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The Best Plastic Wineglasses on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

And while we’ve written about many wine-adjacent items — including the best wine stoppers, the best wine decanters, and the best universal wineglasses — here we’ve rounded up the best plastic wineglasses as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Best-rated (and least expensive) plastic wineglasses

Unbreakable Stemless Wineglasses, Set of 4
$13 for 12

These plastic wineglasses check a lot of boxes for reviewers: They look good, they’re reusable, and the price is very reasonable. “These are amazing!” says one satisfied customer. “I originally purchased them because they are recyclable and I didn’t want to add a bunch of plastic to the landfill. I expected them to be serviceable but expected to toss them out at the end of the party. Not so. I decided to wash them and use them again.” Shoppers like the design — “Perfect, classy look,” says one — and find these glasses particularly useful for large parties. One writes, “If you’re like me, I lose a glass Champagne flute at practically every party. When faced with hosting NYE at my house, this was very concerning for my dwindling glass Champagne flute collection. Enter these Champagne flutes! They’re super-attractive and sturdy and won’t break if dropped.”

And now some micro-picks for every type of plastic wineglass you might be looking for.

Best stemless plastic wineglasses

Vivocci Unbreakable Plastic Stemless Wineglasses
$16 for 2

For those who want the feel of a real glass with the convenience of a plastic cup, these are a good pick. One shopper says these are “very much like a real glass goblet!” A self-described “glassware snob,” this reviewer explains, “I really do not enjoy the feel of a plastic cup rim against my lips. These Vivocci stemless wine goblets are the exception — they are really nice to drink from.” And unlike some of the other glasses on this list, these are dishwasher safe. “You can expect to hand these glasses to your grandchildren as an heirloom because they will retain their quality,” writes one shopper. “I believe it. I’ve tried to abuse these glasses (dropping them, dishwasher, using them as kids’ cups, etc.) and haven’t found a scratch or blemish. On the shelf and in the hand, they look like glass. I’m having great fun dropping these for the uninitiated.”

Best (less expensive) stemless plastic wineglasses

These stemless plastic glasses, which are slightly cheaper than the Vivoccis, are described by one reviewer as “fancy looking, cheap, and reusable.” Another shopper writes, “FABULOUS! Sturdy and nice-looking! … Numerous people have asked where I got them. Not flimsy at all! You will not be disappointed!” Many reviewers find the stemless glasses particularly good for outdoor use. One writes, “The wineglasses are very sturdy and, being stemless, quite easy to use outdoors on tables which may not be quite level!” Other shoppers note that these are good for small spaces: “When they’re stemless, you can stack them if your beverage table is small.”

Best plastic wineglasses for weddings and parties

Weddings, birthdays, bachelor parties, beach parties, tent parties — reviewers use these glasses at lots of different fetes and praise them for all. “These are perfect. I bought like 200 for my wedding and they were SO durable,” one shopper writes. “They hold quite a lot of liquid and snap together in stacks, so they are great to store and transport. They looked classy as f*** but without the huge price tag!” They’re an ideal glass for someone looking for partyware that’s a bit nicer than red Solo cups. “I love to entertain, and I absolutely DESPISE serving drinks in Solo cups and I will do anything to avoid it,” writes one reviewer. “Honestly, truly, and unbiasedly, these things are AWESOME. They’re solid in your hand and are sturdy enough that guests didn’t even think to throw them away. They were leaving them in the sink assuming they were meant to be reused!”

Best plastic wineglasses with stems


One shopper calls these “go-to wineglasses for casual use,” adding, “I still have my Riedel thin stems for better wines and formal dinners, but these plastic glasses have earned a well-deserved spot in my wineglass collection.” Another reviewer writes, “I got them for my sister-in-law for Christmas who LOVES wine and never likes to use wineglasses with stems because she’s afraid to break them. So it was PERFECT! It’s also cute when her nieces and nephews come. She can give them something in a special glass without worrying about it breaking.”

Best plastic wineglasses with detachable stems


For those looking for a particularly versatile plastic wineglass, this model, which can be used with or without the stem, is a good choice. One reviewer writes, “The stems give them an elegant appearance, and they stayed on all night.” Another says, “The detachable stem allowed for all my guests to drink their wine tailored to their personal preference.” And one shopper notes that the detachable stem “makes storing them even easier” than other glasses.

Best plastic glasses for chilled wine

Host Wine Freeze Cooling Cups

One shopper writes, “These will lengthen the amount of time that your drink stays cool. Will even cool a room-temperature drink.” Another writes that they’re great for “when you don’t want to dilute wine with ice cubes. I just love these glasses that keep my wine icy cold until I drink the last drop and even into my second glass.” Reviewers also like using them where glass is prohibited: One says, “I bought these to use around the pool for two reasons — keeping the wine cool and no glass in the pool area. They’re great!”

Best insulated plastic wineglasses with lids

Reviewers praise these glasses for their long-term chill. One writes, “They kept my wine cold until the next morning.” Another reviewer, who brought these on a quilting retreat, says, “Keeps wine chilled for a long period of time.” She also likes that she “didn’t worry about them spilling over.” Other shoppers note that the colorful lids keep people’s glasses from getting mixed up. One writes, “I gave these out as party favors at my ‘ladies only’ 50th-birthday cocktail party. Everyone loved them! I like that the lids come in different colors so when some of us get together we don’t mix up our drinks.” They also solve a common problem of outdoor drinking: “These are great for gardeners! No bugs in my wine!!” These glasses are versatile, too. One shopper writes, “They’re not only good for wine. I use mine for mixed drinks, and they keep the ice cold.”

Best plastic wineglasses for the pool

“If you’re looking for amazing-looking wineglasses that won’t break and are welcome to any pool party, then you MUST buy these. You won’t be disappointed,” writes one reviewer. They can be used for poolside beverages for the whole family, too. “As soon as they were delivered, my husband wanted to use for his bourbon on the rocks,” one shopper says. “Had the family over yesterday, and this is also a manageable water glass for grandchildren (all under 10), especially around the pool.”

Best stackable plastic wineglasses

US Acrylic Stackable 8-ounce Plastic Wine Stems

“Good looking, and the ‘stackability’ makes them especially practical,” says one reviewer. “Stackability” also makes these a top pick for travel and smaller spaces. A few reviewers brought these on their campers: “Stackable for the RV,” notes one, while another says, “We are using these in our camper. Lightweight but sturdy, stackable, and nonbreakable.”

[Editor’s note: These stackable wine glasses are no longer available, but we found a similar set for $28.]

Best dishwasher-safe plastic wineglasses

Deco Unbreakable Wineglasses

It’s not a given that a plastic wineglass can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher, but these glasses can, and reviewers praise the results: “I have washed mine several times in the dishwasher and they have held up great!” says one. Another shopper writes that the glasses are “heavy” and “wash well in the dishwasher and look more like glass than you would expect!” Another reviewer, who received these as a birthday gift from his fiancée, writes, “If you like drinking: BUY THESE!” And several shoppers praise the glasses’ ability to withstand being dropped on all kinds of surfaces. “I accidentally dropped one down a flight of stairs and it didn’t break or crack,” writes one. Another says, “Accidentally dropped one on concrete within ten minutes of bringing it home … I picked it up expecting a crack or marks, but there was zero damage or marks.”

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The Best Plastic Wineglasses on Amazon, According to Reviews