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The Best Garden Hoses on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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We’ve written about lots of gardening tools before — including the best garden shears and pruners, the best fertilizers, and the best watering can — here, we’ve rounded up the best garden hoses, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

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Best-rated garden hose

Flexzilla Garden Hose

“I finally put my foot down and said, ‘Enough with these crappy hoses,’” writes one woman, who owns three Flexzilla hoses to tend her five acres of land. “I found the Flexilla and took a chance. Where has this fabulous thing been all these years? It does not kink or leak, it attaches quickly and easily to every faucet, and it is light enough that I (a 60-year-old woman) can carry the whole thing with one arm.” Others agree, with dozens saying in the months, sometimes years, that they’ve owned this hose, it hasn’t kinked once. Another extremely satisfied shopper writes, “It is very lightweight and easy to coil. Basically, I cannot believe I am going to say this about a hose, but I love this hose.” One reviewer has observed his hose kink, but, he notes, “a little shake of the hose takes the kink out, and I don’t have to walk all the way back to the kink to untwist it.”

Best-rated (less expensive) garden hose

Many looked for a shorter hose because, as one reviewer notes, “[I] don’t like coiling and uncoiling the hose every day.” Another, who liked his first so much he bought a second, writes, “This hose it built like a tank. It immediately laid flat when I took it out of its packaging, and it is obvious the hose and connectors are manufactured to a very high standard.” Reviewers fawn over its swivel grip, too; one even calls it “a revelation. Pure genius. Why is this not standard on all hoses?” Another agrees, noting, “It is definitely worth the extra money to get that option. It makes connecting and disconnecting the hose a pleasure.” And shoppers are pleased that it held up against the elements. One writes, “It went through the winter fantastically, and we had an unusually harsh winter, five feet of snow that stayed for a month and a half. I do, however, drain my hose before the first freeze. I’m very impressed.”

Best no-kink garden hose

Teknor Apex Neverkink PRO Water Hose, 5/8-in x 75-feet

The consensus among reviewers is that this garden hose lives up to its “neverkink” claims, within reason. “When I pull on it, it will not kink like my other hoses,” one reviewer writes, adding, “The spring on the end also ensures that it does not kink by the spigot either.” If you do get a kink, one reviewer says it’s “usually easily remedied by just pulling on the hose where you are gripping it so no big deal.” And about 10 percent of reviewers consider this hose to be pretty heavy-duty. “I’m totally satisfied with these hoses, they don’t kink without a lot of effort, thick durable but flexible tubing, great solid connectors with a spring to support it at the spigot,” one says. Reviewers are particularly impressed with the way it holds up in extreme temperatures, too. “These hoses have been left pressurized in both 100+ degree heat and below freezing temperatures,” one explains. “While it is not recommended to leave hoses pressurized in these conditions, I am happy to report both hoses still work well and have no leaks.”

Best coiled garden hose


This garden hose can stretch out to 50 feet, but it’s much smaller when not being used, and that helps reviewers save on space. “Simply ideal for our townhouse as our garage is small and has limited space for a large hose,” one writes. Another says it “lives comfortably on my balcony in the space behind my barbecue.” Plus, it “uncoils and coils back up beautifully,” according to one reviewer, who adds, “Not so tight that you can’t pull it out, but also goes right back to original coil when putting it away.” They also say it can hold up to heavy use. One user who’s had theirs for a while says it “only got a small hole after 5 years of being dragged across my rough concrete patio too many times.” Another writes that they’ve had it “for 3+ years in California, left outside in the sun with temps regularly in the 90s in the summer, and no cracks, leaks, or fading of the purple eggplant color.”

Best all-rubber garden hose

About a quarter of reviewers are convinced that this hose is superior to others because of the material. “This rubber hose outlasted every big bucks home improvement store hose that I purchased over the years and it’s still going strong despite of harsh environment California heat exposure,” one writes. Another says this they think the rubber makes it more flexible, and many reviewers say they have fewer problems with kinks. “While it’s not ‘kink-free’ (and no hose is, especially the ones that market themselves that way, which this one does not), it’s light weight allows for kinks to be jogged loose with a simple flick of the wrist,” one user says. One downside to the all-rubber construction is that some reviewers report it leaves a residue on their hands and that the hose is heavy. But that also means it’s heavy duty, which reviewers can appreciate: “It’s not easy to store or wind back up when you’re done, but it is heavy duty and gets the job done.”

Best metal garden hose

“Can’t believe I’ve never heard about these!” writes one reviewer who just discovered metal hoses but now thinks it’s the “best hose I’ve ever used.” About 15 percent of reviewers feel the same. “Bought two of these metal hoses and found them to be excellent replacements for rubber ones that crack and kink,” one reviewer says. “They are MUCH lighter weight and easily wrap around a hose reel. Come with a decent nozzle and other nozzles fit perfectly.” Another likes “the durability of metal and the flexibility of rolling up on the hose holder,” and others say that the metal protects the hose from all types of environmental factors. “Trying to coil up a rubber hose for storage in winter temperatures will try your religion. Not so with this stainless hose,” one says, while another went the metal route “because little critters were chewing holes in all my heavy duty hoses” but thankfully this solved their problems. As one user concludes “this provides quality throughout, no leaking, no tangling, no kinking (the bane of all hoses), lightweight and easy to maneuver.”

Best heavy-duty garden hose

More than one-fifth of reviewers describe this hose as heavy-duty, saying it can handle big jobs. One reviewer used it to fill a pool and reports that they did it “in half the time it would have taken with regular garden hoses.” Another reviewer with a landscaping business calls this “by far the best hose of them all.” It’s pretty durable, too. “Ran the connection over with a car and it was a little bent but doesn’t leak so that’s pretty awesome,” one writes, while another says “it’s big and heavy and withstands both the dog and toddler tugging it around the yard,” so it’s no surprise reviewers also attest to them being long-lasting. One reviewer only had to replace theirs after 20 years of use because of how well made it is. Another writes, “The connectors are strong, and the hose is beefy enough that I have had no problems with any of them kinking. What else do you want from a hose?”