leighton Home Office Chair

Serta’s Leighton chair is a favorite among those looking to emphasize the home in home office. “We bought this chair for our home office but also wanted a nice looking piece of furniture. It is even better than we expected,” a reviewer gushes. “Very nice quality beige tweedlike fabric, lots of cushion and very comfy.” Others affirm that the upholstered Leighton is great for those seeking a desk chair that avoids the corporate look. “I work from home and my ‘office’ is in my kitchen. I wanted something that would blend into the space, not scream office,” one reviewer writes. “This is great. I can sit here for a long time working comfortably and the chair is attractive.” As another reviewer explains, it “goes really well over hardwood floors,” which means it’s got home-oriented functionality to match. “Very well constructed, love the nail head finishes and the steel base and sturdy castors. Very, very happy with my purchase,” says another reviewer.

Best mid-back task chair

OFM Essentials Swivel Mid Back Mesh Task Chair with Arms

This is another affordable office chair that beats reviewer expectations. “I am really impressed,” declares a reviewer who liked the soft seat cushion and arch support. “I thought it might be a little uncomfortable, but it’s working great for me.” Another reviewer who “wanted something that looked good and functioned well, not a cheap piece of junk” feels the chair is “functional, aesthetically pleasing and [at] a great price!”

“Easy” comes up in nearly 100 five-star reviews, used to describe everything from the assembly process to making height adjustments. “My teenager assembled it without help and appreciates its comfort,” says one reviewer, while another describes it perfectly as “easy to put together and easy on the back.”

Best mid-back task chair without arms

Boss Office Products B6105 Budget Mesh Task Chair without Arms

Reviewers agree that Boss’ Budget chair outperforms for the price. “I thought because it is cheap, it won’t be comfortable, but it is. I love sitting on it.” Another reviewer notes, “I have already recommended this chair to a couple people and I have only had it one day.”

Reviewers also call this chair sturdy. “Thus far, it is supporting my significantly higher than rated weight,” adds one reviewer who considers it a good deal compared to most big and tall chairs. A different reviewer observed that it can even handle some abuse: “I was so surprised at how well it deals with my children jumping on it and spinning on it, and it has not broke yet! It’s very durable.”

Best low-back task chair

AmazonBasics Low-Back Task Chair with Swivel Casters

“I needed an office chair for my home office that met fairly specific criteria: comfortable, no arms, height/tilt adjustable, and most importantly, cheap,” writes one reviewer, who continues, “I have only great things to say about it thus far.” Mentioned in nearly 400 five-star reviews, quality of comfort seems to be the common denominator. “I knew the moment that I pulled the cushions out of the box that it was going to be comfortable,” writes one reviewer, adding, “There is so much padding, I cannot imagine it ever going flat.” Even once the chair’s assembled, it draws rave reviews from discerning sitters: “I got it for my 94-year-old mother who uses it as a computer desk chair, and she sits in it for hours at a time and consistently comments how comfortable it is for her.”

Best office chair for posture support

Boss Office Products B316-BE Perfect Posture Delux Fabric Task Chair

Boss’ Perfect Posture chair lives up to its name, according to satisfied reviewers: “My posture is better, my back feels better, my butt feels better, I just feel better about life compared to twenty minutes ago,” volunteers a reviewer who adds that there’s “plenty cushy and supportive for my bony butt.” Other reviews mention that “the back rest is set at a good angle for proper posture,” and one happy sitter notes that the chair “has helped improve some bad posture habits.”

Available with or without arms, this Boss chair also officers comfort in a compact package. One reviewer observes that it’s “small enough for tight spaces yet extremely comfortable to sit in,” while another lauds it as “lightweight and small enough to be unobtrusive in pretty much any room.” But perhaps the self-deprecating review, rated by other reviewers as most helpful sums it up best: “So comfortable I sat in it for hours without noticing that I do not have a life.”

Best office chair for back pain

HON ValuTask Low Back Task Chair

“I have a low-back pain issue, so if a chair isn’t ergonomic, I’d know it within 10–20 minutes of sitting,” writes one reviewer, who adds, “This chair hasn’t hurt my back while I was sitting on it for [a] couple hours.” Other reviews echo that praise: “The only chair I’ve sat in where I can comfortably sit in an ergonomically correct position … There is no pain from this chair so I am very happy.” “When I first sat on it, I knew I’d made the right choice,” asserted a reviewer recovering from a ruptured lumbar disk. “It’s form-fitting and offers excellent back and lateral support … until my recovery is much farther along, I won’t be sitting on anything else.”

As a bonus, the ValuTask can even support unorthodox seating styles: “I personally love this chair because I always sit cross-legged and the fact that this chair does not have handles makes it comfortable for me to sit cross-legged,” says one Ph.D. student who finds it “so comfortable and good” after two and a half years of frequent use.

Best office chair for standing desks

Office Star Deluxe Vinyl Seat and Mesh Back Drafting Chair

Multiple reviewers praise this chair as “the perfect height” for a standing desk, because, as one explains, “it’s easy to transition from a lower sitting height to the taller standing height.” It has a “very comfortable back and it is easy to adjust,” adds another. As one reviewer implies, it’s especially useful for those whose standing desk is a pain to adjust: “I didn’t want to crank my sit/stand desk, so now I have a really comfortable chair to use when I get tired of standing throughout the day.” No matter what height it’s set at, this Office Star offering is comfortable enough to keep reviewers focused. “Very comfortable on the posterior, and the lumbar is way comfortable,” a reviewer explains. “I can do my work and not think about the chair. The way it should be.”

Best balance-ball chair

Safco Products Zenergy Ball Chair

Many reviewers find this ball chair to be a stable alternative to an exercise ball. “I had one of the big-ball chairs (plastic and on casters) and that really was an accident waiting to happen (and I fell off more than once — thankfully not in front of co-workers),” writes one reviewer, who adds, “This is both stable and more comfortable yet helps me to sit up straight.” And lots of folks looking to vary their postures at work, while sitting at a desk all day, like this chair: “Very easy to set up, very comfortable and relieves stress on back and legs because you are sitting a different way. You don’t need to lean back and are using your core muscles to sit up. Over all you just feel better and can bounce up and down when someone frustrates you by sending a stupid email which is about 50 times a day. Very soothing.”

Best kneeling office chair

DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

“Due to lower back issues/disk herniations/annular tears/arthritis, sitting is quite uncomfortable for me. I can stand all day, but only sit for a limited amount of time. Enter this ergonomic kneeling chair,” writes one reviewer, who continues, “This allows me to ‘sit’ comfortably for long periods of time.” And many five-star reviewers looking for a more ergonomic desk setup recommend this kneeling chair, even if it takes some time to get used to it. “I’m 225-pound, solid dude, back was killing me. Got this chair, took me a week or so to build up the muscles in my shins to get used to the new weight distribution, my pain is GONE.” Others note some discomfort in the knees and shins after a couple of hours, but at least one thinks it’s a good thing. “It’s a great reminder to get up and walk around every few hours, even when in the heat of the work day,” they write.

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The Best Office Chairs, According to Amazon Reviewers